And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 11

I felt someone was caressing my hair. I slowly open my eyes and saw someone’s hand kept upon mine. I blinked twice and slowly moved my gaze from my hand to the face of the person. When I saw Lisa smiling at me I thought I was dreaming so I closed my eyes back thinking that I could come back to reality when I open it again.

But when I opened it again she was still there. I got up hurriedly, looked around and found myself inside hospital room.

“How did I got here?” I was confused because the last thing I was able to remember was that I see off Lisa and Arvin when the car went little further I collapsed on the ground falling unconscious.

“How are you feeling?” asked Lisa keeping her hand on my shoulder.

“I… How did I got her?” I asked in astonishment.

“Arvin and I brought you here. When I looked back from the window I saw you were laying on the ground” she replied.

I nodded my head absently “Oh!...”

“Now you tell me why didn’t you told us that you were suffering from fever?” asked Lisa being little annoyed.

Leaning my back on the well I replied “I didn’t want you to get worried in your special day.”

“What would you do if I were in your place?” she asked folding her arms.

I gave witty laugh and said “I would be angry with you.”

“So am I” she got up and walked to the door.

“Wait, what? No, you cannot do that. We have just started talking” I said.

“Yes, I can. How can you be this careless then?” she turned towards me.

“I am sorry. I won’t do that again. Please don’t go” as soon as I said that her eyes softened and before I could notice any emotions in them she looked away from me.

“You are awake” Arvin stood on the door and said looking at me.

“Yeah, I need to go” I said and got down from the bed.

“Wait let doctor come and examine you. When he says you can leave only then you can go” Lisa walked back and sat on the tool beside the bed.

“But Lisa…” I glanced at my watch and sat upright being alert I said “Oh! God it’s already ten. I need to attend board meeting today.”

“Steven” she gripped my wrist “your boards are not running away. You take rest for today. Health comes first.”

“If so then why don’t you apply it on your life? Why doesn’t your health come first in your case?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

She looked away without replying my answer. I wanted her to answer my question but she didn’t replied anything. So when I was about to ask her again doctor came in and interrupted “Mr. Powel how are you feeling now?”

He started to examine me but my gaze was fixed on Lisa who was sitting lowering her head playing with her finger.

“When can he get discharged?” Arvin’s voice made me look away from Lisa to doctor.

“Fever seems to be gone and there is nothing complicated so you can deal with the procedure and get him discharged from here.”

Arvin and doctor together left the room leaving Lisa and me alone inside the room. I took the chance and asked her again “Lisa answer me, please I want to know.”

“Know what?” she finally lifted her head and stared at me.

“That…” before I could repeat my question she interrupted “You tell me something. Who am I to you? What relation do I have with you? Is it that close that I could share everything?”
I was astonished “what do you mean I am your friend isn’t it?”

“Exactly, we are just friends isn’t it? So don’t you think you are asking questions which are to be known by only the one who are more than friend?”

Her words got straight to my heart. I felt like my heart was been pierced and it was bleeding. I swallowed hard not able to say anything.

She got up and said “so it is better for both of us to know our limit and know about each other only to the point of being friend not more than that.”

She walked out of the room leaving me heartbroken but it was totally not her fault. I mean how could it be? She was not the one to love me it was me. And I was been punished for trying to cross the limits. But I got angry at her. She said the thing which I didn’t wanted to hear and maybe it hurt my ego.

“You take her to the center” I ordered Arvin who helped me to get out of the car.

“No, I will come with you” Lisa got off the car.

“Arvin I need to stay alone please take her away from me” I said and walked inside the building.

When I went upstairs and got inside my apartment I exploded out. I kicked the door, wall, couch almost everything in anger. The decoration done for Lisa was still there I grasped the flowers and balloons and threw it on the floor.

“Why… why always it has to be me? Ahhhhh?” I screamed.

Lisa’s words were echoing on my mind one after another. I was feeling so miserable. I walked to the window and glanced outside checking if they had left or not but I found Lisa was still standing outside and Arvin was saying something.

I walked out of my apartment in anger. When I approached Lisa she was smiling at me but without returning the smile and responding anything to her I glanced at Arvin “call her husband and tell him that his wife is discharging tomorrow. She has recovered now.”

Arvin nodded absently and as I was about to head back to my apartment Lisa suddenly gripped my wrist “No, Steven, please I don’t want to go back. Please don’t send me with him. I beg you.”

I grasped her hand and throwing it aside said “Lisa you are wife of someone else and I have no relation with you. So please be on your limit. You can go back to your home tomorrow.”

“I don’t have any home” she said with her head down.

“But you do have your husband. My center doesn’t feed the patients who have already recovered” I said ferociously.

She lifted her head and stared at me with her eyes full of tears “I… I… Steven… please...” She stammered to say something but I didn’t gave her any chance.

I rolled my eyes and gripped her arms tight. Opening the door I pushed her inside the car.

“Steven, you said we are friends…” she tried to get down.

“Exactly being friends we have limits so don’t try to cross that limit. Go to your husband and live with him. You are absolutely fine now so my work is done. You can leave” I said and closed the door hard.

Arvin started the car and Lisa glanced at me one last time. When car went away I watched it shrinking and disappearing completely. When my legs felt weak to stand I fall on my knees. Lifting my head up in the sky I yelled out loud.

I lied on the couch supporting my head with my hands. So many thoughts were crossing my mind. I don’t know why I reacted so hard on her. For a minute I was happy that I would finally get rid of her but no I was so wrong. She was in my heart and now on my head. Her thoughts were bothering me so much.

“I really shouldn’t have been that harsh on her…”

“Relax now she will be gone…”

“I know but how am I supposed to live. I have become habitual of her…”

“Just the way you lived all this year. Remember you were habitual to her but still you survived without her…”

I was talking to myself until the phone on my pocket buzzed and startled me bringing back to sense. I retrieved my phone from my pocket and glanced at the number. Taking deep breathe I pressed the answer button and tucked it on my ear.


“Steven, your dad…” mom’s quivering voice made me shocked and I got up immediately “what happened to dad?”

“He is been admitted to hospital. He got unconscious all of a sudden. Please come back Steven” her voice was broken and she was crying which gave pierced to my heart.

“I am coming” I disconnected the call and dialed Baca’s number hurriedly “Baca I need to get back to my home immediately so book my flight.”

“But sir why?”

I rolled my eyes and said “do as I said. I need to leave now.”

“Okay…I will get back to you in a minute” she replied hurriedly.

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