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Story of a simple girl Anaya Sharma who is a die hard fan of rock star Aniket Sahani , what will happen when she will be given a chance to take an interview of Aniket. Please read the story for knowing more.

Romance / Drama
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Hello everyone this is twinkle. This is my first story on inkitt.
This story is going to be a short story, about 10 chapters and i hope you will like it.

Some important points before you read this story 》》

this is story is originally mine so all the rights reserved.

✔ i don't allow any translation or any kind of reposting of my work .

this story is totally a fictional work, it's not a fanfic.

✔ all the names ,places and characters are just my imagination, if they are real so it's not my fault or concern.

✔ this story may contain some mature language or content.

✔ do not read this story if you have any problem with verbal abuse or mention of any hard word , but please don't report this story if you personally have any problem.

✔ English is not my first language so please ignore if there is any mistake .

Anyone who is A.R.M.Y they can check me on:

wattpad:: @army_twinkle.

Twitter:: @vaidyajahanvi



Here is a small introduction of main characters of this story . ....

Anaya Sharma ~~
A very simple girl who believes in love and foreverness. Always happy and she tries to make other people feel happy. She loves when someone smile because of her. She works as a entertainment reporter for a well knowned company named SJ Production and host the most famous t.v. show 'KNOW YOUR IDOL' .
She is an orphan , her parents died in a car crash . She have only one friend Asim who is also an orphan like her . She have only one dream to meet her prince charming 'Aniket Sahani' .


Aniket Sahani ~~

A very famous singer and actor . He is like an angel like price charming of every girl , down to earth , sweet a perfect package any girl will pray for. He doesn't believe in love and foreverness . Never thinks before speaking .

No one knows about his family and have a manager / bestfriend Afsa .


Here is the sneak peek of this story i hope you like this story .

Please like and share this story if you like it .

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