And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 18

“Hey, wake up” I said in low tone keeping the tray on the table.

Lisa rubbing her eyes said “good morning.”

“Good morning, I brought you the tea” I said sitting on the bed.

She got up stretched her arms and said “You really shouldn’t have to.”

“It’s alright. Here” I handed her one cup.

“Thank you” she said giving a warm smile.

“I have called Jessica, she will be here after a while and most important you I have talked with my lawyer today” I sipped the tea.

“Lawyer” she glanced above the cup in astonishment.

“Yeah, you need to file a case against them. Whatever they did is not reasonable so they need to be punished.”

She thought for a while and said “is it necessary to do that?”

“Of course it is. One year Lisa for one year… they destroyed your life” I said persuading her.

“But I don’t want to get in this type of matter.”

I stared at her for a while and said “ok I won’t force you onto it. I know you should be given a chance to take your own decision. Whatever you say I will always support you but Lisa one thing you always keep in your mind that I would prefer Lisa who fights for her right.”

I kept the cup back on the tray and got up. She suddenly held my wrist and asked “you still love me right?”

Sitting back on the bed I said “Of course, I do. I have loved you always and will love you for eternal.” Her expression softened. I leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Thank you for everything” she whispered.

I smiled at her and wanted to kiss her rosy lips but I had to withdraw that thought because of the doorbell.

“You freshen up and come to the hall” I said and walked out of the room.

I opened the door and found Jessica standing outside carrying some bags.

“Good morning sir” she said as soon as I opened the door.

“Good morning, come on in” I invited her.

When she walked inside the hall I said “Lisa must be in washroom. You can go and meet her.”

“Sure, I brought some clothes for her” she said showing the bags to me.

“She is in that room” I pointed at the room where Lisa was.

She nodded her head and walked to the room. I walked to the kitchen and started to prepare the breakfast.

After sometime Jessica walked into the kitchen and asked “I can help if you want.”

“No, I am good. You are my staff so I find it rude to make them work in my kitchen” I said placing the omelet on the plate.

“You are so nice. I bet I must have done some good deeds in past to get boss like you” she said giving a witty smile.

“Oh! I am flattered hearing your words in this early morning” I quipped.

“No, really you are a good person” she added again.

“Thank you” I bent my head a little and said “by the way where is Lisa?”

“She said she will be here in a minute” she replied.

I served the breakfast on the table with the help of Jessica and waited for Lisa but she didn’t show up since long time.

“I will go and call her out” Jessica got up from her chair.

“No, no I will go” I said and walked out of the dining room immediately.

“Lisa…” I called out from the hall and saw her standing on the balcony.

As I was about to walk towards her the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it before James walked inside yelling “where is she? Tell me where is she? I have come to take her.”

“Stop it James. She will not go with you. She has made her decision” I replied him.

“Who are you to tell that? She is my wife and she has no right to run away like that. I own her” he grabbed my collar and said.

I couldn’t stop myself laughing out loud hearing him “What do you mean own her? She is not a property to be owned James. She is a human. She deserves to be free and take her own decision.”

“As long as she is my wife she don’t own any such right…” he said and pushed me.

He looked around and saw Lisa standing at the balcony. He rushed towards her. I ran after him.

“Who gave you the right to walk away from me?” James pulled Lisa back and was about to slap her but Lisa held his wrist and stopped him.

She pushed him back and said “I am no longer your wife. It would be good if you had tried to win my heart James. But you didn’t you don’t deserve me go away.”

James got shocked hearing her “you really can talk?”

’Yes, I can. Why feeling sad that you no longer scorn me in the name of dumb? I can talk James and I now can fight for my rights” she said proudly.

“I am telling you come with me or else I have many other ways to take you with me” he tried to grip her again.

I walked towards him and pushed him aside. I stood in front of Lisa and said “You heard her decision. Now get out of my house.”

“I am not going anywhere without her” James tried to reach Lisa but I blocked his way standing still.

“Lisa… come with me” he somehow was able to grip her wrist. But I held his hand not letting him to go.

Suddenly he pulled Lisa with all his force towards him and pushed me off the balcony. I fall down the balcony watching Lisa looking down at me and hearing her scream “Steven….”

My body landed hard on the ground and when it came in contact with the ground I heard the breaking of my bone. I sensed severe pain on my body and soon smelled blood. Blood started to flow from my head, mouth and nose. My eyes were growing blur.

“James… James…” I was hearing someone calling out my name. I tried to see the person but was not able to.

Soon I felt someone picking me up and heard “no, no, no Steven no...”

“Lisa… Lisa… is that you?” I stammered trying to see the person’s face.

“Yes, Yes Steven it’s me your Lisa…” she said in broken voice.

Trying hard finally I was able to see her with my blur eyes. I lifted my hand and kept it on her cheeks.

“Lisa remember always stand for yourself. This life separated us but my heart will always love you for eternal, my soul will always yearn for your love and in another life I will make you mine…”

“Steven, no, no, no you cannot die…” I heard her quivering voice. I then felt her lips on mine. It was our first kiss probably the last one as well. Feeling her lips on mine I closed my eyes and everything went blank.


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