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Blowing His Mind

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Chapter: 3 Emotions runs wild

Phoenix 's P.O.V

Holy shit did she just say that! I smiled the girl had balls I silently said .I watched as she furiously stormed away to the nearest elevator. I can see why Milo was scared to introduce us . I would have stole her from him as he said I would. My phone rang as she entered the elevator. Only one person who call today of all days.

Hey man what's up

Milo abruptly cuts me off before greeting me. Is it done ?

Yeah I say relunctantly

So how it go?

The jack ass just asked me that .. I mentally curse " I'm married... you ?

Same.. we just rushed to Vegas remarried at a drive through chapel.oh I almost forgot Nicole is pregnant so Your a godfather to my baby. doing the math in my head milo must have hooked up with Nicole soon after their separation to be officially pregnant now. Please lord let that be before Milo met gabby .If Milo cheated on gabby so god help me I will skin him alive even thought he is my twin. Where did this protective thought come from. In all my adult years. I have never once been protective about anyone else ;except heather and Milo. Where did these foreign feeling come from and why now of all times ? I questions my actions as of lately.

Good for you bro I statement abruptly .. this massive tension between us is accompied by awkward silence. " I never meant for this to happen." Milo admits. I knew Milo never meant to hurt people on purpose . it's not in milo's personality.

Well we're even now and dad will get off my back " son you need to settle down" I mocked

We both laughed for the first time since we found out my brother didn't officially divorce Nicole and couldn't officially marry gabby . I understood that life happens but he needs to own up to his mistakes. Did you call her and explain why u didn't marry her ?

No she called a lot in the last hour but ..

Just man up and take the ass chewing I say harshly . I know Milo is sensitive one of the two of us he hates confrontation. It's not right to jilt her and without any explanation to as why.

I hang up I guess it time to face the music and face my firecracker of a wife.

I trudge back to my room relunctly not knowing what to expect when I get there. She can sing I heard her beautiful voice as I entered the room. I followed her voice til I got to the bathroom door should I go in ? Would she kick me out?

I couldn't help myself I opened the door to see her dancing in the shower as she sang . " hey honey I'm home" she screamed as she shuffled it cover her beautiful curves from my hungry eyes. Get out you perv!! She screamed

Gabby 's P.O.V

I screamed as I heard his deep voice echo o into our once silent bedroom. then his chuckle that sent chills of excitement down my spine . Thinking of it now I never had this intense response to milo. Guilt filled my core at the thought that I never had these feelings for Milo. My Milo didn't show up now I'm stuck with the devil himself . That's when the I held back tears stared to flow freely as I sank down into the shower . The cold water pelted me as I sobbed for my lost dreams, his betrayal, now uncertain future,and being stuck with this emotionless spouse.

I heard the shower open and two big strong arms gather me towards his chest. I knew my wet body would mess up his fancy dressshirt but he seemed to not care as he wrapped me into a fluffy dry towel . He layed me upon the bed I'm not a damsels in distress in need of a knight in shining armor to save. I said through sobs .

"I know your a strong woman this is not your fault "Phoenix tried to console me patting me upon the head .The way you would do if you were awkward around a scared animal . I laughed through hiccups from crying. " your not use to crying"I laughed as tears still streaming down my face. " thank you for taking amusement of my discomfort " he snapped making me laugh harder. He scowled as I whiped my eyes upon his drenched shirt.

That's not funny !

No offense.. You suck at consoling a crying woman. I picked at him his scowl deepended " I fucking can't do this !" He stormed off

His abrupt departure made the situation feel more intensely depressing . The tears flowed once again . He tried to console me and all I did was make fun of his attempt to console me. I actually felt guilty for hurting phoenix's feelings. Out of the fatigue of crying I finally drifted into a deep sleep .

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