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When I finally got home I put my fingerprint in the door and went straight to the kitchen. I was wishing for a sub with anything edible inside. I knew I had to train after so I didn't mind eating so much. Once I was done I went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into my gym outfit then went to my basement. I started off with warming up my muscles and then then went to my treadmill and started with a jog. Since Beast only does karate I figured I need to brush up on my karate skills.

I spent two hours in the basement and then started getting ready for my fight. I started with a shower and then I dyed my hair and wore figure hugging tights and tight vest with combat boots. I have my signature ring on my middle finger that never goes off, it was my mother's and I can never part with it. That was her name, Honey Adams and her ring has a H on it. Which goes with my stage name. I just hope no body notices it. Once I'm done I head down to my garage and choose one of my babies. I finally decide on my Mazda MX-5. I put on the fake number plate which is Honey and drive out. I get to the location and see my bodyguards already waiting for me. As I walk in the crowd goes wild screaming my stage name. I have a tendency to scan the crowd and I halt in my tracks as I notice the one and only Dante' Smith. Which is more shocking because his sitting amongst the mafia. They've been trying to get me to join their "Familia" but I love my independence and I'd never want anyone else to be in danger because of me. So I always decline their offer but they come and watch me for every fight without fail, the Mafia Kings excuse is that I remind him of someone and he needs to protect me. He never explained who do I remind him of or who he needs to protect me from so I just let him be. It's nice knowing there's someone I can turn to if things don't turn out the way I planned.

I usually spend my free minutes sitting with him but I'm scared today because what if Dante' recognizes me. Which makes me think, how can I remind the King of someone when I have a mask on at all times. Maybe it's my stage name but then that would mean he knows my mother. That can't be. I'm over thinking as usual. I decide to just take a chance and go see Dean(Mafia King) everyone calls him boss but I told him don't work for him so I'll call him Dean. He laughed at that and people looked at me funny for calling him by his name but I couldn't care less.

As I approached him I started picking up my pace, I didn't realize how much he actually means to me. He has become a father figure to me. I think I should show him my real identity. I run up to him and jump into his awaiting arms. " Dean!" "I've missed you" "You saw me last week kid" I laugh " I know, but I get lonely . You the only family I have." "" I always tell you to come stay with us" *cough* we turn around to see Dante' standing there. "oh Honey, let me introduce you to my son. Dante'. He will be taking after the family business when I retire. So I decided to bring him here to meet you, he needs to know that you our family no matter what and we protect our own. I start tearing at that." Dean, you know I don't need protecting." "We've had this conversation before . You've been alone since 10. You 16 now and no child deserves that."

"Fine. That reminds me. I made a promise when I started here that if in six years you still here I will reveal my true identity. The time has come. Can you follow me once I've done my fight"

"Finally. I'll bring Dante' along. He will be protecting you. So he needs to know who you are." before I could complain I hear my name called out on the speaker. "okay, okay. I got to go. Wish me luck Dean" "You don't need luck Honey, you undefeated and the most feared here" I just laugh and head to the stage.

I love fighting, so seeing my opponent there standing waiting for made me so excited. He looks nervous. Rule 1. Never show emotion is already broken by him. I never make the first move. I stand still. Scanning him to see a weak spot. Hah, his leg is positioned so wrong. I can break it immediately. So I wait for him to strike, and that he does before he can touch me I lift my leg and hit the back of his knee I hear the crack and see him drop. His screaming bloody murder and I can't help but smile. I was about to leave the ring when he called my mother a bitch. I walked up to him very slowly, I could see the fear in his eyes. "nobody talks about my family" the crowd is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everybody can hear what's going on because the ring has speakers. He just says "Fuck you bitch" that did it for me. I hit him in the same leg repeatedly and then pulled his knee out of its socket. I went on to smash his face until I got pulled away from him by none other then Dean. His the only one that dares to touch me and I allow him because he has acted like a father to me for so many years. Once out the ring I hear the crowd going mad once again I head. Straight to get my money. Which has doubled, so I'm sitting with 2 million and I didn't even fight, just kicked his leg. Boring. Anyway. I leave the office with my bodyguards in tow. They open my car door for me, I throw my cash in the backseat and then start moving. I see Dean following me. I decide to play with him and start speeding. I know no one can beat this car. Eventually I don't see him so I park my car on the side of the road and wait for him. 10 minutes later I see him parking next to me so I roll my window down while I'm laughing. "Dean, if we bet, I would have won" " Don't drive like that, you could kill yourself" "If fighting weren't my dream, I would go into car racing. I'm just that good. Come, we almost at my house" "We've been driving for almost 20 minutes and I still haven't seen a soul in sight. Where exactly is your house" I just laugh, roll my window back up and start driving. I turn left onto the dirt road that leads to my house. Then take another left up my long driveway. I put my finger on the intercom and the huge wooden gates slide open. I start driving in and head towards my glass garage door and I always smile when I see my babies.

