When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 6

Davis’ POV

I called Zack to know more information on the girl. ″I see only the name and age of Ms.Stone. Where’s the rest?″ I ask.

″It seems that Ms.Stone has left her hometown for college seven years ago but never visited her parents thereafter. She has no access to any of the social networking sites so I’m unable to get even a single photo of hers.″

My silence made him to continue, ″ According to me she might be living in Pennsylvania if my guesses were right.″ ″How are you so sure that she lives there?″ I asked suddenly interested. ″Mr.Stone has been sending monthly payments to a certain bank account and when I traced it, it showed our Pennsylvania state branch account,″ he said coolly.

I appreciated him and cut the the call. If my thoughts were right, the girl must have ended up in drug addiction which might have made her run out of money or a boyfriend who abuses her and uses her money all the time. She must have begged her parents and being the only daughter, her parents must have ended up helping her to come clean.

Neither of them would have expected to pay a large sum of money so Mr.Stone had no other choice that he had to take loan from the bank to save his stupid daughter from her miserable life.

Well, there were other possibilities but now I needed rest. My mind kept wondering to how I ended in this place. New York was always a busy city but suddenly when I looked out from my balcony, the city felt deserted only with those advertisement boards brightly lit at night.

I could never call this place my home. Home meant Pennsylvania, where my parents lived, the place where my dad started this empire from nothing, the place where my parents fell in love, the place where I had all my firsts.

Those memories were worth living. Dad always wanted to expand the business one such place was New York. I had to fly once in every moth to check on the company and my employees, so mom gifted me this apartment which was too big for my loneliness. Just a posh physical appearance and good looks but nothing else.

I used to love my life.....back when I was 19. The thought and desire to explore try out new things(good things) had me run on the go. I still feel them, but I just lack something. Maybe a boost, motivation or encouragement....maybe.

If one thing that mom had taught me the best, it was always to choose the right path and how to achieve it. I never drank when I was depressed nor did I use girls as trash , maybe once bit it was a huge MISTAKE and I still regret it.

Mom used to tell me how me father was a playboy back in those days and how he had flipped over when he met mom. It had taken a lot of convincing and love for my mother to accept, trust and fall for him.

My dedication towards my work has brought to where I am right now and the people who work for me and under me might be scared of me bu they trust me to the fullest and that only has made me do my best and show them what I’m capable of.

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