And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 7

I opened my eyes blinking twice I closed it back. I then opened it immediately and sat upright. I looked around and found myself in my office. I had fallen deep asleep on the lounge. Sun had already got on top of my head. I was furious why Arvin didn’t wake me up even it was so late.

Rubbing my eyes I walked to the room where Lisa was sleeping but I was shocked seeing empty bed. I checked around the room but she was not there.

“Why do I always have to search for her?” talking to myself I got out of my office. But as I was about to head downstairs Lisa appeared with warm smile and dimples on her cheeks saying “hey, you are awake.”

“Yeah, how are you feeling now?” without giving her a chance to replay I touched her forehead with my palm and added “how is your fever now?”

Lisa with same smile replied “I am fine now and fever is gone as I was taken care by a person whole night.”

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at her when I heard her. But the smile faded away in no time when I recalled about the previous night “why did you stayed there? You should have come here when everyone did.”

“I had told you that I would be waiting there. I didn’t want to disappoint you” she replied in innocent tone that I totally melt down. I had totally forgotten that I had told her to go to block B and wait there. How absent-minded I was.

“I am sorry…” I said giving a smile full of regrets.

“It’s alright…” she replied.

“By the way it is noon why didn’t Arvin came and woke me up. I need to go to the company. And where the hell is my cell phone” I said searching my pocket.

I noticed mischievous smile on Lisa’s face and asked her “You have it right?”

“Noooo…” she said with long tone but the smile didn’t left her face.

“Please… Lisa give it back” I begged.

“Okay but in one, no two conditions” she said stepping backwards.

“What conditions?” I asked eagerly.

“Um… you have to be my friend and…”

I cut her in mid-sentence “am I not? I mean I have thought you as my friend.”

“Have you? That is so sweet of you…” she replied pouting her lips which made her to look so cute.

“So what is your second condition?” I asked.

“You will not go anywhere today and stay by my side” she replied at once.

I was stunned listening her “you don’t want me to leave?”

Her gaze suddenly turned intense and serious. The smile soon faded away. She then said in low tone “I never wanted you to leave…”

My eyes widened hearing her. I was surprised hearing her “what do you mean…?”

She lowered her head down not saying anything. This made me so desperate that I was not able to stop myself from stepping towards her. I asked her again “what do you mean by…”

“Sir…” I heard Arvin’s voice behind me.

I turned towards him and said in disappointment “Arvin it’s already noon and you didn’t woke me up why?”

Arvin stared at me in confusion “sir you told not to disturb you isn’t it?”

I was surprised hearing him “when did I told you that?”

“Um… I…” Arvin stammered.

“I told him” Lisa spoke out.

I glanced at her in confusion “Arvin you can leave I will meet you in a minute.”

As soon as Arvin left before I could open my mouth to speak Lisa hurriedly said “I wanted you to take rest as you didn’t slept well last night. I am so sorry if I offended you.”

Offended? No, not at all in fact it is what I wanted all this time. I wanted her to take care of me the way she was doing right now. I was having goosebumps. I had never ever thought that the wish I had wished to happen for so long was finally coming true.

“Are you angry with me? I am sorry…” returning my cell phone she asked.

“No…” I said taking back my phone.

She glanced at me with her bright smile. I really didn’t wanted to do anything offensive but each time I saw her smile it totally rejuvenated my soul and made me fall more in love with her. I was afraid that one day a day would come when I would love her so deeply that it would be hard for me to handle myself for staying away from her. And the saddest part was it was definitely going to happen when she would be taken back by her husband and I would be left all alone again.

I withdrew my gaze away from her and looked sideways. After minute of silence I spoke out “I need to get back to my apartment.”

“Why?” her tone was filled with disappointment.

“I need to take shower and change. See since yesterday I am roaming in this cloth” I replied showing my clothes on my body.

“Fine…” she said and walked downstairs.

“Lisa…” I called her out.

She lifted her head and looked at me before I said “don’t stay in block B waiting for me if I am late you should come back and wait me here. Okay?”

She just nodded her head up and down and left.

I stood there for a while and left for my apartment. Whole way I thought about her and that smile with the dimples on her cheeks. I was doing it again. Thinking about her and getting lost in her. All this time I had made a schedule that I would only think about her in the morning and in the evening but not on day. I used to keep my schedule pack that I wouldn’t get a chance to think about her.

Now her arrival has somersault everything. I am not able to concentrate on any of my works. I am just onto her thoughts.

“This place is really amazing” she said spinning around standing on the center of the basketball court. Morning sunlight was falling on our face slowly. I couldn’t believe it was really happening. She was standing right beside me this early morning.

“You like it?” I asked.

“Yes, who would have thought that a rehabilitation center would be this advanced” she said walking towards the bench and sat on it.

Sitting beside her I said “Yeah, I have been to worst rehabilitation center in my life. So when I came out I made up my mind to construct a rehabilitation center which would treat patients in such a way that, they would take up healthy habit and would never go back to take drugs. In my opinion forcing one to not take drugs is not an actual care of addiction.

Actual care is making the addiction totally go out of the mind of patients and make them realize that their life is worth doing many other things rather than dozing around in addiction searching for bliss. Make your life meaningful to live. I am sure you will find more bliss on it than taking drugs.”

She stared at me for a while not even blinking her eyes “You have been to rehabilitation centre before?”

“Yeah” I nodded.

Slowly blinking her eyes she said “aren’t you going to tell me about that?”

“Well I was trapped in drug addiction few years ago for which I went to rehabilitation center for six months.”

“You were not sent like me but went by yourself” she was surprised.

“Yeah because I found someone for whom I wanted to change…” I said taking deep breath.

“Really?” she asked faintly.

I felt awkward silence between us for a while. So sighing deep I turned towards her and said “actually it was a girl whom I loved for long time and wanted to…”

Suddenly she got up I was so shocked without giving me a chance to ask her anything she ran.

“Lisa…” I called out but she didn’t stopped. When I ran after her I saw her hugging someone. I stood still and watched her standing few meters away.

Arvin came towards me and said “I had selected a girl as receptionist. There she is…” he pointed at the girl who was talking with Lisa.

I walked towards them and Arvin introduced me to her “Jessica he is our boss Mr. Powel.”

“Good morning sir” she said tucking her hair behind her ear.

“You two know each other?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Yeah…” she nodded and got interrupted by Lisa “we are best friend Steven. Can you believe this after so long we met? I am so happy.”

I could clearly figure out how happy Lisa was seeing her excitement and that big smile on her face.

“Seems, like you have a company now, I am finally free” I said though I didn’t want to leave her.

“In your dreams I am not leaving your side. Probably not in this life” said Lisa with sinister smile on her face for which I rolled my eyes.

“Come I will so you around” said Arvin to Jessica but I stopped him “No, I will show her around you go and deal with other things.”

Arvin nodded and left. Together with Lisa and Jessica I walked towards block B.

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