Assassin's Queen: Book two of Crowned Assassin Series

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Ezra and Zander defeated the man that was trying to kill him, they discovered many secrets including who her father really was and why she was trained the way she was growing up. Now that they have started their new life as the new king and queen, started a family, and thought their world was perfect until... An old threat comes back to haunt them, threatening all of their lives and the ones they love. Follow them as they protect what is theirs, their loved ones, and try to handle more secrets that threaten to tear them all apart. *This is not a stand-alone book, this is the second book in the Crowned Assassin Series*

Romance / Action
Jessica Nolan
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Four years ago, I was an eighteen-year-old girl with skills most men would kill for. I knew several languages, all different types of fighting styles, and two men in my life that taught me that and so much more.

I had no clue who my father and uncle really were, or at least what they really did for a living. That all changed when I met my now husband, Prince Zander, at a charity ball. My father was invited too, and then everything kind of fell into place after that.

Someone tried to kill Zander at the ball and I saved him because his guards were not quick enough. Then it turned out he asked me to be his personal bodyguard until we found the person behind it all.

It was your normal girl's fantasy, finding a prince and falling in love, but with some gory things like killers trying to get you, and finding out your father is actually an assassin for the government.

We finally worked together after everything was out in the open and caught the guy who was trying to kill the prince, killing him, but his son, who also helped his father, escaped.

The queen actually helped with the plan but it wasn't our original plan to kill him. He kind of did it himself. If it weren't for that, he would be locked in a dark cell somewhere for life.

It turned out the guy behind it all was a drunk assassin that was fired from his job, the same company my father worked for, he was also going after him and the prince because of jealousy.

My father stayed with our government and was also offered a job working for Zanders's government as well, so now he was doing both jobs. My uncle was once his handler but he had to replaced because his full-time job was with his now-wife Amber training our royal guard.

Zander and I got married three years ago and had the most amazing royal wedding a girl could ask for, it was so romantic. He was crowned king and I queen shortly after so his father and mother could take off on vacation and get some time off.

I found out I was pregnant a few weeks after the wedding and we ended up having a little girl, we named her Ava Marie, and she is a handful like her father but with my fighting spirit.

I found out I was pregnant again eight months ago, this time with a boy, and everything seemed to be going great in the kingdom, with our family, and with us.

Our life has been exciting, busy, and happy the past few years, it all seemed like the happy ever after you always hear about.... until a sealed red envelope was handed to me, addressed to me this time.

Not again... Not another letter... it was another threat... it must have come from Mark's son... The envelope was Mark's way of threatening Zander before... SHIT his son Alex was back and coming for vengeance.

I stared at the letter for a long time and rubbed my belly while sitting at the table, I couldn't open it for some reason, I just knew it was something bad.

Zander was out on the training grounds with my uncle Orson and Ava, she was training the same way I did when I was young except she knew why she was doing it.

I know she is only two years old but it never hurts to start learning at a young age especially being part of a royal family where threats are always around the corner.

"Are you going to open it?" Zack asked. He is still Zanders best friend and personal assistant, but we have become close friends as well over the past few years.

"I... I don't know. I do know that I don't want Zander to know about it yet, we know how he will worry himself to death" I told Zack with a grimace.

"Yeah, but Ezra you are pregnant, what can you do? It cant be good for the baby either... I feel torn here" Zack plumped down in the chair beside me.

"If he is anything like his father, he will wait to strike, he will taunt us until then, trying to strike fear in us. Besides, the baby will be here in less than a month, and I could always call my dad and his new handler for help" I tried to ease his worries hoping he won't tell Zander just yet.

"Fine, but I don't like it. We need to call your dad today and get him over here. I will set up a meeting with Orson when we get confirmation when your dad is coming. Do you want to meet with the security leaders? I think I will do that anyway... Open the letter so I can quit rambling on!" he finally bit out with exasperation.

"Ok... Calm down. We will read it together" I spoke up as I opened the seal and pulled the letter out.

Queen Ezra,

You sit on your new throne like you did not kill a man... like you didn't kill my father.

You go about your day like you are better than me and we all know that is not true.

I wish you would understand how it feels to be left with no family, I have sat here for three years and thought about what to do.

I have decided I will show you how it feels to lose them, every single one of them... starting with the one my father failed to kill in the beginning, and end with you.


You know who
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