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The Green Eyed Queen

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Chapter 2

Anna Rose

My car was parked up close to the office where I worked and after saying goodbye to Carl I unlocked the door and climbed in. My car was nothing special but it was perfect for me. Spacious enough for when I started a family with Daniel but not too big. I loved my car and called him Pig. He was sturdy and got me where I needed to be in one piece.

After setting up my music and sat nav, I started on home. Rush hour was a bitch and there was always some roadworks somewhere on my route but today I took the back streets to get home as quick as I could.

I lived in the next city across from work and it usually only tooky about 40 minutes on a good day. But with it being an important day no doubt I would hit every red light or find more traffic on the road to delay me.

I started Pig up and pulled out of the car park. I followed my sat nav singing along to my music. Really going for it when Total Eclipse of the Heart came on. Poison played next and all I could think was how my husband was my perfect poison. I loved him so much that even the thought of anything happening to him hurt me so much.

The drive was going surprisingly well considering I was expecting to have to stop at every traffic light on route. I pulled up to the cross roads about a mile away from home and waited. This was the first red light I had hit and as I watched the other cars passing by my thoughts drifted to Daniel.

I remember the first time I saw him, how nervous I was that he wouldn't like me. I wouldn't say that I am unattractive but I'm not exactly skinny or have the perfect body.

I'm quite tall for a woman at nearly 6ft and my long naturally red hair is wavy and comes to my ass. I have always been on the larger side but everything is in proportion but I am what some call chubby (urgh I hate that word!) I prefer curvaceous.

I don't have a thin waist and my legs are strong enough to crush a watermelon of I tried, thanks to years of dancing and karate when I was a teen.

With being a natural redhead comes the very pale complexion that makes Casper the friendly ghost look like he's got a tan. I love my pale skin, it makes my red lips stand out even without my signature red or dark coloured lips.

But nothing compares to my eyes. My green eyes are by far my best feature.

I was pulled from my thoughts as the light changed and it was time for me to continue on my journey. Pulling off from the lights I felt a shiver go down my spine.

If only I had pulled off faster then maybe I would be safe but no. It wasn't meant to be.

Halfway across the junction I saw a black Aston Martin come speeding towards my car from the side. I tried to get out of the way but to no avail. It collided with Pig and everything went slow. Time felt to stand still as I could feel my door crumpling into my body. My legs broken in multiple places and my rib cage crushed. I looked over to the driver of the car and they were grinning. It was a sick sight to see. They were happy that they have killed me. But why?

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