And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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I opened my eyes and got up immediately. I looked around and found myself in front of the gate. Behind me was a tall building in which I had my apartment. But there was no one around. I stood on my feet and called out “hello…”

There was no reply only the echo of my voice. Suddenly I falling from the balcony came to my mind. I panicked.

“I… don’t get this… what is happening?” I spin around.

Suddenly I saw a man standing behind the gate and looking at me. I walked towards him and asked him “um… who are you?”

The man gave a familiar smile which I had seen before. Gradually, his face skin started to change appearing wrinkles on it and his black hair began to grow white.

“You… I know you… you are the man from the plane” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, gentleman” he replied.

“I don’t get this you said because of my one wrong move someone was suffering. I sent Lisa with her husband forcefully that was my wrong move but I had omitted my mistake so why did this happen?”

He kept his hand on my shoulder and said in calm tone “you got me wrong gentlemen. That was not your wrong move.”

“What?” I widened my eyes in shock.

“The wrong move you took very long time ago by choosing the wrong path which had addiction only. Despite your parents numerous attempt you didn’t changed your path for which Lisa that innocent soul got to be punished” he said and turned around. He began to walk away.

I followed him back asking “how is that possible?”

He stood still and said “Lisa that beautiful soul was never meant to be married to someone else.”

This answer gave answers to my entire questions.

“If I had never taken the drugs Lisa and I would be together. Taking drugs was greatest mistake of my life and Lisa had to pay for it…”

“Yeah, and you cleared the due now” said the man taking the steps.

“Cleared the due?” I got confused.

“You paid her with your life” said the old man still walking on.

“So, now what?” I asked the old man.

“Now, it will be her decision whether to stand on her feet and fight or lie on knee and keep on serving other” he replied.

“Can I ask you a favor?” I asked not being sure if he would listen me or not.

“I know you want to see her one last time right?” he turned towards me.

I nodded my head in astonishment. He could hear my thoughts.

“Turn around” he said.

“I beg your pardon” I thought I heard him wrong.

“I said turn around.”

I absently turned around and found myself in the same place where my body fell. Lisa was weeping out loud hugging my body on her arms. She was surrounded by the people. Jessica was sitting beside Lisa trying to persuade her but she too was not able to control her tears.

I walked towards her and was about to touch her shoulder but old man stopped me “stop…”

I glanced at him confusion and he continued “be careful before you touch her think about the last touch you had with her.”

“She kissed me on my lips… that was the last touch” I remembered.

“If you want that feeling of touch until you meet her again I suggest you not to touch her. Or else that touch will be replaced by your touch on her shoulder with your transparent hand. And believe me it will be the useless as you cannot feel anything as a result you will have zero sense of her touch...”

I nodded and took a step back from her “Goodbye Lisa…” I bid her my final farewell glancing at her face for one last time before walked after the old man.



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“The End”

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