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Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:2 Hating Phoenix

Gabby's P.O.V

I ran my hands down his torso to what seemed a scar right above his v cut abdomen. Maybe I'm dreaming.. Milo doesn't have any scars upon his perfect body. As I feel lower I feel a man scaped man area. I jerk back Milo has a unruly curly man area this is not my Milo..

Oh my fudging gosh !!!I exclaimed

He flew off the bed grabbing his gun in the process scanning the door area and finally assessing the area is clear from imminent danger he lowers the gun.

"Damn babe wtf!!" he yells as he runs his hands through his short dark hair.

Babe I'm not your babe I snapp

Who are you ?

"Milo"he replies

Your not Milo who the fudge are you ? I ask

"Fudge who says fudge anymore" Phoenix laughs " please say fuck gabby "

Then who the fuck are you?


Try again asshole I said cheekily

You wound me sweet heart

Never, I mean never ,call me sweet heart! Do I make myself clear as the sheet skimps down farther. I grabbed the sheet try to compose myself. I have never done this before a one night stand . Get smart gabby you can't have a one night stand with your own husband.

"Crystal "as his gazed at my exposed skin as I cover myself further.

Then who are you ?

Phoenix ...Milo's twin brother

Smart ass .. Milo does not have a twin brother I triumphantly state . Oh honey ,you do not know the real Milo then! He has a twin brother and a sister .

I do I sound like a whiny child at this moment as my lower lip quivers . I just gave something that I couldn't get back to a stranger . I made Milo wait til our wedding day to go all the way. I wanted my first time to be special with the man who I would spend the rest of my life with. Caught up in my self pity I didn't notice Phoenix staring hungrily .

Then how do you not know about me ?I couldn't answer his question . My Milo wouldn't keep things from me expecially having a twin.

"So you finally realize you don't knew the real Milo"He gloated as the sheet fell from his bare him. He had a dark black tattoo with the name

" heather" on his right shoulder. I stared at the black ink upon his tan shoulder she must have been special to him. I tore my eyes away as guilt flooded my core. I married milos twin brother. I was took stupid to see the physical difference earlier.

I hate you !! I scream

You didn't say that last night phoenix chuckled as I threw the pillow at his cocky handsome face . U disgust me !!!

Oh honey , don't flatter yourself you weren't the best lay I have ever had .. milo praised your bedroom skills for months ..I find you.. how do I say this ... lacking Phoenix chuckled as he grabbed his clothes .

Get out ! Gabby screamed

"Oh but honey we're now married"pheonix says as he walks into the bathroom to shower.

Not for long I won't stay with a bastard like you. I stated

"We'll see" as phoenix slams the bathroom door shut. I did as any female in my situation would do I left put on my gym bag and hit the treadmill. Ok my first response is to curl into a ball and cry . Fuck you Phoenix or who ever you are you don't deserve my tears. I screamed into my pillow As arianna sang to me pumping me up for my intended workout.

Nice form! Threw me out of my running groove.I stumbled over my footing I had to slow my pace before I fall flat upon my face.

There beside me is the devil himself Phoenix. Running at my pace not even breaking a sweat. "Hello wifey, having fun?"

Fuck off I retorted

" Such a dirty mouth from my new wife"he winked the fucker actually winked at me . I fummed as I ran faster pace. "I love when your mad"

Well where going to get along fine then .asshole.

"Your venomous tongue wounds me" pheonix chuckled

Well you come close to me again. I will make an important member of your anatomy disappear.I smirk at him as the fully comprehended the meaning of my statement.

Take that Phoenix I hope that just deflated that

Ego of yours I mutter under my breath.

I jump down off the tread mill and whiped off the sheer thin sweat from my brow.

"Where you going wife?"I could hear his footsteps from behind me. Fury that had built up I unleashed upon him with a fury. I knew he was just pissing me off for his entertainment . That asshole out of all the guys to marry I get stuck with a smoking hot egotistical asshole.!!!

Don't you get it or is the concept to hard for you to comprehend .. I hate you I don't want nothing to do with you! Once we get back from this .. I'm filing for a divorce or annulment whatever the legal terms I have to do to get away from ur sexy smile .

Sexy smile really you think I have a sexy smile. He smiled .. he had the most adorable dimples.dimples won't save you from my wrath.

Get over yourself Phoenix Dunnivan your not that sexy .. plus, your not that impressive in bed either I have had better . I say confidently as shock registered upon his face .

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