And In Another Life I Will Make You Mine

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Chapter 9

Two weeks passed out and I felt it was the longest weeks of my entire life. I was so embarrassed thinking about the incident. I wanted to apologies Lisa. When I was thinking about a way to ask for an apology coming out of the airport I saw florist shop at the other side of the road. Without thinking twice I walked to the shop.

I stood for long time watching each and every flower carefully. I had no idea which flower I should be giving her so that she would accept my apology. It was really a difficult decision to make.

“Can I help you sweetheart?” I heard a voice behind me.

As I turned around I saw a woman in her late forties smiling at me “um, yeah, actually I want to buy a flower to…”

She intervened without giving me a chance to complete my words “to propose a girl? Here take this one fresh red rose… It is just kept here.”

I hurriedly pushing her hand away said “No, no… definitely not this one.” I was already trapped in so much of thoughts I didn’t wanted to add one more by taking a look at that red rose.

“That’s strange” she said keeping the rose back to its place in astonishment “if not rose than which flower you want?”

“I… I am not able to decide that either” I said helplessly.

“If you don’t mind can you tell me the purpose of buying the flower so that I can help” she said in friendly tone.

“Actually I want to apologies someone” I said touching the tulip gently.

“Well in that case you can take…” she said looking around scratching her chin with index finger “Oh! Here it is.” She walked few steps ahead and picking the yellow rose said “this is perfect to apologies someone.”

“Do you think this will work?” I asked not being sure about it.

“Yeah, it symbolizes friendship and can be used to apologies as well” she said packing it up. “Here take this one as well in case you want to write apology note” She handed me a small note card. I nodded and took the card from her “Thank you.”

As I came out of the shop Mandy was waiting for me. I sat on the car and kept the flower gently on the seat.

“Should I drop you to your apartment?” asked Mandy looking through the rare view mirror.

“Um…” I thought for a while and replied “take me to the center.”

I took my pen out and wrote in the card “I am so Sorry- Steven” I then tucked the card in between the flowers.

I glanced outside the window and saw that the sky was all filled with heavy dark clouds with thunder and lightning time and again. It was clear that rain could start any second. I took deep breath. My heart was filled with so much joy returning back and the excitement thinking of seeing her was hard to explain in words.

As the car stopped in front of the gate my heart rate increased. Taking deep breath I got down from the car. As I was about to walk inside Mandy called me out “sir… do you want me to wait?”

“You can go. I will ask Arvin to drive me back to my apartment” I replied and walked inside gripping the rose tight.

As I saw Jessica on the receptionist desk busy with her work. I took my hand back making sure she wouldn’t see the flowers on my hand. I wanted to go near her and ask about Lisa but found it inappropriate doing so. After all she was Lisa’s friend I didn’t wanted her to take me wrong or have any doubts.

So I looked around searching for a person who could help me and luckily I saw Arvin approaching me “sir you are back.”

“Yeah, can you tell me where Lisa is?” I asked looking around.

“She is in her room I mean your office room” he replied.

Without saying anything further I walked towards my office. When I saw that the door was close I was about to make a knock but I was not able to collect enough guts to stand in front of her and give her the rose. So I kept the rose on the floor right in front of door, then knocked twice and ran outside.

Standing on the middle of hall I smiled to myself thinking about the stupid act that I did a while ago.

“Sir you are back. When did you get here?” Jessica asked looking up from her desk.

“Yeah I got here a while ago and now I need to go bye” I said and rushed towards the entrance immediately.

“But sir…” I heard her saying something but I interrupted her turning towards her and stepping backwards “not now Jessica. I am bit in hurry.”

As I walked out of the main entrance suddenly something fall right in front of me. I lifted my head up and saw Lisa standing by the window. Seeing me she rolled her eyes and walked away.

When I looked down on the ground my heart broke into pieces. Yellow roses were scattered on the ground. Lisa had thrown them away. I thought she would forgive me but she didn’t.

I walked out of the gate feeling so low. I don’t know why I was being that much affected by her that her rejection made my eyes wet. One after another droplets of water fall on my body but I was not bothered with it. Instead I was having a feeling to get wet in that rain thinking it would wash all my pain away.

I know it wasn’t possible but what is the use of falling in love when your mind doesn’t think such stupid and impossible things.

I heard my phone ringtone ringing continuously I tried to reach for it with my eyes closed but I was not able to find it on the table. I tried to open my eyes but I was feeling it difficult due to light. Still rubbing my eyes I opened it wide by now the ringtone was already gone.

I sat upright and glanced at my watch which was ticking half past six. My body was feeling so weak and head was so much in pain. When I was rubbing my hot temples I jolted hearing my phone ringing again. I looked around and lifted my pant from the floor. I took the cell phone from its pocket and glanced at the number. I was astonished seeing Jessica’s caller ID.

Walking towards my balcony I tucked the phone on my ear but before I could respond anything Jessica spoke out “Hello, good morning sir.”

“Good morning” I greeted back glancing at the city from my balcony.

“Sir actually I wanted to ask you can I take leave for today.”

“Leave? Why did you called for this small reason? You could have talked with Arvin” I replied.

“Yeah, I did that but I want another permission also so Arvin sir told me to ask you”

“What is it?” I asked pinching my nose bridge due to unbearable headache.

“Actually I wanted to ask can I take Lisa out for today.”

Her words made me surprised so I asked “why do you want to take her out?”

“Actually, it’s her birthday today and I wanted to make her birthday special”

“What? It’s her birthday” I said out loud.

“Yes, is there a problem sir?” she asked in confused tone.

I coughed out and said “no, no there is no problem at all. You can take her but make sure you will bring her back before four in the evening.”

“Thank you so much sir” she disconnected the call.

Forgetting all my pain and weakness that I had a while ago on my body I walked back and forth “it’s her birthday so here is my chance. I have to do something that can make her feel special and she could forgive me. But what can I do?”

I stood still for a while and dialed Arvin’s number. When he answered the call after two ring I immediately spoke out “Arvin I want a favor from you.”

“Good morn… favor?” he interrupted his greeting himself.

“Yeah today at five in the evening will you bring Lisa to my apartment?” I asked.

“Lisa?” probably he must be shocked hearing me so I hurriedly said “yeah, actually I am throwing a party today so I want you and Lisa to be here as you know I don’t have that much friends and relatives in this city.”

“What about Jessica?”

While I was surprised when Arvin asked about Jessica “while let’s not involve her this time.”

“Okay, I will be there by five with Lisa” replied Arvin.

“Um also I will send a dress for Lisa make sure she wears it. She might not have anything nice to wear”


“And important thing don’t tell Lisa anything about it. Keep it a secret until you two arrive here.”

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