At First Sight

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Chapter |11|

Iyaan's pov

"Congratulations." The very drunk Charan said cheerfully before he passed out.

"Wake up." I said poking him in the cheek. He didn't even move. Why did I even agree to this when I knew that he is going to pass out in the club? I can't drive as I am drunk, so I called Lucky.

"Hello?" Lucky said as she attended my call.

"Hey Luce, pick me up. Charan passed out. I am going to pass out. Hurry up!" I slurred.

"Where the hell are you guys?" She asked but before I could answer, Charan who was passed out a few minutes ago took my phone from my hand.

"Club. You want me to spell it, baby. It is c-l-u-p. No sorry it is b, right? Or p? Who knows just pick us up." He slurred, handing the phone to me before gulping down another drink.

"Idiots, say the name of the club. Iyaan?I am not doing this. Why am I even friends with you idiots?" She said. After saying her the club name and promising her not to drink anymore, I waited with a passed out Charan. It was probably 12 or 1 am and the club was still filled with people.

" Goodness! How much did you drink? "A very familiar voice asked. I turned to see Lucky.

" Infinity. "I said and laughed.

" Okay, big boy. Help me carry Charan, will you? "She asked.

" Why will I help you marry him? "I slurred.

" Goodness! Not marry. I said carry. C-a-r-r-y. "She said and walked over to Charan. Let's just say, somehow she carried two drunk man to the car.

The next morning, I woke up with a the headache. By headache, I mean, a head splitting one. I sat up with great difficulty and held my head in my hands. I don't remember much from last night. I think I passed out after Lucky helped me into the car. I was now sitting on the couch in Lucky's living room where I slept last night. I turned my head to see Charan in another couch, still asleep.

" Good morning." A very cheerful said. I looked up to see Lucky with a smile. How can she be so cheerful? Oh yes she can be cheerful because she didn't fucking drink like me.

"Morning." I mumbled. She handed me a glass of water and extended a tablet to me.

"Take it. It will help with the headache." She said. I took without a second thought and drank the water.

"What happened yesterday?" I asked as I leaned back on the couch.

"Well, nothing new. You both got drunk and you called me. I came to a club filled with drunk and sweaty people at 1am to find my friends. I then found my idiot friends and you know what? One of them was passed out on the table while the other one was sitting there like an idiot. "She said. I was about to open my mouth and apologise but she held her right hand to stop me. I closed my mouth and looked at her.

"I am not done yet. So, as I was saying, one of them was drunk and the other one was sitting like an idiot. Anyways I carried two men who are twice my size to my car and you passed out in the car. With great difficulty, I dumped you both in the couch. That's what happened yesterday. "She said glaring at me and Charan who was still sleeping. I opened my mouth to speak but this time I was interrupted by a groan that was soon followed by an 'ouch'. Lucky turned and I got a better view of Charan who was now lying on the floor with his head in his hand.

"I am never drinking again." He said groaning in pain.

"That's what you said last time." Lucky said as she walked into the kitchen. She came and handed a tablet and a glass of water to Charan. Suddenly, Charan started laughing. Both I and Lucky looked at him confused.

"Bro, I had this weird dream. It was hilarious." He said in between his laughter.

"What was it?" Lucky asked him curiously.

"It was so weird and funny. I dreamt of Iyaan telling me he is getting married." He said and burst out into another fits of laughter. Lucky had a blank expression on her face.

"Come on, guys, that's the best joke you have heard in years, right?" He asked still laughing like a hyena.

"It would have been the greatest joke if it was a dream and if I wasn't really getting married." I said. Charan stilled and Lucky looked at me with a shocked expression.

"What?" Charan breathed out.

"I am getting fucking married." I spat.

"Who is the girl? You in love, bro? I am hurt that you didn't tell me but never mind who is she?" He asked sitting on the couch. Lucky also sat beside him waiting for my answer.

"Love? It's a fucking arranged marriage." I snapped.

"Iyaan you are not in love and as far as I know, you are not at all interested in a relationship because you turned down every single girl that hit on you. So, what's wrong?" Lucky asked.

"I am just 23, Luce. I am ready for a commitment especially, a life long commitment." I said truthfully. I don't think I am ready for this.

"Well, congratulations. At least I won't be the only girl in this group." Lucky said happily.

"Congratulations ,man. Well, I can't wait to meet your wife. " Charan said. I looked at the two people I call as my friends with a shocked expression.

"How about we celebrate this?" Charan asked.

"Well, I am still tired from the celebration we did last night." I said.

"And I am still tired from carrying two hulk like men." Lucky said glaring at us.

"It's pure muscle, baby. Wanna touch it?" Charan asked showing his biceps.

"No thank you. I have seen better. " Lucky said. I chuckled.

"Anyways, I have to see my dad and talk to him. I leaving now." I said standing up. I want to talk to dad about my marriage. I wanted to keep this marriage secret from the media and people. I am ready to marry her but I am not ready to publicly bring it out. I need some time for that.

" By the way, how are you going to go?" Lucky asked.

"My car." I said.

"Which is in the club you were yesterday." Lucky said.

"Oh shit! I will the driver and ask him to bring the car." I said and dialled the driver's number.

"Good morning, sir." My driver said.

"Good morning. I need you take my car from the club in the 2nd street and pick me from my friends house. I will share my location with you now." I said.

"Yes sir. I will there within half an hour." He said.

"Okay." I said and ended the call.

"Come on, I prepared breakfast. Let's eat." Lucky said.

"Let's eat. I am starving." Charan said. We had breakfast together while talking and laughing about our college days. I missed them.

The driver came soon after I had the breakfast and he drove to my house. I went straight to my room, took a bath and got ready for office. I wore my suit and styled my hair before. I took my laptop and phone and rushed to my car. The driver took me to office and I walked straight into dad's cabin. I knocked on the door and heard a 'come in'. I entered his cabin and he looked at me with a small smile.

"Good morning, son." He said. I smiled.

"Good morning, dad." I said.

"Someone looks like they had a major hangover. I guess the celebration went a little too overboard." He said.

"Yep a bit too overboard that I passed out." I said. Dad shook his head and smiled.

"Well, dad I want to talk to you about the marriage." I said. Dad's turned serious. He nodded me to continue.

"I would like to keep this marriage to ourselves for a while." I said. Dad looked at me confused.

"What do you mean keep it to ourselves ?"He asked.

"Dad, I would like this marriage to be small and private. I am not ready to publicly announce that I am getting married. "I said.

"Iyaan, I understand but your mom is already planning on calling the whole world for her son's wedding." Dad said. I know they want my wedding to be grand, especially mom. I am going to make her sad but I hope she understands my situation.

"Dad ,I know that mom wants my marriage to be grand but I need more time to publicly announce my marriage ." I said .Dad nodded .

"I understand, Iyaan. I will talk to your mom." He said with a small smile.

"Thanks dad." I said with a smile and left his cabin and walked to mine.

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