When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 11

Davis’ POV

I was planning how to escape from the terrible lie that I told dad when Zack knocked and entered, “Mr.Stone is here to meet you as informed. Would you like to see him now?” I had completely forgotten about this. I’ll have to come up with something before that man thinks I’m stupid. ″Tell him to come him″.

I heard a strong knock but polite at the same time. The man that entered wasn’t anything the same like I saw in the picture. I thought he would look skinny but this one was tall, looked like he was ready for a fight and might be in his early fifty’s.

″I cleared my throat to make it sound stern.″Mr.Stone, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person″. I gave my hand. ″Please have a seat″.

He nodded and sat. ″ I assume you must have known the reason for your presence here Mr.Stone and I hope you clearly know what you are doing″ I directly stated. ″ Yes Mr.Weinberg I do know what I’m doing but the situation I am currently in has put me to this state.″

″ Please explain in detail. I would like to know so that we will come up with a solution without much trouble.″ I continued. ″Well you see, my daughter Amelia is a medical student and since childhood we have had a tough relationship with each other. So to make things better me and my wife as parents offered her and reduced the burden for her to pay her college tuition fees.″

″At the beginning I thought , I could handle it. But since medical degrees cost a lot and as she was studying abroad, her fees increased every year. She was a brilliant one and the only daughter , her priority was always mine. Once she finished her degree, she wanted to do her post graduate degree and as a father I couldn’t say no and about the financial troubles we were going through.″

″ That was when I had first taken the loan. I cut Amelia’s dorm fees telling her that she had to learn to be independent and hoping I could pay back the loan but it just looks like it would take forever to pay. Now here I am talking to you without any clue what to do next″.

I was listening the whole time attentively. It looks like I was wrong about the girl. All she did was have an expensive education and taking care of her needs at the same time. ″What makes you think that she is doing well in her studies Mr.Stone? You do not know if she has gone in a wrong path while you were busy struggling to pay for her.″

″Lia is one smart girl and she has a strong desire to achieve something and I know what she is capable of doing and what she wouldn’t. I heard she got a scholarship for her pg. She’s doing great as far as I know″.

″Heard? aren’t you talking to each other? Does she not visit you during breaks and holidays?″ I asked interested.

″Like I said before, we had a rocky patch before and it seems she has found her own new world. She still speaks to her mother, but she doesn’t visit us. I see her photos at time and I know she’s happy, so that’s enough.″

Damn, she was something else and she had the nerve....″ Where is she now?″

″Pennsylvania″ Suddenly the craziest thought popped and I was nervous but still went for it, I knew he wouldn’t refuse.

″What if I gave you a solution. You don’t have to pay the money at all, but if you refuse to do it I’m afraid you’ll have to pay back the money in a month time and I wouldn’t be able to help.″

″What can do to get this burden out of my back , I’m ready to do anything.″

That was quick, he sounded so eager so I said, ″ Let me marry your daughter but no one will know about except my parents, my lawyer, and of course you and your wife.″ He looked surprised and thought for a few seconds before he nodded.

″We will sign an agreement stating that I get to marry your daughter and file for a divorce whenever I want and you as parents will not say anything about this to a single soul.″ I called Benedict my family lawyer to make the contract. It took sometime and Mr. Stone signed it and asked ″ Why marry a girl you don’t know and someone who is not worthy ?″

″ I don’t know, it was a gut feeling and felt right at the moment so I went for it. ″

I had a flight to catch to Pennsylvania for two reasons now.




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