When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 5

Davis’ POV

I became the CEO of Wein Corp. two years ago. Nothing has changed and I started doubting if it was just me or the people who work for me.

The company takes care of banking and the production of the country’s finest tech support gadgets . My employees tremble when near me and people ask my permission to look into my eyes.

I have everything but I don’t. Have you ever had that feeling?

My day usually started 7 in the morning, I work till 4 p.m., workout till 6 in the evening and a bit of enjoyment till 10 and more work till 12.

Day after day the worth of living this life questions me. I am in need of something, something that excites and thrills, me makes me eager to know what happens next.

I don’t even know if something or someone exist like that.

I leave my office when my only friends and secretary Zack comes in a hurry. “What is it Zack? Relax and speak up.” I said.

“It seems that someone who took a loan for twenty lakhs is unable to pay back. We told him to pay without interest but still he’s unable to give back” he said hurriedly.

“Give me his details and tell him to meet me day after tomorrow.” I said sternly. Zack nodded and rushed.

These people are useless. They take something that they are unable to return on time. Worthless people!

I know that the position I’m in is making me think like this. But that’s not it, never promise that you wouldn’t be able to fulfill.

When I finished my workout and came into my study room after a relaxing shower, I had received an email from Zack.

It was the man’s bio data. His name was Peter Stone, a football coach at Jefferson High School . Wife, Nicole Stone a primary grade math teacher.

Both of them together earn a decent amount of salary but still had applied for the loan. Interesting.

Their photos were attached next to it. They have a daughter named Amelia Stone and she was 24 but other than that nothing else was given.

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