At First Sight

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Chapter |13|

Iyaan's pov

The day finally arrived.

A month didn't take long to pass. I was getting married today. Dad convinced mom to keep this marriage away from the public until I am ready. Charan and Lucky were the only people I invited. Never in a million years did I think that I would be in a situation like this. I don't even know the name of the girl I am marrying. Dad did ask me if I want to meet her but I said no. Suddenly, the door opened.

"Iyaan. I missed you." Ameya, my cousin sister said as she hugged me. I hugged her back softly, not wanting to hurt her baby bump.

"I missed you too, Ameya. How are you? Where is your Harsha?" I asked. Harsha is her husband. Even though he and Ameya are a year elder than me, I still call them by their names.

"He is talking to my dad." Ameya said.

"Iyaan." Adithya uncle is my dad's elder brother. He hugged me and returned it.

"How are you, uncle? Where is aunty?" I asked.

"Gossiping with your mom, probably." He said and I laughed.

"Where is grandpa?" I asked. I haven't seen grandpa in a long time.

"You know, how dad has been since..." Adithya uncle trailed off. I nodded quickly trying to forget about the day she left us.

"Dad said he will be back next week." Adithya uncle said and I nodded.

"Iyaan, finally decided to join the married men category?" Harsha asked as he hugged me. I laughed and pulled away from the hug.

"Harsha, I am hungry." Ameya said.

"Of course you are." He said and Ameya's eyes started to water. Everyone looked at her shocked.

"Why are you crying, love?" Harsha asked. Ameya cried more.

"Okay, I am sorry if I said something wrong. Can you please stop crying?" Harsha asked frantically.

"I don't know why I am crying." Ameya said.

"Oh." Harsha said. Ameya looks at him angrily.

"Oh? That's all your going to say? Dad, did you hear him? Did he say 'oh'? I can't believe you!" Ameya said angrily. I and Adithya uncle stood there awkwardly looking at the now fighting couple.

"What do you want me to do?" Harsha asked. Adithya uncle facepalmed himself. Even though I have never been in a relationship, I knew that was a very bad question to ask in this situation.

Ameya looked furious but didn't say anything. She simply shook her head and walked out of the room. Harsha still had a confused look on his face. Damn! He is so stupid.

"What did I do?" Harsha asked. Both I and Adithya uncle gave him a 'are you stupid' look.

"You are an idiot." I said.

"Tell me how to apologize to her. I don't want to sleep on the couch tonight." Harsha said.

"Harsha, boy, what did you do to Ameya? She is crying there." My dad said as he entered the room.

"Well, Ameya started crying all of a sudden hand I asked her what is wrong. She said that she doesn't know the reason why she was crying. I replied by saying 'oh'. She looked at me angrily and asked if that's all I am going to say. I honestly didn't know what to do, so I asked her. She suddenly became furious and walked out of the room. "Harsha said.

"I still don't understand why she is with you after all of these. " Adithya uncle said. Dad and I chuckled while Harsha still had a confused look on his face.

"Harsha, you better not be the reason why my pregnant daughter is crying." Lekha aunty said coming into the room with my mom right behind her.

"Umm, well, you see mom, ehh, I -" But he was cut off by Lekha aunty.

"Goodness! Iyaan, you are getting married. Time flies so fast, I still remember you running naked all around the house on your third birthday." Lekha aunty said. I groaned and I am sure the tip of my ears turned red as well due to embarrassment.

"Oh! I remember that. He was stark naked in front of around 50 people." Mom said. Everyone laughed. God! This is so embarrassing.

"Mom, please." I begged her to stop embarrassing me.

"What?" Mom asked innocently.

"Roopa, stop embarrassing him. Why do you have to say about things like how he peed on the bed when he was 7 and blamed it on Iyla?" Dad asked innocently. Everyone burst out laughing.

"Dad? I feel betrayed. You are supposed to be on my side." I said.

