Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:6 The boutique

Gabby's P.O.V

I found the chic modern boutique as I entered I gazed around at the fabulous decor . A small petite women approached me in a fashionable suit ensembles.

"Mrs . Dunnivan ..your as beautiful as Phoenix stated." Madam louvre complimented

Thank you for your compliment. Your very beautiful yourself . Which isn't a lie she's stunning I wish I could age gracefully as she did.

"Pish posh , you flatter me .. stop.. stop... no! keep going dear"she said cheekily . We started to laugh at her as if we have been friends for decades not just mere seconds.

I'm Leona louvre it will be my pleasure to help today my dear. To my dismay Phoenix already ordered your dress for tonight. My dear you must let me dress you another time. She pleaded excitedly.

Maybe you can help me with two things . The first a gift for my best friend Vivian . the other thing is under garments.

Oh my dear , you excite me I will be thrilled to help you . First item tell me about your friend and the second undergarments . I need your measurements. As she took my measurements I describe Vivian she loves bright colors and patterns . I am an event coordinator; we own our own company together . Use to love to do weddings not so much now.

Why is the mon ami? She Asked

She had just called me her friend .It's so much easier talking to a complete stranger than my own family. I unload the whole morbid tale of the recent events to her. Once finished I felt a million times better to have told someone how I felt.

That's so terrible of Phoenix and Milo to do that to you. She angrily stated

I should have asked this prior to this conversation. how do you know Phoenix? I asked As madam louvre angrily started handing me items .

Phoenix is my god be'be

Godson! I'm so sorry I told you all of that.

No no dear I know Phoenix since the day he took his first breathe . He is a good man and he is stubborn to the core. I believe your the best person for him. She warmly stated plus you glow every time I say his name.

No ,I don't I hate him. I tried to convince myself but I couldn't accept the lie. I don't Truly hate him I just loath the situation. I have to call Walter when I get back.

Lost in my thought as she rang me up. I got a glimps of what she chose for Vivian a beautiful sapphire bracelet . It is exactly what I would have chosen . Leona had impectable taste I couldn't afford all of this gesturing to the barely there undergarments . "No worries Phoenix already took care off all of this have a great time here around London."she smiled as she gave me my dress and bags.

I will contact him about all of this. I swore under my breath. She chuckled " young love" as she gave me a hug before I exited the boutique.

My arms aches from all the newly acquired weight. I walked back to the hotel room my arms screaming from the assault . I deposited the bags and dress bag upon my bed.

I pulled at my phone once again no calls or messages from Milo. Frustration over my senses how could he just jilt me again just as Kyle did all those years ago.The painful memories of being left at the alter. All Kyle said after I had to apologize to the guests and family that there isn't going to be a wedding. He shows at my door gathering his stuff that I boxed up upon my doorstep. " your too intense gabby. you want me to be perfect but i am not perfect !your perfect cookie cutter dreams of marriage and relationships is unrealistic " Kyle said as he walked away carting his box of items to his old pick -up truck. That's the day I vowed I would never be that person again.

I hit my pillow as I pulled out my phone.I scheduled my RED EYE flight Back home. After tonight I won't have to see Phoenix Dunnivan's handsome face ever again.

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