At First Sight

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Chapter |9|

Amaira's pov

I am locked in my room for the past one week. After breaking almost all of my bones, my uncle locked me in my room. I only get a meal in a day with a glass of water, mostly breakfast. I think they reappointed the old cook who is a 50 year old woman. She used to help me in the kitchen but then uncle fired her and made me do all the job. She doesn't know about the abuse that takes place in this house but knew that I wasn't their favorite and they treat me like a slave. I have lost about 2kgs and I had dark circles under my eyes because I couldn't sleep with my stomach grumbling.

They don't beat me now probably because they don't want my future husband to see new scars on my body and freak out. I am not so excited to get marry 1) because Kartik is only marrying me for his pleasure 2)he is not much better than my abusive uncle and his family. I heard the marriage will take place within a month. It is 11pm at the night and my stomach is grumbling and I am sure almost the entire people in the house can hear it. I laid my head on the pillow and the memories came back.

A five year old me was running around house. My mother right behind me with a bowl of food for me. Suddenly, I hit someone. My father. I hid behind his legs and he put his finger on his lips to quieten my screams. I placed my left hand over my mouth and pressed myself further against his legs.

"Madhav, catch that girl. She hasn't eaten anything." Mama said slowing walking down the stairs with a small bump in her tummy. Mama said there is baby in there. A baby brother or sister for me. I used to talk to the baby every night. Mama said the baby can hear me. I also give the baby a goodnight kiss every night. Mama said I am going to be a great big sister.

"Mara, you have to eat food. Don't you want to help mama with the baby when he/she is born?"Papa asked. I nodded eagerly.

" Then you should eat food. "Mama said, putting a spoon of something yucky food in my mouth. After a few more spoons, the food finished. Now, the bowl was empty. I ran into my room and stood against the height measuring sticker with giraffes on its side. Papa and mama walked in after me and saw me standing against it. Papa kneeled down in front of me and checked my height.

"Did I grow?"I asked. Mama laughed and papa smiled.

" Sweetie, you won't grow after eating just a bowl if food. You need to eat food everyday and slowly you will grow. "Mama said. Papa kissed my cheek and smiled.

" You will grow fast, Mara. Don't worry. "He said. I smiled and walked towards mama and held her hands and started dragging her out my room. I walked into the living room with my mother's hand still in me. I walked slowly, though, so that I don't hurt the baby. I made her sit in the chair in front of the grand piano.

"Play for me, mama." I said sitting beside her in my chair. I watched very carefully as she played with keys, making beautiful music. Mama started singing slowly and after a few minutes, all three of us were singing together.

The rest of the day, mama, papa and I spent together playing and watching Disney movies that I liked. It was dinner when mama told me that she and papa are going somewhere for work and I will be staying at grandma's for a few days. Mama and papa used to go to different countries for work. I usually stay with my father's mama, my grandma.

"Be a good girl and don't trouble grandma, okay?" Mama said. I nodded and gave her a thumbs up. Dad entered the room with a plate of sandwich. He placed it in front of mama who looked at him and smiled happily. Mama has been eating weird food now. Papa said it is craving. He said my baby brother/sister is making her eat these yucky food.

"It's yummy. Thank you, honey." Mama said.

"It's okay. I bet tuna sandwich with pickle is delicious." Papa said.

"Want to taste?" Mama asked extending the sandwich to papa.

"No thank you." Papa politely denied. Mama shrugged and continued eating.

"Okay Mara, go take a bath and get ready to go to grandma's house. Mama and I are leaving tonight." Papa said. I went to my room and ran to my bathroom. I sat in the tub that was filled with water for me. Mama soon entered the bathroom and helped me wash my body. After that, mama dried my hair and help me wear a white skirt with pink t-shirt. She tied my hair into a ponytail and placed two butterfly clips on my hair. I happily walked into the living room where my father was sitting, dressed in a suit.

"You look beautiful, Mara." Papa said holding my small hands in his big ones.

"Thank you, papa."I said smiling at him happily. Mama came down wearing a beautiful dress with her long hair tied into a braid. Papa smiled seeing mama and kissed her cheeks. Mama's smile widened.

We all walked into the car. Mama was holding a black handbag in her hand, papa had two big bags in his bag and I had my pink bag with me. After 20 minutes, the car stopped in front of my grandma's house.

"Be good, Amaira. Don't trouble grandma, sweetie." Mama said. I nodded. I can't wait to eat grandma's cookies.

"Also don't eat lots of cookies, Mara." Papa said as if reading my mind. I nodded although I am going to eat hundreds of them. Papa kissed my forehead and mama kissed my cheek. I kissed them both.

"I will miss you, papa and mama." I said sadly.

"We will miss you too, Mara." Papa said. I gently touched mama's tummy.

"I will miss you too, baby brother/sister. I will keep some cookies for you. I love you." I said and placed a kiss on her tummy. Papa opened the door and I walked into grandma's open hands.

"Grandma." I screamed and hugged her. I waved at mama and papa as their car drove past us.

"My sweet baby." She said and kissed my cheek. I looked back at the empty spot where my parents car stood a few minutes ago. Grandma noticed this and lifted me up in her arms.

"There are going to come back before you know, Amy." Grandma said. I nodded and happily walked into the house.

Not knowing that I will never see them again.

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How did this chapter go? Honestly, I don't know what else to write, so I thought why not write about her childhood. I don't know why this book is going in a very slow pace. I can't wait for them to get married.

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