And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 16

As soon as I stepped inside the hall I asked Arvin “is she here?”

Arvin shook his head “not yet.”

I glanced at my watch it was already ten. Did she lied me? I had question on my head. I glanced at Jessica who was working at the receptionist desk. I felt sad to tell her that I was going to give her position back to Rose.

How was I supposed to do that? She had helped me a lot and in return I was going to fire her though she had done nothing wrong. I was about to step towards her but suddenly Rose entered yelling out “I am back…”

She had excitement and happiness mixed on her voice. She walked straight to the desk and said “you better pack your things up. Now this job belongs to me.”

Jessica glanced at me in confusion. I was helpless as well as speechless. She got up and walked out of the desk. Rose immediately sat on her chair giggling like a small child.

“What is going on sir?” Arvin asked in disappointment.

“She kept her condition to give back her job or else she wouldn’t tell the password right?” said Jessica before I could say anything.

“I am sorry Jessica I had no other option” I said with my heavy heart.

“It’s alright sir I know you did it for Lisa and if I was in your place I too had done the same thing” Jessica’s words lifted the heavy stone on my heart.

“Sir…” Rose called me out.

I walked towards her and she handed me a piece of paper “I have wrote the address here.”

I took the paper and glanced at it.

“Hello… whatever your name is please, clean up my desk” Rose said looking at Jessica who was standing beside Arvin.

Though Jessica had no sadness in her face but Arvin had gloomy face. I could feel how he might be feeling right now. I glanced at Rose and then at Jessica who had started to collect her belongings on the box.

“Jessica…” I called her out. She glanced at me and I said “you don’t have to do that.”

“What do you mean? Don’t double cross me sir please, I hate to say this but I desperately need this job. All this time I tried numerous job but no one treated me well as you did. I promise I will give my hundred percent this time.”

Rose who was so unreasonable and hard to handle was now talking this all. For a second I was not able to believe what I just heard. I glanced at Arvin and found out he too had same expression on his face like I do.

“It’s alright sir. Seems like she needs this job more than me” Jessica said out.

“No, no I am not telling that Rose will be leaving. I am just telling that Jessica will carrion with her job and Rose what if I give you some other job. You are experienced now.”

Rose eyes lit up and said “are you serious?”

“Would you like to work in my company?” I asked.

“What? I mean yes… I definitely would like to work there… It’s kind of dream job for me to work in a company.”

“Okay then I will talk with Mandy and Jessica put back your belongings you are not going anywhere” I said giving a big smile.

Jessica smiled back at me and said “thank you.”

“I am sorry about the harsh words I said to you” Rose apologized to Jessica.

“It’s alright” Jessica said keeping back her things.

Rose suddenly hugged her tight and said “you are so good.”

I walked towards Arvin and said “are you also in need of same hug?”

Arvin excitedly was going to hug me but I stopped him “it would be better you hug Jessica.”

He halted back and gave a smile.

“Take Rose to the company I will call Mandy” I said and prepared to leave.

“Where will you go?” Arvin asked before I walked away.

“To see Lisa” I said and smiled at him before leaving.


‘Stardust Way, Street number 21, Mr. and Mrs. Brown Vila’ I read the address written on the piece of paper and set my goggle map.

I started the car and drove towards my destination. I was so excited that I was going to see her again and this time I would hold her so that I would never let her go away. I don’t know why I was that happy to see someone else’s wife.

As I was busy driving the car my cell phone rang flashing the caller ID name ‘mom’. I pressed the answer button and turned on the speaker.

“Hey mom”

“Steven what are you doing?” she asked straightforward which surprised me.

“Why mom?” I asked in astonishment.

“Actually I had set a date for you” she replied.

“Mom….” I rolled my eyes “first thing I am not ready for making girlfriend or dating and second thing I am not in the town. I am going somewhere to do an important job.”

“What you are not in the town? Where are you going?” she asked in shock.

“I will tell you when I will be back in the town. For god shake till then please stop fixing random date and all. When I will be ready I myself will find a date.”

“I know that day is never going to come” her voice was full of disappointment.

“I will call you when I will be back in town. Bye” I disconnected the call and took deep breath.

‘Your destination is twenty minutes ahead’ Google announced.