"Alright, time to get you married. Let's go." Mom said. Everyone including mom walked out. It was just dad and me, now. Dad hugged me and I hugged him back.

"You grew up fast, buddy. I still can't believe my son is going to get married. I love you, son and I am proud of what you have become always remember that. Dad and mom will always love you no matter what." Dad said. He pulled away from the hug and smiled. I am lucky to save such loving and supporting parents.

" I know dad. "I said.

"Mom always said that she wanted to see your marriage. I wish she was here to bless you. "Dad said with a sad smile.

" I miss her dad. "I said. My dad's mom, my grandma, she was the grandma every child wishes to have and I was extremely lucky to have her. Even though she loved all of her grandchildren equally I was her favorite. She died when I was 18. She took her last breathe right in my hands. I miss her so damn much.

"I know." Dad said.

"It's time." Mom said peeking her head through the door. Dad nodded and we walked into the mandap. The pandit was reciting some mantras and I sat on the mandap in Indian style. As per my request, there were only about 20 people. I saw Charan and Lucky and I smiled at them. Charan waved and Lucky mouthed 'handsome' at me. I mouthed a 'thank you' back.

A few more minutes later, the bride was brought to the mandap. I didn't look at my soon to be wife at all. After chanting a few more mantra's, the pandit asked for the bride's father.

"I am her uncle. Her father passed away. I will do everything because I treat her like my own daughter." A man around dad's age who is my soon to be wife's uncle said. The pandit gave him betel leaf and her uncle placed it on my hand then he took my soon to be wife's hand and placed it mine. For the first time, I looked at her. Her face was bowed down, small strands of hair falling from her perfectly tied bridal bun. She didn't dare look up for some odd reason.

After reciting a few more mantras, the pandit handed the sacred thread ( mangalsutra) to me. I stood up and placed the chain around her neck and started tying it. My fingers slightly brushed her bare neck. Suddenly, my wife looked at me.

She looked familiar. I have seen her somewhere. I remember I saw her at the charity ball. She bumped into me and later mom introduced me to her. Our eyes locked for a second. I quickly averted my eyes and sat beside her. We exchanged the garland and the wedding rings.

After that, a cloth was placed on my shoulder, and then the other end of it was tied to my wife's dress. The pandit asked us to hold hands and take seven steps around the fire. I held my hand out and she placed her tiny hand on my mine. She probably looks tiny when she stands beside me. She is so skinny and is shorter than me. I am 6'1 while she is probably 5'4 or 5'5 feet tall.

We were then asked to take the blessing of my parents. I bent down and took the blessing of dad while my wife took the blessing of my mom. Dad hugged me after blessing me and whispered a small 'thank you' in my ear. I then took the blessing of my mom who after blessing me, kissed my cheek.

Next, we took the blessing of her uncle and aunt. Her aunt had tears in her eyes as she hugged her niece. She is lucky to have an uncle and aunt who treat her like their own daughter. We then signed the documents to legally register our marriage.

"Okay, Iyaan. Time to leave." Dad said.

"Okay, dad. I will visit you on Sunday as usual." I said.

"We." Mom said pointing to my wife.

"Yeah, of course, we." I said. Mom hugged me.

"Take care of Amaira, Iyaan." She whispered in my ear. I nodded. After saying bye to all our relatives, I and Amaira entered my grey Porsche and the driver drove to my house.


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How did it go? Well, now you know who he misses. It's not his ex-girlfriend or his first love. Although I thought of writing something like that then I thought no need for that ex-girlfriend drama and stuff.

Just a heads up, you are going to hate Iyaan for the next few chapters. He is going to be an idiot. I can't wait for them to fall in love but I know it's not going to happen soon. Please don't expect Iyaan to be like Adi. Adi is a sweetheart while Iyaan is an idiot. You guys are going to cry so much in this story.

Do like and comment.

See you guys soon.

Love you. Muuaaa......

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