When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 2

Amelia’s POV

Those six years of college life was the best.

Of course my parents paid my tuition and dorm fees, something that I should be thankful for.

I took care of the rest by working as as rock checker in one of the local super markets . That money was for my food and other needs

Being alone was not that bad. I had my ups and downs but on the bright side I learned a lot.

I became calculative, my day is planned out and perfectly scheduled.

I didn’t make a lot of friends but that was ok as I was born a single child. I new ways to keep myself distracted, to keep myself distracted from any fun activities or hangouts with other students.

This gave me a lot of time to learn new skills edited paintings skateboard and I also learnt to play the guitar.

At the final semester I had applied for a course called the ERASMUS that help me find a good university for my masters.

I studied all the time to better grades . College was not like high school.

I couldn’t miss any classes and and even if did I couldn’t ask anyone for help. My lecturers where the only ones that I could trust and depend one.

They helped me clear doubts, helped in assignments and a few of them even gave me advise on what I could do in my future, what I could hope for and who not to depend on.

They were the ones who told me where I could do my masters. A better university is always going to be a positive effect on your record, their words not mine.

When I left Poland I wasn’t upset at all. Didn’t make friends who would miss me or memories that were worth remembering. After all , Poland was just a place where I had spent a part of my life.

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