At First Sight

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Chapter |10|

Iyaan's pov

It's been a week since dad dropped the bomb at me. I still cannot believe that I am getting married. Right now, I am sitting in my office burning all my energy looking through the stupid files. I was disturbed by a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said. My personal assistant, whatever her name is, entered my office with a seductive smile. I mentally scoffed in annoyance. What the hell does she want now?

"Good morning, sir." She said smiling at me. I nodded and waited for her to continue.

"Do you need any help, sir? I would mind giving you a hand." She said biting her bottom lip. Okay, I am going to vomit. Does she really think that is is hot or sexy? Then she is utterly wrong.

"Yes, I would like your help by showing yourself out of my office."I said coldly. Her smile slightly faltered but she took a step forward. I looked at her confused. She walked around the desk and stood beside my office chair on which I was tiredly leaning. Her index finger touched my arm and honestly, I was taken aback. Her fingers started trailing down my arms and that's when I snapped out of the trance and held her wrist in my hand.

"I can make you feel better. Let me help you." She said seductively. For a moment, I wished that she was a man so that I can break her fucking jaw. My hold on her wrist tightened and I looked at her with most coldest look I could muster up.

"One, I can take care of myself and I don't need your fucking help. Two, you are fired." I said letting go of her wrist and stepping back. She looked at me shocked.

"I don't like repeating myself. Please show yourself out, right now." I said. She numbly walked out slamming the door. I don't regret firing her. She tried to behave inappropriately with her boss. I sat on my chair and closed my eyes, running my hand through my hair. I sighed tiredly.



I attended the call and held my phone against my ear, only to move to away due to a very excited voice.

"Bro, I am coming back. I have a lot of things to say to you. Hawaii was best, bro. I bought gifts for you too. What are you not excited to see me?" Charan screamed. Goodness! I don't even know why I am tolerating him.

"I am ecstatic to see you." I said with fake happiness. Honestly, he is annoying but I can't kill him because unfortunately he is my best friend.

"I knew you couldn't even spent a month without seeing me. Anyways bro, see you tomorrow." He said and ended the call. I sighed and placed my phone on the table.

It was 12 am when I left the office. I went straight to my home and laid on the couch without even removing my suit coat. I woke up around 11 pm. I was glad it was Sunday. I made the only thing I knew to make and that was bread toast and coffee. I usually spent my Sunday in my parents house since I moved out.

Today, however, my best friend was coming back. He has visited my family once. He tagged along with me during our Christmas break in Australia and we together visited my parents. His parents are the type of workaholics who doesn't even have the time to look after their children. So, when my mom started treating him warmly and lovingly, he started treating her like his mother.

I drove to my parents house wearing casual dress, that is, t-shirt and pants. I parked my car next to my dad's and rang the doorbell. My mom opened the door with a smile.

"Hi, baby boy." Mom said causing me to groan at the name.

"Please, mom, stop calling me that. I am 23 years old and not a baby anymore. " I said.

"No matter how old you are, you will always be my baby." She said kissing my cheek as I hugged her. We both walked inside and I sat on couch with dad who had a bored expression on his face.

"Hi dad." I said. He looked at me and a smile made its way to his face.

"Hi buddy." He said, placing his phone away.

"How is everything going?" He asked.

"Well everything is okay except I tired my PA yesterday." I said.

"Why? Shikha was good and qualified for her job." Dad said. So her name is Shikha.

"Well she doesn't know how to behave with her boss."I said. Dad nodded and we chatted for a bit. Mostly talking about work. That's exactly when he dropped another bomb on me.

" Iyaan, we have decided the final date for the marrage. Next month 20th. "Dad said. I felt like my heart just dropped. I know I said yes and all but getting married in a month is crazy. But before I can say anything. My best friend bragged into the house like a mad man screaming on top of his lungs.

" Aunty. "Charan yelled. My mom rushed from the kitchen with a scared look on his face.

" Goodness! This boy. "Mom said hugging him which he returned. I think mom loves him more than me.

" I missed you, aunty. "He said kissing my mom's cheek.

" Why does everyone like her more than me? "Dad asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

" Because I am way cooler than you, old man. "Mom said. Dad scoffed clearly disagreeing with mom.

" What? You have any doubt in it? "Mom asked glaring at dad. If looks could kill dad would be 6 feet under the ground.

" No, of course not. You are the cool one, okay? "Dad said with a nervous laugh. Mom can be scary at times. Mom smiled and flipped her hair before walking into the kitchen Charan bit his lip to stifle a laughter but failed terribly. He started laughing and tears leaked his eyes.

" I am cooler than her, though." Dad muttered. I started laughing after hearing that.

"Stop it you two. You don't know how scary that woman I call wife can be." Dad said fake shivering.

"You will understand once you get married." Dad said. Charan wiped his tears and hugged my dad.

"I missed you, uncle." He said. My dad smiled and hugged him back.

"I missed you too, Charan. So, how was your world tour?" Dad asked pulling away from the hug. Charan hugged me next which I returned. Though he is annoying, I like him.

"It was amazing, uncle. You should have seen Hawaii. Goodness! French girls are damn hot and beautiful." He said dreamily. Charan is really a blunt person. He doesn't care who he talks to he just says what comes to his mind. For example, who talks about hot girls to their friend's father, well Charan does.

"French girls are-" Dad started saying but got interrupted by a confused voice.

"French girls are what?" Mom asked coming from kitchen.

"Err. French girls are pale?" Dad said but it came out as a question. Mom looked confused but let it slide and handed a cup of water to Charan. Mom walked back into the kitchen and dad let out a sign of relief.

"Pale? Seriously dad?" I asked.

"What? That's all I could come up with at that moment." He said.

"Where is Iyla?" Charan asked. That's when I realised I haven't seen her till now. What a great brother.

"She went to her friend's house for group study." Dad said. Charan nodded.

"By the way, when did you return back from your world trip?" Dad asked.

"Today early morning. I went straight to my apartment and slept and then I thought of visiting my best friend and his family." He said. Dad smiles and nodded. The rest of the afternoon was spent with us all talking about random things. Charan and I decided to leave when it 4pm. After saying goodbye to my parents, Charan and I decided to spent the rest of the night together. So, our next stop was the nightclub. I parked my car in the VIP parking lot and Charan parked next to me.

"Let's get wasted bro." Charan yelled as we entered the club filled with people and blasting music. We walked to the VIP section.

"What can I get you?"The bartender asked.

"Rum for me."Charan said. The bartender looked at me for my order.

" Scotch. "I said. The bartender nodded his head and walked away to get our orders.

"So how is life?" Charan asked. I sighed.

"Well a lot has happened in this one month." I said as the bartender placed our drinks. I gulped down my drink in one go.

"Woah, slow down man." Charan said gulping down his drink in one go.

"Woah, slow down, man."I mocked him. Let's just say a few more scotch and rum later, we both were really drunk.

" I am getting married. "A runk me said.

"Congratulations." A very drunk Charan said cheerfully before he passed out.


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