And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 12

I plonked on my seat and retrieved my phone from my pocket to keep it on flight mode but suddenly Jessica’s call came in. I cleared my throat and pressed the answer button.

“Hello” I said tucking it on my ear.

“Hello, sir I called for Lisa. She…”

“Is he there to pick her up?” I asked interrupting her.

“Yeah…” she said in astonished tone.

“You can send her with him. She has recovered now” I said straightforward.

“But sir…”

Hostess coming towards me saying “Sir we are about to take off therefore I request you to fasten your seat belt and keep your phone on flight mood.”

I nodded my head and said to Jessica “do as I said and tell Arvin to handle everything until I return. Bye” I disconnected the called and turned on the flight mood.

I leaned my back and closed my eyes. So many things were happening at once. My heart was beating out loud. Whether it was for my dad’s condition or for Lisa I was totally not able to figure it out. My head felt so heavy. I just wanted a bit of peace.

But seems like god was still not done with me as I was trying to have some peace I felt cold on my chest like someone had poured cold water on me. I hurriedly opened my eyes and found that hostess was standing in front of me with apologetic expression and before I could say anything she apologized “I am so sorry sir…”

“Yeah, you better be now go and get me another drink” lady sitting beside me said in rude tone and grabbed tissue paper.

“I don’t know what she was thinking of herself. Let me clean” she tried to clean my shirt.

But I hurriedly stopped her “no, it’s alright. I will clean it myself.”

“Are you sure? I am afraid stain may remain” she said looking at my shirt.

I got up and walked to the washroom. After sometime I returned back to my seat still with the smell of whisky on my body. As I approached my seat I saw that lady took the whole whisky bottle and a glass from the hostess.

As I sat on my seat she said “smells good, wanna try?”

I shook my head refusing her “no, I don’t drink.”

“What? Really?” she said in astonishment.

Nodding my head I leaned my back and closed my eyes trying to indicate her that I didn’t wanted to talk with her.

“Actually, I too don’t drink. I mean I drink but not in this amount. But today I am compelled to” she said and drank the whisky from her glass in one gulp and filled the glass again.

I was stunned seeing her drinking in that manner.

“No, matter how hard I try but he… he doesn’t understand” she said gulping another shots. She glanced at me and rolled her eyes “come on I wanted to be a mother and I had done so much for her. So can’t she give me one single child? But instead she is trying to snatch my husband. So, guess what…?”

She laughed out like paranoid and said again “Finally after so many efforts I was able to send her away from our life but today he went to bring her back. I told him not to bring her back but he was not ready to listen. I really cannot figure out what she has that attracts him? Even though I am way better than her except the fact I cannot give birth to a child. But even though she too had flaws but why does he care about her more than me? Why?” she started to cry.

Literally, I had no idea what she was talking about and trust me I was so irritated hearing her. I knew it was not her who was talking it was that whisky which was making her to chatter out the things about her personal life. So I took the bottle from her hand and called the hostess who was standing few meters away.

“Please take it back” I said handing her the bottle.

“Wait I am still not done. I want to drink that” lady tried to reach the bottled but I gestured to take it away.

“You send it away” she said in disappointment.

“Yeah, tell me one thing. Where are you going now?” I asked.

She gave a laugh and said “I am going to her parent’s house. To tell them…” she pointed her index finger in air and said “you take back your daughter or give back my money which I spend on her studies.”

“So, to do that don’t you need to be on little bit of sense or not? If you drank all that whisky you will lose all your sense and think who will take you to her parents’ home. Even if you got there do you think they will listen to a drunkard” I tried to persuade her.

She thought for a while and pointing her finger towards the tip of my nose she said “um… you are actually right? But don’t call me drunkard okay…” I nodded my head and suddenly she gave a silly laugh and looked away from me “I will show them who really I am?”

Though I was able to stop her from drinking further but I was not able to make her to stay quite. She kept on blabbering things which was difficult for me to understand. And finally when there was announcement “passengers please fasten your seat belt we are about to land” that was the happiest moment for me.

I really don’t remember when I got that delighted hearing that announcement before and guess what as soon as the plane landed I walked out of the seat without looking back at her. I heartily wished not to meet her again in my life.

“Mom” I called out rushing towards her. Hearing my voice she turned her head towards me and got up from the bench immediately.

“Steven” she hugged me tight and cried out loud.

“I am here don’t worry he is going to be fine” I said rubbing her back to console her. It must have been hard for her to handle the things alone.

I made her sit on the bench and sat beside her. I held her hand and asked “what did doctor said?”

As she was about to say something doctor came out of the room where dad was kept. I hurriedly got up and rushed towards him “how is he doctor? What happened to him?”

“Steven it’s all because of high blood pressure seems like he is not taking his medicine in regular basis” he said keeping his hand on my shoulder.

“It had been just two days. He was about to visit the pharmacy today” mom said in quivering voice.

“For the patient of high blood pressure two days is way long time Mrs. Powel” he said glancing at my mom.

“How is his condition now?” I asked.

“He is out of danger now but this must not be repeated again or else…” said doctor taking deep breath and walked away.

“It’s my fault entirely I should have forced him to bring his medicine. How could I be this careless?” mom plonked on the seat sobbing out.

“Mom” I sat beside her and tried to console her embracing her in my arms “don’t blame yourself he will be alright. Don’t worry.”

“Steven…” she suddenly pulled away from me and stared at me with her wide eyes “are you drunk? I am smelling alcohol from you.”

I hurriedly got up and said “no, mom I am not drunk I swear. Passenger sitting next to me was drinking whisky and hostess spilled it on my shirt mistakenly well serving her.”

“Is it so?” her eyes softened.

“You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I will never go back to that place trust me mom” I said holding her hand kneeling in front of her.

“I trust you Steven. I just can’t imagine losing you again…” she said taking deep breath and caressed my cheeks.

“You will not lose me I will always be with you. Now” I wiped her tears away and said “tell me have you eaten anything or just sitting ideally here?”

“Forget about me have you eaten anything or not? You came long way” she cross questioned me.

“No, I haven’t and I guess you too have not eaten anything. Tell me what you want to eat? I will get it for you” I said standing on my feet.

“I am fine. You go and eat.”

“I will not eat unless you agree to eat with me” I said folding my arms.


“Mom…” I said after her.

“Fine bring whatever you want to eat I will accompany you” she finally agreed.

“Will return in a minute” I said and walked away.

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