Heart began to pound loud. The excitement gradually was turning into nervousness.

“What would I tell her? How would be her reaction when she sees me? Most important thing what would I say to her husband James?”

Many questions were crossing on my head making me more and more nervous.

“You will reach your destination in five minutes” Google announced again. I slowed the car.

“You are here” finally the Google made its final announced.

I parked on the side of the road and got down. I looked around and found myself in a society which had similar Vila. I walked towards the Vila and checked the name plate ’Mr. and Mrs. Pasak”.

I walked to another Vila and checked the name plate again ‘Mr. and Mrs. Brown’. I sighed “it’s probably Lisa mentioned in this name plate” I thought and walked to the gate.

The gate was kept open so I walked inside and pressed the doorbell. In a minute the door opened.

“Yes…” an old lady standing on the door said looking at me in confusion.

“Um… I am here to meet someone” I said.

“Sorry gentlemen Mr. Brown is not home and Mrs. Brown is not excepting any guest today” she was about to close the door so I hurriedly said “yeah, I know but I came from Rehabilitation Center to check on my patient Mrs. Brown. Would you mind telling her that I am her?”

“Who is it Nan?” someone asked from the inside.

“I don’t know him Mrs. Brown but he claims to come from some sort of center…”

“Rehabilitation Center” I said her and she repeated after me “Rehabilitation Center…”

“What?” I heard the voice of the lady which was not familiar to me.

“Send him in” she shouted.

“Please come in” old lady invited me in and guided me towards the hall.

“Please have a seat. Mrs. Brown is having her lunch” said the old lady and walked away.

I sat on the couch looking around desperately waiting to see Lisa. In a while old lady showed up again and said “Mrs. Brown asked you to come to the dining hall. Please follow me.”

My heart beat out loud following the old lady. As I stood on the door of dining hall I saw a lady wiping her mouth with a tissue “he is here Mrs. Brown” said the old lady and when the lady turned towards me I was shocked seeing the drunkard lady from the plane.

“You… you are Mrs. Brown?” I asked in confusion.

“Yeah… is there any problem gentleman?” she asked getting up from the chair.

“No…” I said absently.

“Clean up this table. How many times do I have to tell you? Be here as soon as I get up from the chair” she yelled looking towards the kitchen.

The things which she told me in the plane were echoing on my head one after another:

“Finally after so many efforts I was able to send her away from our life but today he went to bring her back. I told him not to bring her back but he was not ready to listen. I really cannot figure out what she has that attracts him? Even though I am way better than her except the fact I cannot give birth to a child. But even though she too had flaws but why does he care about her more than me? Why?”

“Take back your daughter or give back my money which I spend on her studies.”

There was a question on my head “did she remember me?” but seeing her cool expression I become sure that she didn’t remembered me.

“Oh! Sorry where was I? Um… yes you came from where?” she asked walking towards me.

“Um, I…” suddenly my eyes fall on a lady who came out of the kitchen and started to clean the table.

As she held the plate and was about to walk back to the kitchen I called her out “Lisa…?”

She glanced at me, seeing me she dropped the plate on the floor. She had ragged clothes, her hair was a mess, lips were cracked, and dark circles on her eyes and face seem to be exhausted. In just some weeks she has lost her weight and looked so skinny than before.

Our eyes got locked for a while until Mrs. Brown shouted out “What the hell? You broke the plate Lisa. Can’t you be careful?”

She walked towards Lisa stamping her feet hard on the ground. She raised her hand and was about to slap Lisa but I rushed towards her and held her wrist stopping her.

“You are not allowed to raise your hand on any innocent like this Mrs. Brown” I said throwing her hand aside and standing in front of Lisa.

“Who the hell are you? She is my maid and you have no rights to…”

I interrupted her saying “Maid? But James Brown introduced her to me as his wife...”

Her cold expression changed into panic when she heard me “you… are?”

“I came from Rehabilitation centre to check on my patient and her progress after leaving the centre but I see something else is going on her. I should call the police and…” Lisa gripped my jacket and stopped me from talking.

“I… I am sorry I didn’t know you came for her” she lowered her head down in embarrassment.

“I would like to have a talk with my patient” I said in cold tone.

“Sure…” she said in low tone.


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