Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:7 Dinner With The Devil

Gabby'S P.O.V

I gotta give it to him that he chose the right dress. The black glitter cocktail dress hung loosely to my knees . I strapped up the straps of my heels as my phone dinged

Hello firecracker are you joining me for dinner. Phoenix

Your just going to have to find out

God your going to be the death of me

I hope

You wound me my firecracker with that venomous tongue of yours.

You like the verbal spar

How you know?

You like challenges

I will see you at dinner we need to talk

I didn't respond back as I put the finishing touches upon my makeup before walking out the door . It was not very hard to find the restaurant. The matron de looked at my attire and smiled in approval. "Name madam" he stated

Phoenix Dunnivan I said nervously as he scanned the names on the tablet. " ahh, table two follow me please"

All The tables were filled with various socialites. Dressed in their finest attire conversation going on as we passed. I felt his eyes upon me before we even arrived at the table. " have a nice dinner"

You look amazing tonight Gabriella he said swiftly "not that you don't look beautiful everyday".

Good save Phoenix I said cheekily "never call me Gabriella again or I will stab you with a rusty fork."I swore at him beneath my breath

" yes Ma'am"

He blushed at my statement I never thought he would but there is a pinkish tint to his cheeks. So casanova what you wanted to talk about?

His laid back demons instantly morphed into a complete changed. His posture stiffened as he took a more professional take upon this matter.

I'm sorry gabby for calling you Gabriella . He apologized

Phoenix what's in it for you?

I have my reasons.

Ok your not going to talk to me then why ask me to dinner?

Gabby it's personal

Personal I'm your wife. I scratch " Only In name are you my wife" he snapped coldly. I was taken back by his cold response .

The waiter took my order as I stared down Phoenix. This is such the best date I have ever been on. I say sarcastically

Phoenix downs his bourbon at my statement " sweetheart, you don't know me and I don't know you. Can we just try to get to know each other and be civil.

Ok what do you do for a living ? I asked

"I own my own business."I gazed at his pristine suit I could see him being a owner or ceo of a fortune five hundred company. Naughty thoughts of getting him out that summit crossed my mind. He had a naughty smirk as I drank the last of my wine.

What were you just thinking about?as I spit out my wine all over the porcelain white table cloth. My cheeks blushed a bright red nothing

"Liar"as the wAiter placed another drink in front of us. How do you know that mr. Dunnivan ?

"You blushed before saying nothing" he said cockily. As the main course is placed in front of us. The tantalizing dish made my mouth water. I ate as if starved person only to look up to see Phoenix smiling at me. " I love a woman whose not afraid to eat"

Well get used to it Phoenix I have no shame. I said sassily . He took my hand and rubbed my knuckles" I like you just the way you are"

I dropped the fork this isn't how dinner suppose to go. I wasn't suppose to be enjoying his company as much as I am . Dinner went BY event ful full of laughter and lots of wine. After we got over the initial awkardness we found some common ground. Mostly laughing about Milo and phoenix's childhood adventures. He carried me back to his hotel room that we once occupied together. once again we ended up occupying the room as we did that first night. I took comfort in his embrace. My phone dinged at 12:35 I wiggles out from his muscular arm. I gazed at a phoenix's soundly sleeping form in the bed we just made love in. I should write a note or something . Guilt pleagued me as I walked out his room and out of his life. If I had only known at this moment what fate had in store for me I would have stayed in that warm bed with him.

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