A billionaire's weakness

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She looked at his once cold eyes which showed nothing but love for his beloved Munni, his munnisa who has managed to steal his cold heart. *** In a world where physical abuse and molestation is allowed. You are Munnisa and you are indeed a victim of his. Sold off to the hottest man you've ever come across. You are left to face this world with this horrible and heartless man. That is until you find out that you're his weakness. I love him and he does love me but he's got a heart full of pride. Things aren't gonna get easier but whatever happens, I will always have Alandrick Matthew Luthra by my side. Word count (30,000-40,000)

Romance / Erotica
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Munnisa's POV

This is not like your regular love story where a good girl meets a bad boy and they fall in love. This is a sad story and this is my lifestory.

I was defiled at the age of 12 by my own uncle. I lost my mom at the age of 6. My dad always abused her and whenever I tried to help he hit me too.

It continued until one day my dad killed my mom. I hated her for leaving me in this world and soon enough my dad began hitting me.

It went on for 6 years until my dad was finally arrested. I was a mess but I went to the only house I knew I could be loved. My aunt's house, Mary loved me like her own child. She took me in and promised to take care of me. However her husband began asking me to touch him and sometimes sit on his lap.

I refused and then one night we were alone and he raped me. He kept having sex with till I was 17. I tried to talk but my aunt hit me for accusing him. I couldn't take it anymore so I fled. I came across one of my dad's friend and I was reluctant to follow him after what I went through in my uncle's house but I eventually followed him because I had nowhere else to go.

He represented a fatherly figure in my life and so did his kids and wife. They all treated me right and I even got fond of his first son,Ray. Who was 19 years old. I went to school with them but I felt indebted to them and decided to work at one of their bars.

I continued doing this till I was about 19 that's when my misery began again. Apparently, the men who visited the bar where fond of me because I had a great figure and they wanted to see more of me. I was ok with it at first because no harm came to me.

However my dad's friend had a business deal to seal and the investors told him that they only way they'll sign was if I slept with them.

He was furious and refused the deal. He and his wife argued a lot because of this matter but he told me not to worry that he wasn't going to use me as a bait but his once nice wife suddenly had so much hatred for me and she and her kids where determined to make my life a living hell because I had been making their dad very proud this past few years.

Soon, Mr Kings, my foster father travelled and his son who would have protected me was in school. I was left alone once again and the world was wicked. Gracie, his wife made me sleep with all 8 of the investors who were old enough infact older than my father.

It didn't stop at that they made me sleep around and help them seal business deals. The turned me to their little whore and made me fuck a lot of men. This went on for the whole three years he traveled.

It was almost time for his return and they were as sure as hell that I would tell him. So they sold me of in the black market. I was taken to Egypt and there I lived as a slave until my buyer came by. According to what I heard, a man with a lot of money usually comes every year to buy servants. I wish he would buy me so that I can be free from this hell hole.

I miss being free and I really don't have where to go. According to what I heard, he's a billionaire and he's really a devil and he fires his servants lyk chickens but at least if I'm fired I'll be free. I can always run to Mara, my mom's best friend she'll help me. I think I may be free.

Thanks for completing episode one of the BILLIONAIRE'S weakness.

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