I Need You To Hate Me

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“The fuck is she doing here?” He growls.

He towers over me and I do the stupid thing of looking up at him again. I can’t help it. He is glaring at me with his beautiful eyes.

I know I should, but I can’t stop looking at him. His face is strong and defined. His full lips are drawn into a thin line.

Even fully clothed, I can see muscles ripple across every part of his body. Such a shame that these looks went to waste on an asshole.

“Ace, I told you we would be getting a housemate. You were fine with it,” Liv reminds him in a calming tone.

“Not her,” he says, his eyes not leaving mine.

Once again, I am dumbfounded by the rudeness and unable to speak.

I don’t understand what I did for him to literally hate me. Sure, the incident today was unpleasant, but I barely said anything to him.

“Calm down, you’re acting like a child,” Liv says. I can tell that she was used to his behaviour.

“She needs to go,” he says slowly and his hands ball up into fists at his side. I should be scared of him and I am, only a little. He is intimidating, especially when his jaw is ticking like that. However, he fascinates me and the amount of anger he holds. It almost has me wondering who spit in his breakfast today.

He is speaking about me like I’m not standing right in front of him and he is clearly pissed. I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to say the wrong thing and get him even angrier but by the looks of it, it wouldn’t matter what I say.

“Um, I’ll go pack my bags,” I state because that is obviously the only solution. Coming here was a bad idea. I don’t have anywhere to go so I’ll just go back to my dad’s house and tell him college didn’t work out. Why I ever thought this would be a good idea is unsettling.

“Oh no, definitely not. You’re not going,” Liv tells me but keeps her eyes on Ace.

They stare at each other for a few moments and surprisingly Ace is the first one to break eye contact.

He storms to his room and slams the door so hard that I jump from the impact. Seconds later I hear loud noises coming from his direction. I stare at the closed-door not understanding what just happened. Is he breaking things? That boy has some serious anger issues but Liv acts like everything is fine. I assume that this isn’t the first or the second time that this has happened.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he would act like this. He’s not usually this bad,” Liv tries to reassure me.

“I might have pissed him off by bumping into him in the Chancellor’s office,” I admit even though I know it wasn’t my fault.

“Oh,” she says and furrows her eyebrows. “Did Ace talk to De--I mean the Chancellor?” she quickly corrects herself.

“Uhh more like yelled,” I admit, and she nods.

She doesn’t say anything else and I stand there awkwardly shifting my weight from one foot to another.

“What’s going on?” Zach comes downstairs. His hair is messy, and his eyes are bloodshot. He looks like he has just been woken up from a nap.

“Ace is here...and he’s in one of his moods” Liv replies as if that explains everything. “Can you go make sure he doesn’t damage any walls, otherwise he will be paying to fix them.”

Zach sighs and looks towards the direction of the damaging noise. He gives Liv another look but she urges him to go. He doesn’t look scared or nervous to deal with Ace’s behaviour, more like exhausted.

Zach walks over to the door as if it’s a chore and closes it behind him.

“Sorry, you must want to run for the hills after this,” Liv says and I do but I just give her a small smile.

“I can leave if it’s a problem,” I tell her, I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted.

“No, you’re not leaving because of him. I like you and so does everyone else,” she says. Except for Ace, I want to say but keep my mouth shut.

“Ace is just Ace,” she tells me as if reading my mind, but I don’t know what that means.

I nod slowly and go upstairs to my room. There are no destruction noises anymore, so I assume that Zach tamed the wild animal.

I shut my bedroom door and lay on my bed. It’s not like I have anywhere else to stay unless I want to drive back home. I don’t want to run away after a little hiccup gets in the way. But Ace isn’t a little hiccup, he is a damn storm and I don’t know if I could live anywhere near someone like that.

Anger suddenly bubbles inside of me. I have let him talk to me like shit two times today without saying anything back. What is with me?

I’m not usually like this, I don’t need other people to stick up for me, yet I stood back today and let Liv handle it.

I tell myself I will stick up for myself next time he is rude to me. Better yet, I won’t let there be a next time, I plan to keep my distance. I know it will be hard since we live in the same house but definitely not impossible.

I realise that I am getting worked up about him, but he just acts so entitled. People like that make me so angry. How can Liv and Zach be friends with him? They are so nice, and Ace is just an infuriating asshole and I have only met him an hour ago.


My classes start a little later today so when I wake up the house is empty. Thank god for that. I take a shower and get ready to make my way to the campus.

Staying away from Ace proves to be easy until I get to my lecture.

“Hey Calla, over here!” Theo calls me and I turn to his direction only to find the beautiful-eyed monster glaring at me. I didn’t think this through. Of course, Theo is friends with Ace.

Theo motions me to come and sit next to him and I quickly weigh up the options in my head. If I sit next to Theo, Ace will most likely be furious. If I don’t, I will have to sit alone. I don’t have many friends here and Theo seems nice.

I slowly make my way over to Theo and plan to completely ignore Ace. He isn’t going to ruin my day.

“Hey,” I say and slide into the seat.

“Have you met Ace?” Theo asks me while turning to him. “Of course you two met, you’re living together,” he realises. Ace doesn’t pay any attention to me anymore and I don’t know if I feel better or worse. What was his issue with me?

Should I say something to him or ignore him? Ugh!

I honestly don’t know why it bothers me that much that he doesn’t like me. It might be the fact that I never had this issue before. I am a likeable person. I don’t have problems making friends, even back at home, I had lots of friends. Until I pushed them all away, but that’s a different story.

What I am trying to say, is I get along with everyone and the fact that someone doesn’t like me is really making me want to know why.

After class Theo says everyone is going to the cafe again this afternoon and invites me to come. I don’t know if I should, will he be there? I look at Ace over Theo’s shoulder and he doesn’t have a reaction, he is still ignoring the fact that I am here.

“Okay, I’ll meet you there,” I tell Theo and he sends me a boyish grin.

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