When Paths Tangled

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Chapter 9

Davis’s POV

Yesterday dad had called me during office hours which was so not him, he called me when I was at home or during the weekends.

So thinking it was some emergency I had picked it up. “Good morning Dave you seem to be forgetting the existence of your so called parents” he joked.

I rolled my eyes. “How are you dad? How’s mom? Is everything alright? You never call me when I’m at work” I stated.

“We are fine. The reason I passed on the company to you was ’cause I trusted you and I still do. But it seems that you are forgetting and removing yourself from all the other things. Your mother and I are not gonna stay young forever and she is very much worried about your future.”

“Dad ,stop beating around the bush and get to the point” I stated.

“All I’m saying is , we think it’s time for you to get settled. Go meet girls, talk to them, know them and understand them. I’m sure there would be someone meant to be with you.”

Now I knew where this was heading. Of course they wanted to see me get married and give them grandchildren.

How do I tell them that my life was a hell? How would I tell them I wish to be a normal person , having a normal life where people don’t wait for your next move or stock you for the rest of your life?

" Dad most girls come only for the sake of money. If I didn’t have that, they wouldn’t even bother to look at me.”

He sighed. I continued ” By the way, I have a girlfriend” I lied. My dad knew when I lied as my face would turn bright red and thank god I was talking to him on the phone.

“You do?” He definitely sounded surprised. “Yes dad, I’ve known her quite a while and I’m just waiting where this is going.”

" In that case , why haven’t I heard anything on the news or magazines?” he questioned. Well good question but I’m not giving up.

“She isn’t from any of those wealthy or gold digging families, just a commoner. That’s what made me like her and at the beginning when she found who I was she fled from me knowing the paparazzi wouldn’t leave her until they got their junk”

“I had to take care of it . Only Zack knew about this and now you.”

" What’s her name?” Shit , he got me. Name...... what name?😬

“Amelia, Amelia Stone” I said without thinking.

“Well, I look forward in meeting her and your mother would definitely go crazy when she comes to know ,that too from me”.

" Hide her well son, this world is too wicked to swallow innocent people like her if she really is one”. he said and cut the call

WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE. I’m stuck in one huge mess!

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