And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 17

As I walked inside the room Lisa came following me.

“Please close the door” I said turning towards her.

She glanced at me in confusion.

“Do as I say…” I said raising my eyebrows.

She nodded her head and closed the door. When she turned around she stared at me for a while and looked sideways. Maybe she was speechless like I was.

Without thinking about anything further I stepped towards her and embraced her tight.

“I… I am so sorry Lisa. I should have stopped you. You gave me so many clues but I was fool to not get any of it. I am so sorry”

“Steven… I…” she tried to say something but I pulled myself back and gripping her both cheeks I said “I have always tried to tell you this Lisa I have always loved you, I still love you and will always keep on loving you for eternity.”

Lisa’s eyes were filled with tears “I…” she tried to say something but it seemed like she was not able to say a word.

So I helped her out “I know Lisa I know you too have loved me. That day you came to confess this to me but believe me I too was there to confess it to you. But I was compelled to run away because I didn’t want you to see that side of me.”

I took a deep breath and continued “Lisa I was drug addict and that day…”

“That day you got anxiety attack for drugs so ran away from me” she interrupted me. I was dumbfounded hearing her. I took a step back in disbelief “you knew that?”

“Yeah… Steven yes” she nodded her head “I knew everything about you. But I was not able to hate you. I had always loved even with all your flaws but I am very disappointed with you for showing up so late? Why Steven why? That day if you had the courage to carry that flower to me and confess your love in front of everyone I would have happily accepted you. I would leave everything for you and come after you.”

“I was in Rehabilitation center for all that six month Lisa but trust me the very next day I came back from the center I set off to your house to confess my love but I found I was too late. I am really sorry for that. But now I will make it all right come with me…” I gripped her wrist and pulled her.

But she held back. I turned towards her and asked in astonishment “what happen?”
“I can’t come with you Steven” she said keeping her head down.

I left her wrist in shock “what do you mean can’t come?”

“I am wife of someone else now” she said.

“No, you aren’t they are just using you until you have a baby for them.”

She lifted her head and widened her eyes “how do you know that?”

“I know everything Lisa. You were forced into this marriage and you had no other choice because she was your sponsor who paid all your educational expenses. So, in return she asked you to marry her husband and have a baby for them. But Mrs. Brown didn’t liked her husband getting close to you.”

Lisa fell on her knee and I rushed towards her. I held her tight on my arms. She began to cry out loud saying “I was depressed getting into this forced marriage by my parents. They didn’t care about me instead forced me to marry him for which they got lots of assets from Mrs. Brown. I wanted to be yours only yours but circumstances forced me to marry him. I tried every way possible to stay away from him. Didn’t even talk for years for which he went to my parents and tortured them for making him marry a dumb. As time passed my depression increased I started to get lost in your thoughts that I began to take medicine to calm myself down. But gradually the addiction for medicine increased in me and I began to eat any medicine I got. I fall sick for many days for which James felt pity on me and took me to your Rehabilitation Centre. He does care for me.”

I rolled my eyes and said “he raised his hand on you Lisa. How can you say he cares for you? This is not right you need to stand and fight back.”

“For whom?” she glanced at me.

“For yourself no one has right to ill treat anyone. The thing James is doing with you are just to get what he wants which Mrs. Brown can’t give.”

“A baby…” she said looking away from me.

“Exactly, you give him a baby and what after that? He will have his mission accomplished and Mrs. Brown will have a permanent free maid for life time. Don’t mistake by thinking they will treat you well after getting what they want” I tried to persuade her.

“What am I supposed to do then Steven? I have nowhere to go and no one to rely on.”

I got up and stretched my hand towards her “come with me I will hold your hand tight and make you so strong that you don’t have to rely on anyone. You just need to stand for yourself and collect all the courage. I cannot let you live in this hell. Probably, not until I die.”

She looked away for a while. I felt sad and was about to take back my hand but suddenly she lifted her hand and kept on mine. I pulled her up and holding her hand tight walked out of the room.

“Lisa, where are you going? Stop I said stop” Mrs. Brown yelled out for which Lisa stood still.

“One second” she glanced at me and said. I nodded my head and left her wrist.

She walked towards Mrs. Brown. I had no idea what she was going to do. As I was thinking all of a sudden she slapped Mr. Brown hard.

“You supported me for my studies this doesn’t mean I am your slave and I have to do everything you say. I was a fool to think I am not strong enough to go against you. Now I know what I am capable of doing” she then turned around and walked towards me.

“You cannot go. James bought you from your parents” Mrs. Brown said with her palm on her cheeks.

Lisa turned around and said in astonishment “it wasn’t you. It was him who gave my parents lots of assets.”

“Yeah, he was the one. He wanted a baby anyhow. When he knew I had supported a girl for her studies in the past he forced me to make him marry you by hook or crook. I never wanted you in our life Lisa, never. I too wanted a baby but probably not in this way but it was him for whom I was compelled to do things. I tried every way possible to keep you away from him. Be, it keeping the medicine in front of you knowing that you cannot control yourself seeing the medicine but when doctor told him that you cannot get pregnant until you get rid of your addiction he sent you to Rehabilitation Center.

After a while when he got a call from center that he can bring you back I had big fight with him. I didn’t want you to come back. I even went to your parent’s home to threaten them so that they can keep you with them but they were not there. I got to know that your brother got job in another city and he took your entire family member with him. They just left you behind all alone and I got a free maid for my home. So I cannot let you leave knowing the assets that James showered on you.”

“He bought me from my parents not from myself. No one not even my family has right to sell me. I am not a goods tell him that” Lisa completed her words and holding my hand walked out of the house.


I glanced at Lisa time and again. She was taking her hand out of the window and swinging it on the air. Sun was about to set on its nest and I found my heart was in ease. I looked around and parked my car at the side of the road.

“What happen?” she asked in astonishment.

I walked out of the car and opened the door for her “Come…”

She got down from the car still in confusion. I sat on the hoods and called her out “let’s watch the sunset…”

She smiled and climbed on the hoods. Together we watched the sun slowly setting down. The sky was clear and colored on sun set orange giving the mesmerizing views. Cold breeze was blowing and there was total silence around. I glanced at Lisa feeling so good inside.

“Please don’t look at me that way. I am looking mess” she said tucking her hair behind her ear.

“You are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life” I smiled at her.

“Wish everyone thought same way” she replied.

“If so then I have to fight them all. It would be very tough for me to win you” I said taking my eyes off her.

“Still my heart would always be yours” she replied which gave me a goosebumps “I cannot believe I am left behind by my family” she added taking deep breath.

“I am very sorry to hear that” feeling sorry for her I said.

She kept her head on my shoulder saying “No, you don’t have to be after all they never took me as their daughter. I was just burden for them.”

I glanced at her in astonishment and said “no, you weren’t. I saw them crying for you that day.”

“It was just an act to show that they cared for me. If they did care for me they would never force me into this marriage. They would stand by my side. Anyway I am free now so let’s not upset ourselves. So can we celebrate?”

“Sure…” I said looking at the sunset and smiling.


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