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Evangeline, popularly known as, The Empress, in the whole business world, has a very peculiar past. A past which nobody knows fully, except her. A past which is still haunting her dreams. And a past which is now confronting her present. _______________________________________________________ "No matter how much you revisit the past, there is nothing new there to see" "But what if the past comes to revisit me? What if that past is knocking down at my door in the middle of night? What will I do?" She asked. "Then you should acknowledge that. Have a truce with it, dear. There is no benefit in fighting about what has already happened. You can't do anything. You can just make sure never to repeat it. Just face it. And then you are free spirit, my child" "But what if the past doesn't want to free me? What if the past wants to become my present? Then what?" She inquired. "Then, my child, it's upto you. It's your past, so it's your decision what you should do about it. Noone has any right to meddle in that, not even your past" She nodded and smiled. "Just breathe and remember who the fuck you are. You are..." "EVANGELINE" She breathed out. _______________________________________________________ Will the confrontation be peacefull or deadly? Will she be able to have a truce?

Romance / Thriller
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"You really thought I would be in love with you?"

"You are really too naive, moró. How could you even dream about me loving someone like you?"He asked.

A few gasps were heard. But most were laughing. Laughing at how much dumb she was. Laughing at how she made a fool of herself.

But she was silent.

"Chazós" A voice spoke from behind her.

There were whispering all around. It didn't take a genius to guess who was speaking.

Stella Simos.

"She really is a dumb bitch". Stella spoke again, but now she was in front of her.

"Cat got your tongue?"

She remained silent again. It was too much for her to comprehend what was happening.

"What happened?" Stella laughed.

"You thought he was in love with you? Are you really this much dumb?"

Don't cry. Don't cry. You are strong. Repeating this mantra, she straightened herself and faced the man who she once dumbly thought loved her.

"Why?" She asked, her voice came as a whisper.

"What did you say? We can't hear you. Right Love?"Stella asked facing him.

He just nodded.

"Why did you do this to me?"Her voice croaked. She was on the verge of crying.

"Because I can"He shrugged.

"No! No! No! You can't. You can't do this to me" She screamed, tears flowing out.

This can't be true. She thought.

"You love me, right? You love me. Say you love me. You are joking right? Tell everyone this is a joke. Baby, tell everyone. You are fooling everyone" She whispered, grabbing him by his collar.

His expressions were hard. His black eyes were boring into her grey ones.

"Tell everyone this is a joke. You are wasting everyone's time. This is not the time to joke around" She cried out loud.

"You are really a dumb bitch, you know that?" Stella laughed again

"Shut up! Just shut up!" She screamed without even giving a glance to the girl. Her eyes were just on the person in front of her. Her everything.

"You shut up. You are creating a scene. Just leave" He spoke, grabbing her by arm tightly.

"Baby, you can't do this. You love me. I love you. We are made for each other. You know that" She whispered.

"You really think too high of yourself. There is nothing to love about you" He said, pushing her on the ground.

"She is now in the right place" Someone spoke from the crowd. Surely, one of Stella's friends.

"You can't do this to me.. You can't" She whispered, shaking her head.

"You love me. I know. You are just joking"

"How pathetic". Stella snorted.

"No! You can't" She screamed, lifting herself up.

"Leave now!" He spoke, not even looking in her direction.

"You can't. You can't make me leave"

"Just leave, bitch. You are wasting our time. We have a party to host" Stella spoke.

"You! You bitch!" She screamed,launching in her direction.

" You did it. You did it deliberately. You are trying to make us apart" She said, slapping her in face.

"You little piece of shit. You wait and watch" Stella growled, grabbing her hair and tugging it harshly.

"Leave her, Stella. She is just creating a scene. Let the security throw her out. You don't need to get your hands dirty" He spoke, grabbing Stella by her arm and pulling her into his chest.

"Baby, you see how she slapped me. She needs to know her place"

"She will. And I will show her. But not now. You know, we have a party to host"

His eyes completely fixed on the girl in her arms. She was shocked. This can't be true.

But before she can understand what was happening, their lips locked. In a passionate kiss.

She felt a wave of nausea.

"Why are you doing this to me? What I have done wrong? Tell me" Her voice cracked, but he payed no heed.

Second thing she know was that she was held by security and thrown out of the premises.

"You can't do this to me…..". She screamed.

"You can't…"

She jolted up. Her chest rose and fell heavily. Not again. Not now. Not after so many years. Her eyes searched around. She was in her suite. In her bed.

A flash of black eyes staring deep into her soul.

Panic flooded her. She lifted her head to get some air into her lungs as a wave of fear and anxiety hit her. The thought of him creating a new terror. She knew what was happening. But was unable to move a limb.

A loud bang on the door brought her back to reality. Reality she has to move. But it was now becoming impossible. She knew her body was shutting down.

You are really a fool moró. You are nothing to me.

"No! No!". She screamed

Banging on the door increased. She could hear muffled voices from the other side.Trying her best, she piled out of the bed but landed hard on floor.

No sensation. No pain. Nothing.

Her breathing was becoming more hard.

"BREAK THE DAMN DOOR" A loud voice growled outside the door.

Suddenly a wave of calmness flooded her. Her body relaxed. Her breathing became more shallow. Her eyes closed.

And darkness started to engulf her.

Same pair of dark soul-crushing eyes greeted her.

You think too highly of yourself, mikros. You are not important to anyone.

"No! No!"She shrieked.

A hand caught her by her shoulder and proceeded to shake her.

"No! Leave me"

"Calm down. Calm down. Everything is ok. No one can harm you. You are safe" A voice spoke, gathering her in his arms.

"H..He says I..I am a f..fool" She cried out.

"No, piccolo fiore, you are not. He doesn't know a shit about you. Don't believe in him"

"Really?" She asked, opening her eyes and staring deep into the enchanting cobalt ones.

"Really. Now just sleep" He nodded.

"But he will come back" She cried out.

She felt a pinch on her arm and her eyes drooped.

"Just sleep, fiore. Sleep"

"But Ro…."


And darkness engulfed her into a deep slumber.

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