Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:30 epilogue

Gabby'S P.O.V

A year later the triplets were with my dad on the first seat. As I nervously I pushed down the white dress "it finally happened I married the right groom." In front of all my family and friends I got my forever.

I looked at my new husband as we finally said our vows. "You may kiss your bride"! The preacher announced as the chapel applauded and cheers.

That's when the door busted open and a very late Phoenix came through the door.

Not again I screamed!!

He ran up to the alter pushing the guy I was about to kiss And he kissed me. Phoenix!!

Hold on sweetheart no one kisses you but me! As he picked me up into his arms as a groom would do to his bride. " you did it to me again,huh Phoenix Alexander dunnivan."

Dammit Phoenix..I was about to marry the wrong brother.. Nicole was about to kill me for kissing her husband. Travis is holding Vivian as they waved as we passed by them. Jonas opened the door " finally you got back here in time!"

Why did you leave in the first place?

"I forgot the marriage license."He said sheepishly.

That is bullshit you don't forget anything that important. What did you do ?!

He smiled " nothing"

I sat there in silence the back seat as Jonas drove us to the reception. Phoenix nervously played with his tuxedo cuffs. He hates when I give him the silent treatment . Which he deserves the silent treatment due to this trick .

We arrived at the reception hall I looked around it resembled our first marriage reception only with a table full of toddler seats. This is a nice restaurant !

"Great this is mine! "He studdard"I mean ours I finally bought it yesterday!! Surprise I know it will hectic and chaotic til the restaurant is up and established but I know we can make it. What you think?"

It's awesome so no more courtrooms?

"No more courtrooms only kitchens. He said proudly. "Oh phoenix I love you .,

"I love my wife..come here .. " he said as he nuzzled into my neck.

"Phoenix I forgot to tell you something I'm pregnant again. That's when he hit the floor fainting instantly. "The poor man always faints when you get pregnant" Travis laughs after he spins his girlfriend vivian around the dance floor. I still feel bad for poor Jonas his wife passed away about a year ago but he has his girls to make it through the hard time. Even though I still say he and Sarah have this unspoken thing still going after all these years. After getting poor Phoenix to his feet and giving him water.

It's my turn to dance with my daughter Gavin announced. "I'm so happy for you my girl."

Thank you for everything dad..

He smiled as he let me go back into my husband's arms " you sure your only having just one?"

Yes and it's a girl. He wobbled on his feet once more. I love you Phoenix I kissed him I don't know what the future may hold for us as long as your by my side everything will fine. Finally gabby got her happily ever after with Phoenix.

*The end *

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