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Blowing His Mind

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Get your head out the gutter .. gabby exclaimed!! it's not like that .I get a rude awaking that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows when the honey moon is over. Thanks to Phoenix .Real married life has begun. Phoenix Dunnivan is A lawyer who always gets what he wants in and outside of the courtroom. His golden tongue charms everyone but Gabby.. milo's fiancé ,She instantly sees through his lies . When Phoenix just officially married His twin brothers fiancé .Gabby turns phoenix's views and life upside down with her unique views and fiery personality. All gabby every wanted is a happily ever after. When gabby finds out her new husbands secret her world will be upside down . She vows to make him loath the fact that their married. He won't budge and give her what she desire most her freedom. When a surprising development happens will their marriage survive or will she get her wish? Or the thought what she wished for. *Expert * I hate you !! Gabby scream You didn't say that last night phoenix chuckled as I threw the pillow at his cocky handsome face . U disgust me !!! Oh honey , don't flatter yourself you weren't the best lay I have ever had .. milo praised your bedroom skills for months ..I find you.. how do I say this ... lacking Phoenix chuckled as he grabbed his clothes . Get out ! Gabby screamed "Oh but honey we're now married"pheonix says as he wal

Romance / Thriller
Lulu greg
Age Rating:

Chapter : stelleos and cocktail dreams

Disclaimer: this book is intended for mature audieces only. Scenes and language are unsuitable for younger readers. This book is by the author imagination . Place ,people And setting are from the authors imagination and not to resemble anyone living or dead. This is not my normal genres I usually do romance so this is a trail . It's unedited so may contain spelling errors etc. so please bear with me.enjoy the ride :) There will be a lot of cussing involved if you are offended then this isn't your kind of book. But if you can bear with me past the first few chapters it will calm down drastically . Please keep an open mind and beat with me. Thanks

Phoenix's p.o.v

This is a really horrible plan Milo ! I exclaimed but only to fall upon deaf ears .

"No one will know ..he says"As I childishly mocked Milo . I tie my tie a little too tightly glaring at him in the mirror. I satred an exact replica of myself . Short Dark hair , strong chin but our eye color is the only thing that defers between us. Milo has dark brown eyes while as I have honey brown color.

Milo frowns "I will only take me a few minutes to run to the city hall and back he says". If I end up married to one of your emotionally clingy women( that you enjoy dating) . Mark my words I will get my revenge! He chuckles at my words he and I both know that I'm nonviolent person .

I punched the flimsy wall of the chapel. " Milo, hurry up ."making a loud echo in the silent old chapel. It's the chapel we were both bapstized here as infants. Milo seen it becoming to get married here ;that sentimental fool.I would never go through this much headaches just to make a woman happy. Come to think about it I have never been in love . it's for fools and suckers and I ,Phoenix Dunnivan , is not a fool.

Oh bro, if I don't here in time just walk down the isle and sign my name upon the paper just play your me like we did when we were kids. I will be the married one not you all you have to do is stand there.

I bellowed my frustration for about an hour as Jonas came into the room . The door that Milo existed . " it's time"

Why do I do this? I asked myself.

I closed my eyes at the the thought of marrying a woman I never met. I wanted to leave all this shit behind but Milo blackmailed me into doing this . "Let's just get this over with" I sad as Jonas frowned .

"Don't look like I'm leading you to the gallows. This is not death many guys have taken this walk and survived."Jonas Tried to lightened the mood. "At least she's beautiful!"

I already hate her and nothing will ever change that fact. In the last pew of the chapel sat my ex. Pepper what is she doing her on all days. The chapel looked like a wedding magazine throwing up lace, flowers,and lots of tool. FML . I'm marrying Martha Stewart! I swore under my breath. Karma hates me ! Milo where even after this I don't owe you a damn thing. I looked at the time he's not going to make it .. damn it . Let's just finish this ! I say as my new bride shocked expression . If I would have known at the time this Petite woman in this huge gaudy dress. would turn my pristine world upside down. I would have walked out the moment Milo came up with crazy plan.

Gabby's P.O.V

After the cake is cut and the pictures taken reality finally sets in .. I'm married. After all the stress of planning has vanished I can finally start the rest of my life can begin.I give my passport as we take our tickets and start to board the plane .

"Have a nice flight Mrs. " the stuardess says As she takes my ticket.

Thank you as I take a seat next to my new husband milo. Hi handsome his earphones are now lodged into his ears blocking out my greeting. Milo always had his earphones in his ears due to his business ethics. Always working even without being at work his motto.

Milo we're finally married I grabbed his hand He pulled back as if my touch burned. I went back to my task at hand I had a blog to attend to.

Ma'am would you like a drink? the stuardess asked.

Can I get a cocktail ? To calm my ever growing nerves

Yes for you anything ! She said abruptly

For me !!what is she talking about I'm not important ?

Milo is only a humble accountant for a small business . The simple attributes that made me fall in love with him in the first place. I gazed lovingly at my Milo so handsome I still can't believe a plain girl like me could get an amazingly hot guy like him.

I tried once more to hold his hand once to be rejected once again . "Here's your cocktail Mrs dunnivan "The stuardess smiled.

I swallowed the liquid in one gulp . It gave me liquid courage to get through this flight. My nerves finally relaxed as the liquid flowed through my veins. Another please I asked

Yes ma'am congrats on your marriage your a lucky lady. As she stared at my now slumbering spouse. I gazed at him snoring beside me i intwined our fingers possessively.

I'm Mrs Milo Dunnivan I said softly as my eye lids got heavy as the pilot announced..

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for flying with Houston flight 245 . we have taken off to going to be and 12 hr flight to Paris.

He drones on about the flight and safety precautions . I held milos hand tighter as I drifted off .

Hours later Milo woke me from my slumber

" wake up where here"

We exited the plane after that it's a whirl wind of baggage claims , hotel admittance, and finally getting to our room . I deposited my bags and jumped upon the bed . " finally alone"

The normal Milo would have been romantic all he did is drop bags and enter the bathroom in a huff.

Milo .. it's our wedding night .. I call out

So! Is the only response I receive from Milo ad the shower turn on . I get into my sexy night gown with and crawl into bed. Fuck u too Milo. I state silently as I hit my pillows in frustration.

The next day he is the normal attentive Milo I know and love . The day is a dream.. dancing , dining and we finally consummate our marriage. I lay in his arms in a utterly complete

Happiness . In all the months we have been together our love life has never been that intense. Maybe he was holding it back for our wedding night I consumplateas I drift off in sleep.

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