When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 3

Amelia’s POV

When I applied for masters in Pennsylvania , one thing that scare me was that I wasn’t that far way from my parents as before and what if they would stay with me.

But as long as I was doing this degree I wouldn’t be bothered about anything else.

The dean of the university was satisfied with my previous scores and gave me a scholarship . After all, what I had was a MBBS ,MD degree and those six years of hard work and loneliness weren’t for nothing.

As for my parents , they still took care of my tuition fees surprisingly but cut of my dorm fees. They said they wanted me to take care of it by checking if I was responsible enough.

Mom said that they were in some financial crisis that they had to do this and it made dad take loans. it didn’t really bother me ’cause I knew they would come out of it some how.

My masters wasn’t a full time degree, so it gave me more time to work. I found myself a job in one of the top most hospitals in town with the help of my dean. Such a nice lady. She said I just got lucky and as I finished my undergraduate, I was only a fresher.

No big names, just an assistant nurse. The salary is actually good. They pay me 1000 dollars a month approximately so it is more than sufficient for me to have a decent roof above my head. I got myself a 2BHK apartment just a couple of blocks away from where I work.

If you ask me how I manage it all, I told you that I learned to be calculative. My classes were 4 days a week from 9 am to 2 pm and I worked 3 days at the hospital. Usually I would get morning shifts but if I wasn’t lucky I would end up taking those horrible night shifts.

Those were mostly when other head nurses wouldn’t or couldn’t make on time or in cases of emergencies or when there weren’t anyone to take care of the patients.




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