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Inky and gloomy sky accompanied the faded stars and new moon, the wails of agony were distinctly acknowledged by the 'yew trees' standing tall in the midst of a place where the hope of returning to our nearer and dearer ones gets vanished once and for all. Ravens and Jackdaws were perched upon the dense trees in a proud manner while creating vivid knocking and screeching sounds after witnessing an undeniable wreck of sorrow and misery. Razor sharp nails were dug mercilessly in his palms which led the dark scarlet blotches of blood flowing rapidly. The helpless cries of this soul made his knees buckled and his whole frame fell down over the muddy cobblestones. Pouring of his tears coupled with freezing rain pulsed his beats recklessly and the words that came next from his cruel lips were firm yet cold. "Dravelle!! Wrap up the inception of our previous intent and arrange for funerals" The Shrill raspy voice reverberated around the darkness but it reached to its target who in return trembled in horror. "Fu..Funerals,my king?" The unfortunate subordinate couldn't muster up the courage to step ahead but committed a grave deed to move his gaze diagonally towards his master. An Arrogant smugness was spread over finely carved features yet the unlit aura only intensified around the demonic gait of his weeping soul. "Slaughtering to seize will get us stained"

Romance / Fantasy
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Hey folks! Hope you all are pink of your health! ✌This is about the basic information of the story.

As you can read in the description and tags which i have added, this is the second book in the series of REVERBERATION(The inception). I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what it will be like to read my first book through the help of my second book.

Indeed! There are many mysteries, suspense, thrill, vengeance and Romantic dark fantasy components which i have planned to include.

I will start updating the chapters sooner rather than later. I am new on inkitt so it took me a while to set up the account and understand it's whole working but it's not like i am an amateur writer. So 🙏please have faith in me😊 i will not disappoint my lovely folks🥰

Happy reading to all of you! Sending virtual hugs, lots of love and admiration! 🤗🥰😃

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Stacy Kaitlyn 🤩
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