At First Sight

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Chapter |12|

Amaira's pov

Finally, the day has arrived. It is the day of my marriage. I was free from all the abuse for the past month because of my marriage and two weeks ago, they started providing me food three times a day. I have gained some weight and I look more healthy. I don't know why they gave me food but my guess is because of my marriage.

I don't want to get married to a person who only wants to use my body for his pleasure. I know that is the only reason Karthik wants to marry me. I wanted to just run away from here but I can't. My aunt is in the room along with a makeup artist who is applying something on my face. I was trying hard to control my tears. I don't want to get married to him. Life with him will never be better than the life I am living right now.

"Your dress is on the bed. Make sure she looks beautiful." My aunt said to the makeup artist and left the room. After an hour, my makeup was done and the makeup artist left the room. I walked to the bed and saw my wedding dress kept on the bed. It was a dark red dress.

It was beautiful but I was not looking forward to wear it because like other girls I was not marrying the one I like or love. I was getting married to the person I hate. A person who tried to force himself on me. I was getting married for the profit of my uncle's company. They are exchanging me like an object.

"Are you ready?" My aunt asked poking her head inside. I nodded with my eyes cast on the floor. She entered the room with her husband and stood in front of me. My uncle held my forearm tightly and I winced in pain.

"Listen here, you are never telling him about what we had done to you unless you want me to kill you. He should never see those bruises because he will be digusted and will sent you back to us and I don't want that to happen, do I make myself clear?" He asked tightening his hold on me.

"Y-es s-ir." I stuttered.

"Do everything he asks you to do, okay? Do everything to please him. Don't make him sent you home after two days due to your behavior. I don't care what you do, but this deal is very important for the company and you should make sure that they don't back away. "Aunt said. I nodded. Uncle left my hand and adjusted his dress and nodded to my aunt as he walked out of the room.

" Why are you looking like you are about to cry? You are marrying a man from a very rich family. You should be happy that he is marrying a worthless girl like you." She said and held my hand, almost dragging me out of the room to the mandap. Tears filled my eyes but I didn't let them fall. Her emotionless face suddenly morphed into a fake happy one.

"Wipe your tears." She said. I did as she told. Priyanka aunty opened the door to the mandap and we both started walking. I didn't dare to raise my eyes and look at the crowd. All I could hear was slight whispers and gasps. She walked me to the mandap and sat me next to my soon to be husband. I was about to break down and cry like a baby but suddenly a hand touched my shoulder in the most gentle way. I still flinched slightly.

"Don't cry, Amaira." The familiar motherly voice told me. I turned my head only to meet with Roopitha aunty's warm brown eyes. She had a small smile on her face. What is she doing here? I am confused. I nodded and looked at the small crowd of people that came to this marriage but quickly averted my eyes to the ground out of my habit. I don't think these habits will change. I will always stutter when I speak, I will always flinch when someone will touch and I will never be able to look into a person's eyes and talk. I will always be a broken and worthless girl.

The pandit started reciting mantras and the hall turned quiet. The hall was small but decorated beautifully. Only a few number of people were invited.

"The bride's dad should do the next rituals." The pandit said. Bride's dad. My dad. I wish he was here. He wouldn't have let anyone touch me. He wouldn't have forced me to marry someone for his company gain. I would have been safe with him. Tears fell from my eyes thinking of my parents.

"I am her uncle. Her father passed away. I will do everything because I treat her like my own daughter." My uncle said looking at me with a fake loving look. The pandit gave him betel leaf and my uncle placed it on Karthik's hand then he took my hand and placed it on Karthik's hand. I didn't even dare to look up because I know as soon as I see Karthik's lust-filled eyes, I will cry. I am shocked that till now Kartik didn't try to touch me. It was so unlike him.

After reciting a few more mantras, the pandit handed the sacred thread ( mangalsutra) to Karthik. He stood up and placed the chain around my neck and started tying it. Something in me, made me look up and as cheesy as it sounds, the time paused and my breath hitched. It was not Karthik.

It was not at all Karthik. It was the man that I bumped into a month back, who I was later introduced as Roopitha aunty's son. Why am I marrying him? Wasn't I supposed to marry Karthik? I couldn't take my eyes of the man who was tying the sacred thread around my neck. He was gorgeous. Suddenly, his eyes met mine. He stared at me for hardly two seconds and sat down beside me.

We exchanged the garland and the wedding rings. The wedding rings were beautiful. It was platinum rings. His ring was plain but mine had diamonds on them. I don't know whether to be happy or sad? All I know is I am relieved that it's not Karthik.

We were then asked to take the seven steps around the fire by holding our hands. The 7 steps also known as the 7 vows or 7 pheras in a Hindu wedding are taken to symbolize the bride and groom's commitment to each other, to their future children, with blessings for peace, health, friendship, and loyalty. These steps show respect and love for each of their families My husband held his hand out and I placed my hand on his. My hands look so small in his large ones.

First, we took the blessing of Roopitha aunty and Adith uncle. Roopitha aunty hugged me and kissed my cheek. Adith uncle kissed my forehead and hugged his son, which is now my husband. Next, we took the blessing of my uncle and aunt. My aunt had fake tears in her eyes and she hugged me a little too tightly which caused me to flinch.

"Remember what I said?" My uncle whispered into my ear with a fake smile. I nodded. I am finally escaping from my demons.

I don't know what the future holds for me but I hope it is much better than my past.

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