When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 8

Amelia’s POV

Lunch came by and Eddie wanted to try out this new cafe that a few blocks away from the hospital. Harry couldn’t join us as he had some meeting with the other doctors.

We took our bicycles to go there, and yes I got myself a new one. I had saved up enough money to buy a bicycle and now I was saving up more to buy myself a car. I’ve been working here a year and a half and apart from my rent and groceries I save a couple hundred dollars every month. I was so done using public transport and my poor feet.

While waiting for the signal, I saw people rushing in and out of a big black glass building as if there was no tomorrow. They wore formal yet stylish clothes, women wearing heels not less than four inches and men wearing ties that could definitely choke them.

″I wouldn’t last a week if I ended up working there″ I pointed with my chin to Eddie. The thought made me giggle and Eddie smiled tightly. Something was definitely up.

Before I could check out the building’s name, the signal was in green. After a few minutes we reached and ordered our food. I could notice a tinge of awkwardness between us when I burs-ted ″ Okay that’s enough, spit it out , what is bothering you?″

Eddie breathed out heavily as if she was holding it for a long time. ″You see Lia, I’ve been working at the hospital for now almost 4 years and there hasn’t been any upgrade in my work and no one seems to notice that I might need a raise. I do love this job but I think I’ve started lacking confidence and motivation.

So what I did was , I applied for another degree last week in the same university where you study .” ″That is really great Eddie , but I don’t see anything that is bothering you” I exclaimed.

″ It might be funny to hear for you but the degree that I applied for is Forensic Anthropology and this whole field is so new to me . Let me be completely honest with you, my college life 4 years ago was not that so great and going to a similar environment again makes me scared Lia.″

I did not expect her to join the same university , but what surprised me was that her degree was closely related to mine, which means we would have a few common classes and that I could help her. This made me find the right words.

″ Eddie, you have nothing to be scared of. All you have to do is be yourself mostly true to yourself. I can’t wait for us to spend more time and go classes together. If something really is bugging you, you don’t have to worry as ling as I’m by your side okay” I shrugged.

She stared at me like I was some kind of a possession and then hugged me tightly. I held her till she let go. I started ” After all, A friend in need, is a friend in deed.″

″ Indeed , indeed it is″ she laughed back

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