The Green Eyed Queen

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After her car was hit driving home, Anna Rose Jones found herself pulled down into a place she can only describe as hell. Her life changes when she meets him. A tall mysterious man with eyes as enchanting as they are dangerous. A throne of thorns awaits her, but will she be willing to sit or will she want her to go back to her old life and her living husband. All she knows is nothing will be the same now that she has no pulse and an insatiable desire has taken hold of her heart. .................... "Where the hell am I? And who the fuck are you?" I asked as I stood up of the bed I awoke from. The last thing I remember was seeing a black Aston Martin coming straight for my car as I was driving home to surprise my husband on our anniversary. We had only been married a year and now I think I am dead. The room was filled with men and women of indescribable beauty. They each had an air of power but also something else that I couldn't lay my finger on...was it fear? I scanned the room trying to work out where I was since no-one would answer me and them my eyes met his. His eyes were like nothing I had ever seen before, they were dark, difficult to make out the colour but the more I stared into them I could see the colour changing to resemble a beautiful emerald with flecks of crimson. I felt myself drawn to him and I don't know why. I needed to figure out where I was.

Romance / Erotica
Red Banana
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Chapter 1

Anna Rose

The world was ticking by as I waited for work to finish. I was excited but also nervous. All day is had a pit in my stomach and even the thought of food would make me nauseas. I couldn't wait to get home to surprise my husband. It was out 1 year anniversary and I was having to work.

I looked over to my left where Carl sat. He was fairly short only about 5'5 but his personality made up for what he lacked in height. He was mumbling to himself as usual and pushed his tortoise shell glasses further up his nose. His eyes narrowed on the screen in front of him and his he ran his hand through his mousy brown hair.

For once we were working on the same event, usually we would be split up since we were the top two event coordinators at Ellis Songbird, but this account we had been given was big. No that's an understatement, if we pulled this off the business would triple in popularity and renown overnight. So no pressure.

All we were told was that it was imperative to get this exactly as the client wanted but we were not told who our client was and all communication went through a generic Gmail email address. It was frustrating for the pair of us. We both liked to research our clients to see what their branding was like, their status and also what other events they had held to get an idea of what was needed from us. But no not this time, we were working blind.

I stood up from my desk in need of a break from my screen and a cup of tea. It was barely 10 am and I wanted more than anything right now to be home with Daniel. My amazing husband who I still think is way out of my league. I wanted to still be in bed with him, cuddling up, running my fingers through his long dirty blond hair. Being able to watch his long eyelashes flicker open to reveal his soft blue eyes and then kiss his lips as he awoke. But alas I was called in today when I was supposed to be off.

I sighed as I wasked over and tapped Carl in the shoulder making him jump out if his chair. "Jesus Christ Anna! What are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack!" He responded to being disturbed.

"Oh come on Carl you're not that old and are the healthiest person in the building. I'm sure that's not enough to give you a myocardial infarction" I giggled to him. Without missing a beat he turned back to his computer "someomes been watching too many medical dramas".

"Oh stop it. Come on, I'm going to make a brew. Do you want anything? " After a long pause he eventually said "The kitchen doesn't have anything strong enough for me right now, but I'll settle on a strong coffee"

"One cup strong enough to wake the dead coming up!" He smirked at my reply before focusing back on his screen.

The day passed and we had made some progress with the event but not enough for either of our likings. We walked out of the office at 5pm together as usual, both in need of a strong drink....or six.

I have never had such a difficult client to deal with. The privacy and secrecy of it is one thing but they cannot seem to make up their mind about what they actually want from us. We were 60% done with the planning of the event until yesterday afternoon when they decided to change everything about what they wanted, putting us back to square one.

But enough with work. I need to get home to see my Daniel. I really need to make it up to him for today. Maybe if as soon as I walk in I give him a blow job it'll help?

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