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Danielle Adam's was an ordinary senior, loner and didn't have any friends with a secret. That is until she meets shady mafia king to be Dante' Smith.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

I was left on the doorstep of my parents house at the age of 1. I don't remember much or who my real parents are, but when I was left of the doorstep of Mr and Mrs Adams they treated me as their own and even gave me their surname. They met into an accident on their way to fetch me from school when I was 10 years old. And life has never been the same since. I was never legally adopted therefore no one knew that they had a child. It was a remote secluded area therefore we had no neighbours. The house had four stories, and since 10 I've been staying here alone. I needed to make a living and make them proud and what better way then learning all the different fighting techniques as do underground fighting like my dad. My role model.

I'm 16, and just entered 10th grade. I'm a loner and make sure I have no attachments because my job is extremely dangerous and because I'm undefeated everybody wants to have my head. Literally. I go by the name Honey and make sure no one knows my identity. I always have my hair dyed honey blonde and make a single braid that reaches the bottom of my back. I have abs for days, six pack, toned thighs and legs. I barely got boobs but I'm not complaining, they would have been heavy to fight with anyway. In school I'm labeled the nerd because in actual fact I am. Straight A's, I wear baggy clothes because I have to make sure I go unnoticed.

If only I knew that a specific person was going to worm they way in my life and disrupt what I felt was a normal life. But would I enjoy the disruption and long for him?

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