I jump out my car and out in my code on the door and it starts opening, I jump back in my car and go and park it in the garage. Then walk out and make sure it's secured and walk towards my door where I see Dean and Dante' with their mouths on the floor. I just laugh and out my fingerprint in and the door opens, I walk in a forget that I have to tell my security system that I have visitors. Immediately the alarm comes on and my forward security systems starts saying. Danielle, make your way to the safe room. Intruder alert. Over and over again. "it's okay Daisy, they my friends" "should I add them to the system. You don't have any friends" "thanks for telling the world Daisy but yeah, you can. Their names are Dean and Dante' Smith. Do your necessary checks. But they safe" "Danielle they part of the mafia, do you still want to proceed on adding them to the system" " Daisy just do it " Dean coughs and I get a shock cause I forget they were here "uhm Honey, we still here you know and. Where did you get this security system from. That even knows we part of the mafia" "Danielle designed me herself and don't call her Honey at home, that was her mother's name" "Too much information Daisy! I'm switching you off until they leave" I make my way to the screen on the wall and deactivate her. Dean and Dante' are just staring at me. " I had a lot of time on my hands when my parents died, and I stayed alone and so I needed to make sure I'm safe because I didn't have anywhere to go if something had to happen here. So I designed Daisy to protect me. And to have someone to talk to." "You never have to be alone again" I just smile at Dean " I should go change quickly, make yourselfs at home" I quickly run up to my bedroom and have a quick shower and then change into pj's. I then make my way back downstairs and I see these boys eating my food. I just laugh. Then they look up and Dante's eyes go wide. " it's you" I just smile. " Why did you leave everyone to talk to you like that in school if you know how to defend yourself and you clearly not poor" "Kill them with kindness, it hurts more. And I don't need to prove myself to anyone" "oh and please don't tell anyone in school that I'm" Thee Honey " he quickly agrees and I can see Dean smiling at us so I give him the look

" Dean what are you smiling at" " Nothing, I'm just very proud of you. I knew your mother Danielle, and she would be very proud. I saw the huge picture on the wall of you, your dad and mom. We were neighbours growing up, our fathers were best friends and so were we. She left the mafia when she married your dad and they moved up here. I even met you once when they found you, but with the mafia I got too busy to keep in contact. And when they passed it was too late. I didn't come looking for you because I thought you would have been put in the system and been safe. I never for the life of me expect you to still be in this house. " I see him tearing. So I go up and hug him."They never legally adopt me because I didn't have any papers so nobody knew about me. I don't blame you. I'm okay, I'm safe and we have each other now. They have been looking out for"

"I like what you did with the place" I laugh at his idea of trying to clear the air. "when they passed I didn't get anything because they had no heir but in their will it stated that nothing just happen to the house and it must stay. They needed me to have a home in case something happened to me. I didn't want to let them down so I started training and before you know it I was the youngest, still am the youngest underground fighter. I make millions in a fight. Just tonight I made 2 million. So I used my brains and money to make it a fortress. Extend it a bit. My basement has my gym, the third floor has my cinema and game room, 2nd floor has my spare bedrooms and then you have seen the first floor. The fourth floor is out of bounds. It's my floor. My office. My safe room, my safe, my bedroom. Then my garage has all my babies. Do you guys want to see them? " they nod excitedly and follow me to the basement.

They so excited. Jumping in the front seats, feeling the interior. They even went as far as lifting my hood. I just shook my head, boys will be boys.

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