When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 7

Amelia’s POV

Eddie has been weird around me for quite a few days and Harry is too busy to notice the changes and when I asked him, he said ″Maybe she is seeing someone.She might not be telling us maybe because the guy works here and it would definitely be awkward if we came to know″.

There might be a possibility. I’ll ask about it to her during lunch. Speaking of love , you guys might be wondering about my love life.

Let me tell you something , its really nice to see people and friends fall in love, be lovey dovey with each other, go on romantic dates et cetra........ but when I think about myself being in a relationship, it scares the shit out of me.

Maybe its just me, I don’t know. I never imagined me being a romantic and it just never felt me. Being a single child with not many friends must have made me scared of commitment.

Yes I was a virgin , every part of my body was and I’m not shy about it but rather proud of it.

Even if I wanted to date or be in a relationship, neither did anyone ask me out nor did I have the time.

I wouldn’t blame anybody for that. There wasn’t anything ‘Attractive’ in me that one could point out easily. I was a 1.5 in height, olive skin, jet black hair that reached my waist and no fancy colored eyes that were catchy or mesmerizing. Just plain black ones.

I wore glasses most of the time, wore clothes that only made me comfortable. All I had were sweatpants, jeans and leggings of all the possible colours, hoodies and round tees. That’s all!

I never owned any dress or gowns. It’s not that I hate them, I just don’t prefer them and never had the perfect occasion in my life to wear one .

I don’t know if I ever had or have those curves that boys check out for bu I knew I had a normal body, not so thin not so fat, just me.

I was that kind of girl who would get my hands dirty and didn’t bother about it, ran into a fight when someone spoke blindly about another without really knowing them completely, boy or girl ,I didn’t care. Sadly it’s been years since I got into a fight and trust me you don’t want to see that. :)

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