And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 13

I and dad were watching WWE when mom came and handed the medicine to dad. Dad ignored her and kept on watching the TV. Mom walked and stood in front of TV.

“Mom…” I said in disappointment.

“Tell your dad to take his medicine or else I will keep on standing here” she said standing still.

“Why me? He is not taking his medicine but you are not letting me to watch the TV” I said rolling my eyes.

“You are also not listening to me” she said snatching the remote away from my hand. And she turned off the TV.

“Wait… no. What did I do?” I said in annoyance.

“Here, Chris have it and both of you get up. We are going on a walk” she said handing dad the medicine.

“You are really…”dad paused taking the medicine from mom.

“Really what?” she asked folding her arms and staring at him with her wide eyes.

“So stubborn” he completed the sentence and drank the water along with the medicine swallowing hard.

“Yeah, he kind of cannot defeat mom in conversation” I smiled inside.

“Yeah I am as I cannot afford to stand for an hour in that hospital again” she said looking away from him.

It had been a week since dad got discharged from the hospital. Though he recovered well but doctor have strictly warned us to make him take his medicine in regular basis. And here they are both having this cute little fight. I never had realized that I belong to such an amazing family.

“Mom… he ate his medicine. Now, can I have that back?” I asked stretching my hand trying to reach the remote from her hand.

But she took the remote away and said “no, now it’s your turn. What have I told you two? Get up we are going for a walk.”

“I am not going anywhere” dad said folding his arms.

Mom walked towards him and pulling him up she said “Yes, you are coming.” Though, dad didn’t want to go but mom pushed him towards the door forcefully.

I took the chance and grabbed the remote but before I could turn on the TV mom called me out “Steven… do I need to push you as well.”

“Coming mom” I shouted back keeping the remote back on the table and walked out of the house following them.


I followed mom and dad from the behind walking slowly but when mom and dad were about to take a turn to the street number three which lead to Lisa’s home I hurriedly rushed towards them and standing in front of them stopped them “woo… not this way.”

“But, why? There is new beautiful park this way and I know you will love it” my mom said.

“No, mom lets go there some other day” I said and walked away from there.

I really didn’t want to get close to her home and recall about my past.

“Fine” mom and dad both followed me.

But after walking few steps mom suddenly called out “Steven you need to move on son.”

I didn’t get her and looked back “I am moving on mom.”

“I don’t mean that” she said with a smile on her face but I was not able to understand her. So I stared at her in confusion.

“See your dad and I are old now. We do want to see our generation flourishing.”

I rolled my eyes and said “mom please don’t start again. It’s already a week since I came here but this is the tenth times repeating this topic.”

“That is why I am telling you are not listening to me. Son you are grown up now. Stop dwelling on your past rather try to focus on your future” she said putting her hand on my shoulder.

“What do you want mom?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“I want you to live Steven” she replied.

“I am living mom. See I am breathing.”

“No, you aren’t I mean you are living by breathing but son I don’t count only breathing to live. You need to live your life like you are really living. Try to socialize with people, get yourself a girlfriend, go on a date, get married have children, start your family. See there are lots of things that you need to do to live.”

“I am trying mom” I said looking away from her.

“No… you” mom was going to say something but dad stopped her “don’t force him. As you said already he is grown up now. Let him take his decision.”

I was so touched when dad said that. While till now I thought that it was just mom who understands me but hearing my dad I got to know how wrong I was. He did understand me as well. It was I who was turning blind eye.

I hugged them both and said “I don’t want to start my family you are my family.”

“If you think you are going to get away from these sugary words let me tell you that you are mistaken” mom gave a witty laugh.

“I know you will come over that topic again but before that I will be gone” I said giving sinister laugh for which mom gave disappointed look.


Spending two weeks with my parents I got back on plane. I got alert and checked passenger sitting beside me praying not to have irritated partner like before. And luckily this time there was old man sitting beside me who kept on reading his newspaper not even giving single glance at me. Good for me.

I thought about these two weeks spending with mom and dad and felt so good inside. They did rejuvenate my soul. I had never known my family from this close as I was always busy with my own stuff. But gradually I was getting onto it. Being around family did give me strengths as well as soothe which I never felt before.

“Don’t get happy this early you still need to pay for your deeds” the old man sitting next to me said all of a sudden.

“Ahem, did you say anything?” I glanced at him and asked but his face was still buried behind the newspaper.

I was surprised for a while but ignored him when there was no response from him.

“Remember the deeds in your past life” he said again.

“I beg your pardon” I said it loud enough to hear him.

Only then he glanced at me with his serious face “you were not this before am I right?”

I was stunned hearing him “what do mean?”

“Remember, your one wrong move had destroyed someone’s life you soon need to pay for it. Do something before it is too late.”

“What?” I was astonished.

“Excuse me” he got up and went towards the washroom. I watched him trying to figure out what he was talking about. Going further he turned back and gave me a smile. He then walked inside the washroom.

Time passed but he didn’t return back. I was so desperate to ask him what he was talking about but there was no sign of him. So I looked around and called for hostess. When she approached me pointing towards the empty seat I said “an old man sitting here went to washroom long time ago but he has not return yet. I think…”

Hostess gave shocked glance at me and interrupted “you must be mistaken sir. The passenger of this seat didn’t arrive and we left without him.”

“What?” I went numb hearing her “there should be some mistake. He was here with me a while ago. Please stop talking nonsense and check the washroom.”

“No, sir I am telling you” I got up and without listening to her walked towards the washroom.

I pushed the door but it was locked. I gave a glance at hostess who had come following me. I knocked the door twice “sir… you are in there right?”

In a moment door opened wide but the person who stepped out was not him. It was a woman who gave me shocked stare and said “is there anything wrong gentleman?”

I was speechless. What was happening with me?

“No, ma’am you can head back to your seat” hostess voice brought me back from my deep thought.

I glanced at her in embarrassment but she said in polite tone “probably there must be some mistake sir. I would like to request you please get back to your seat. We may land in any minute.”

I nodded my head absently and walked back to my seat in great shock. I felt like I had a nightmare just now.

“Who was that man? What was he saying? Where did he get lost all of a sudden? Was he trying to indicate something?”

So many questions crossed my mind which had no answer. Time and again I glanced at the empty. It was better to travel with that drunkard lady than with an empty seat. At least she was not a mysterious like the empty seat beside me.


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