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Today is the first day back to school, I got up before my alarm at exactly 4:30am and made my bed, walking into my spacious bathroom that's fit for a queen. Yeah I love a lavish lifestyle, with all the money I make, I can afford it. I brushed my teeth then walked into my walk in closet that that has a hidden room within, that houses all my gym equipment, my gym clothes and anything I could possibly need incase I get hurt in a fight. I quickly grab my gym clothes, slip them on and then walk down to my basement. I turn on the Bluetooth stereo to really get in the mood for the day. I go straight to my treadmill and start jogging for half an hour then train for 1 hour 30 minutes. By 6:30 I'm done and head to shower and get ready for school. The feeling of the hot water immediately relaxes my muscles, I quickly dry up once done then wear my normal baggy clothes and head downstairs in record time. I don't have energy to make a big breakfast so I just grab an apple and head to the garage that houses my babies.

I might wear baggy clothes to school to go unnoticed but one thing I could never submit to is a bad car. I have an addiction for fast cars. And if its not fast I make it fast. My garage is open plan and is as big as a four room house. I have a glass cabinet that all my keys making them look like trophies. The first shelve has all my motorbike keys, from the first motorcycle I got to the very last. I have seven in total and I only use them when I'm in the mood for the wind in my hair and to relax when I'm in a bad mood. It's a great distraction

The second shelf has my most prized possession, my 1967 Ford Mustang, third shelf has the rest which is for my Mazda MX-5, Porsche 911, Alpine A110, Porsche 718 Boxter/Cayman and last but not least my McLaren 570S.

I quickly decide on my Porsche 911 and leave. It's a 20 minute drive to school from my house but I don't mind. I love driving and I love my peace. I make sure I get there before anyone else and leave after everyone else so people don't ask questions about my cars. I get there by 7 and school only starts at 8 so I'm relaxed. I enter the empty corridors and head for my locker, I start by cleaning out all of last year's books to make space for this year. Once done I head to the office to get my schedule and notice I got all AP classes meaning my days are automatically longer. I groan and head to my home room which is with Mr Brock, making my already dull day worse. I'm 30 minutes early so I get to choose my seat, it doesn't make a difference because I know I always sit in the back right in the corner where I don't get to put too much attention on myself.

At five minutes to 8 people start filing in and grabbing their seats, making a huge noise while they at it and I'm fighting the urge to break their necks to make them shut up.

Eventually Mr Brock enters the classroom and everyone immediately shuts their traps. He starts off by writing his name on the board and asks us to introduce ourselves. Just great, notice the sarcasm. Thankfully I'm last since I'm in the back of the classroom. People start introducing themselves and I already can see whose the skanks of this place. Im brought back to reality when I hear the most manly voice I've ever heard. Dante' Smith and he just moved here. I can already see his body from the back and I suddenly have this urge to just touch him but I refrain from getting closer. I mentally slap myself, why the hell am I having these weird thoughts. I shake my head and push these weird fantasies to the back of my head. When it's my turn I keep it short. Give them my name and age and before I can continue I hear giggling, and then this bitch of the school. Candice damn Greggory comments "eeew looks like you haven't had a bath in ages" then he sidekicks adds "you should wear something that fits, or maybe she can't afford proper attire" I was literally boiling on the inside because first of all, that Greek God was noe staring at me, second, if these girls know how I can drop kick them. Lastly I make more money than the president. But I cant blurt that out because I need to remain invisible. So I bite my tongue and sit down with my head on the desk and ignore everyone.

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