When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 4

Amelia’s POV

That was how I surprisingly made friends. When I first met them, I thought it wouldn’t last, that they were just like the rest.

But for the first time, I found friends who were so much similar to me .

Eddie Cooper and Harry Gyles. Eddie was my age, 24 and Harry was two years elder than us. They were people who spoke what was in their mind and never thought twice. In short words , they were straight forward.

Harry was a gynecologist, an actual doctor and Eddie was a nurse just like me but already had a 2 year experience.

Those two never got along each other at the beginning, but just because they had one thing in common, which was me, they somehow sought out their differences and wanted to find other common things among themselves.

A year and a half passed just like me that within a snap of a finger. My professors wanted me to submit my thesis by the end of the fifth semester and I was just in my third.

They had promised me that if I did well they would ensure that I would get job as a crime scene investigator during career placement.

That one statement had me gone crazy (in a good way). Eddie was happy, more than me actually. That was when Harry had brought out the bitter truth.

“Aren’t you already doing well as a nurse. You actually pretty much do better than the other nurses. I thought you were happy with the job?”

What he said was true. I was doing well in the job , better than others if you ask me. But the job placement was only if I submitted my thesis on time and only if it was good enough. There was still time to think about it.

“I still have a year to think about that. Maybe I could finalize within that time.”

“Your parents would have an attack right in that place when they come to know about this.” Harry joked.

“They were okay when she wanted to do her master’s in Forensic science. They should have seen this coming either way.” Eddie pointed out.

We were having lunch in the cafeteria when I opened up the news so that we could discuss. ” Guys, stop it. I don’t want you both fighting for me and yes , I know this is quite risky. I’ll figure something out.”

“Once I finish my degree if by chance I end up getting that job, I’ll take it. I don’t want my dreams shattering for someone else’s happiness...even if it were my parents.”

They didn’t say anything. Harry finally spoke” we’ll be happy whatever you take . We are not gonna judge you and you’ll have our support.” Eddie nodded.

I gave a tight smile. Well, I had something to think about.

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