And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 3

After two years

“Yeah, what is it?” running on the pavement I answered the call.

“Good morning, Sir there is a new case and you really need to see over it” Rose on the other side of the call replied.

“Come on rose you know very well how busy my schedule is. I really cannot come there. If there is a new case then talk with Arvin, deal with the procedure and…” before I could complete my sentence she interrupted.

“But Arvin sir is out in a leave and will arrive late this afternoon also this case is very different and in fact the rarest and newest in our center. And I have no idea how to deal with it.”

I plonked on the bench and asked “okay go ahead what is the case?”

“So the patient is addicted to medicine and seem to be suffering from depression” she replied.

“If so then tell his guardians to see the doctor and cure his depression” I replied wiping the sweat from my forehead.

“Hello, Mr. Powell I really need to admit her in your center. Please try to understand” suddenly male voice came from the other side of the phone. It seemed like he had snatched the phone from Rose which I felt very impolite about him.

“Her? So it was female not male” I thought deep inside and clearing my throat I spoke out “If she is the victim of depression then we surely cannot help you out. We only take those who are addicted to drugs.”

“Medicine is also taken as a drug if took excessively isn’t it?” he asked.

“Medicine is itself a drug no matter how much amount is taken” I replied.

“Exactly… my wife takes excessive amount of medicine whenever she is depressed”

“If so then don’t let her to be depressed it is very simple as that” I interrupted.

“No, no Mr. Powell you are not getting me. It is very complicated” he took deep breath.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and said “Okay, fine I will be there after a moment and see what I can do.”

“Thank you… Thank you so much Mr. Powell” the call got disconnected.

I looked around the park. Everyone was busy with their own work. Some were going out with laughing therapy act which I usually find funny and laugh at them and my therapy is done. Some girls on the other corner of the park are performing yoga which makes me wonder how someone can have that flexible body. Some are running from one end of the park to the other end.

One year have already passed away moving to this city. In one year I have successfully taken over my dad’s company and running it along with the rehabilitation center. Life is going on but my love is stuck on the same track where it was left one year ago. Though I am able to progress my lifestyle but deep inside I am not able to progress my love life. In simple I am still not able to get rid of her thought.

Probably not after the dreams which I am getting last six months about her. I see her almost every day and the strange part is I don’t get a single chance to approach her. She just stares at me with the same soft and teary eyes trying to say something but as soon as I step towards her she disappears which really makes me worry about her. So every morning I pray for her and ask god to keep her in his blessings.

Every morning sitting in this park I think about her for hours and when it comes to the point where my love went incomplete I reallocate myself and run out of the park trying to ignore all those thoughts. And guess what I have still not known her name. I mean how could I? As I left my hometown the very next day when I saw her as a bride and settled in this new city all alone.

“Where is he? I have to deal with him quickly and have to leave for urgent meeting” I said as soon as I stepped inside the centre.

Rose who was busy with her work on the reception desk immediately got up seeing me. She looked around and said “they probably must be back at the garden.”

She walked out of the desk and I followed her behind. We got to the garden which was empty as it was meditation time for the patient. I stood at the staircase and watched two people sitting on the bench few meters away from us.

Rose pointed at them and said “there they are.”

As I walked towards them the man wrapped his hand around girl’s shoulder and I heard him saying “soon everything will be alright. Don’t worry honey.”

When I approached them hearing my footsteps he turned his head and seeing me standing behind them he immediately got up. He then stretched his hand towards me saying “you must be Mr. Powell. I’m James Brown.”

I made a quick handshake replaying “yeah it’s me.”

I then walked in front of them and the moment my eyes got on the lady sitting on the bench I went numb. I felt like everything has stopped even time. I couldn’t believe my eyes. One who rescued me from addiction of drug was now in my rehabilitation center.

“She is my wife. I need to admit her here” the man leaned closer to my ear and whispered which made me realize that everything happening was real.

“What have you done to her?” I grabbed his collar and yelled looking deep into his eyes.

I don’t know why but I felt so angry hearing him that I wanted to tear him apart. Only when Rose held my hand and shouted “sir…” I came back to my sense and immediately left his collar.

Arranging his collar I apologized “I… I am sorry.”

The man swallowed hard maybe he was shocked seeing my behavior like the way I was. To hide my embarrassment I looked sideways not knowing what to say next. But thanks to god that he himself brought up the conversation.

“Should we talk?” he asked hesitantly.

“Sure” I nodded.

We walked to the side of the garden and stood facing towards her. She seems to be lost in deep thought. She was skinny and weak but her eyes were cold and tough like the last day I saw her. Her gaze was fixed on the rose plant few meters away from her. I was not able to take my eyes off her.

“Like I told you she is addicted to medicine. Whatever medicine she finds she eats it without any thought” I heard James saying.

“You said she takes it whenever she is depressed. Any idea about why she gets depressed?” I asked still my eyes fixed on her.

“Well I have no idea why she gets depressed…”

“You are her husband and you don’t even know why she gets depressed… unbelievable” I said in disappointment.

“Yeah, she never says anything” he replied instantly.

“What do you mean by never says? It’s your duty to ask her and figure it out” I said rolling my eyes.

“I wish I could but she is dumb” he replied.

I passed shocking gaze to him “You mean she cannot talk? She is mute.”

“Yeah and God knows how to deal with this dumb people she is so difficult person. If I knew it before and her parents didn’t lie about her then I would have never married a dumb.”

“Mute… its mute calling someone dumb is not polite” I said controlling my anger glancing back at her.

There was a silence for a second until I asked “by the way you said she is addicted to medicines. Why do you keep medicine within her reach then?”

“Ah! I did it so many times I have hide all the medicine even threw them all but god knows from where she gets them back. I took her everywhere every hospital, every doctor but they say they cannot help and last time I took her to psychiatric who suggested me to admit her in rehabilitation center to make her get rid of medicine addiction. Your centre is my only hope” he said taking deep breath.

“I will see what I can do.”

“It is very grateful of you Mr. Powell. I will deal with the necessary procedure and take my leave…” he said and walked away.

“Mr. Brown” I called him out. Hearing my voice he turned towards me before I said “I… I am sorry I grabbed your collar. She made me recall about someone so I happened to grab your collar in anger…”

“It’s okay Mr. Powell” he turned back but I hurriedly asked him out “and by the way what’s her name?”

“Lisa James Brown…” he replied turning his head and walked away.

Finally I knew her name but a thought of jealousy crossed my mind instantly “I just asked her name is it compulsion to attach his name with her.”

When James left slowly I stepped towards Lisa trying to deal with my anxiety. Heart was pounding out loud with rhythm on my ear. I was swallowing hard. I had strange mixed feeling inside me. Was it the happiness of seeing her again or the sadness seeing her in that condition?

I sat beside her wanting to speak out but no words cracked on my head. I was mute like her that very moment. I was not able to take my gaze away from her. Despite her weakness she was still beautiful just the way I had seen her for the last time. When I was not able to take it anymore I felt tears rolling down my eyes.

I looked away from her but I felt her head on my shoulder. When I glanced back at her she had rested her head on my shoulder. I wiped my tears and took my hand towards her to touch her cheeks but my phone buzzed on my pocket which startled me. I hurriedly pulled my hand back and fetched my phone from my pocket and answered it.

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