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Eventually Mr Brock told them to stop, and I couldn't be happier. Not long after the bell rang for first period, I quickly went to first period. I didn't need to go to my locker because I took my books out before the first period. That way I get to class first. The day continued to drag and luckily I didn't get anymore classes with Dante' as yet. For some reason I have this unsettling feeling about him. Finally lunch time, and I'm super hungry because I didn't eat breakfast. I ordered a burger and fries with a coke. I paid and sat by an empty table. I was enjoying my peace when suddenly someone sat next to me. Which is weird because no one sits near me ever since I started here in 8th grade. I slowly turn my head and see none other than Dante' Smith.

I try and pry my eyes away from him before he notices me ogling him. Notice the word I used "try" because it was a complete failure. When did I become like this. I'm pushed away from my thoughts when he starts waving his hand in front of my face. Gosh I'm so embarrassed, can I ever start daydreaming in front of my own Greek God. He should never know I call him that. I quietly apologize and ask if I can help him, he shakes his head and just says his sitting with me for lunch. I look at him shocked. He laughs and asks if that's surprising. Duuh. Does he not know I'm the outcast here. I slowly nod my head. " Can you not see everyone is staring at us now" "yeah, and so?" "well, I'm the outcast here and if you don't want to be labeled as one then you should better get going" "nope. I'm good" I can't believe this guy. "uhm Dante ' was it?, we are going to be the center of attention and I don't really want that. I'm hungry and want to enjoy my meal !" "Easy tiger, you could have just said you didn't want me sitting with you" I immediately feel bad. " I didn't mean it like that" "Then what did you mean" "ugh nevermind, just let me enjoy my meal" and this Greek God just smiles, and the most intoxicating smile I've ever seen. Which is weird because I've noticed how emotionless he is during the day when I past him a couple of times during change of periods.

The rest of the day nothing eventful happens and I couldn't be more excited. End of the day I head to the library to do all my homework for today. I hate going home and doing homework, I get so distracted. And I'm killing two birds with one stone, it gives me a chance to stay and wait for the rest of the students to leave.

An hour later I make my way to my locker and put my things inside and set it according to the lessons I'll have tomorrow. Once done I start walking to the exit, I have my head down and I'm in my phone checking my emails, I have one especially for fights. When someone wants to fight me they send it to that email. It can't be hacked and I use my alias so they can't track me. I weren't looking where I was going because I knew everyone was gone until I bump into a brick wall. I close my eyes waiting for the impact of the fall, but nothing. I slowly open my eyes to see myself face to face with the Greek God. "Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" "what had you so focused on your phone" " nothing important, what are you still doing here" "I was waiting for you, wanted to give you a ride home, was about to come look for you because it was over an hour", "I was in the library doing my homework, thanks for the offer though, but I'm driving", " Oh, it's cool. Didn't expect you to drive" I can feel myself going red. Did I look too poor and he felt sorry for me. He notices my face and quickly tries and corrects himself. "it's cool don't worry" then I walk past him to my baby girl. As I'm about to open my car door I heat something drop. I flip my head around to see what was that to see Dante' staring at me with his jaw hanging. I internally smile. Serves him right for thinking so lowly of me. With no further thought I drive away pumping my music thinking of the fight I'm going to be having tonight with the Beast. He specializes is karate and is undefeated in his field why he wants to challenge me is boyond me but the bets are high so I'm going in. I know I'm at an advantage because I know every single type of fighting technique that makes me feel bad a little but who would turn down the possibility of earning 1mil in one night. Definitely not me.

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