At First Sight

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Chapter |15|

Iyaan's pov

I woke up around 6am which is earlier than I wake up other days. I took a bath and got ready for office. I was drying my hair when I noticed the ring on my finger. I can't believe I got married yesterday. Amaira is honestly beautiful but I am not ready for a commitment and so I wanted to take it slow. I am thinking about starting off as friends and then after getting to know each other, we can move to the next stage. I took the wedding ring off and placed it on the nightstand. After 30 minutes, I was ready. I walked into the kitchen made a coffee. Luckily, I had some apples which turned out to be my breakfast for today.

I walked out of the house straight into my car. Within 15 minutes, I was in my office. As usual, I started doing my work. My work load increased since I fired my PA. I was casually looking through some files when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." I said. A woman around 25 years entered my office. She was professional dressed which I appreciate. I have seen her a couple of times in the office.

"Good morning, sir. The CEO Madan companies sent these files." She said.

"Yes, thank you." I said. I was confused because I don't know why they sent me their files. She nodded and walked out.

I took the file and opened it. I was going threw the file when I noticed that their financial status and business deals declined rapidly in the last few months. They lost a lot of deals that they are almost at the verge of shutting down the company. Most of their business partners are owners of small companies. Only the Dinesh Corporations can be considered a great alliance for them. I decided to call dad and ask him about this.

"Hello?" Dad said through the phone.

"Hi dad." I said.

"Iyaan? Are you in the office?"He asked.

" Yes, I am. I actually wanted to ask you about a very important-" Before I could finish dad interrupted me.

" You got married yesterday. You are supposed to be with your wife. Your going back home, right now. "Dad said sternly.

"Fine dad but I wanted to you about why I have the files of Mandan Companies on my table?" I asked.

"Well, they are our new business partners." Dad said.

"But dad they are the verge of closing down." I said, confused as to why dad would form a alliance with a company that is about to shut down.

"Iyaan that's the reason I made them our business partner." Dad said. Suddenly, everything became clear for me. Madan Companies are at the verge of shutting down and the only way they can prevent it is with the help of a huge company like ML Companies and the way to become our business partner was to make me marry their neice. It was easy since my wife was already loved by my parents. She is deceiving bitch!

"You there Iyaan?" Dad asked. I pushed away the thought and cleared my throat.

"Yes dad but I gotta go." I said hurriedly. I wanted fucking kill the woman that I got married to. I literally ran out of office and drove to my house. The security opened the gates and I drove past him. I got out of the car and slammed the door shut.

"Amaira." I yelled as soon as I entered the house. She came into the living room looking so innocent that I wanted strangle her. I clenched my hands in order to control myself.

"Why the fuck did you marry me?" I yelled. My voice cold and venomous. She flinched at my tone. I want to fucking kill her.

"pl-ea-se ca-lm do-wn." She stuttered and took a step back. Oh! What a great actor!

"Stop fucking stuttering and answer the damn question." I yelled. She started crying. I am not here to see her crocodile tears. I am not a fool for falling at her fake tears.

"Was it for money? Of course it is, isn't it? You married me for preventing your uncle's company from shutting down, didn't you?" I asked. What kind of sick people marries a person for money? Doesn't she have some self respect?

"Do gold diggers like you have a heart? My parents think that you are the perfect wife for me. They trusted you. How could you?" I said holding her forearm tightly. She manipulated my parents in thinking that she is innocent and perfect. She still hasn't said anything other than fake crying.

"Yo-u a-re hur-ting me." She said looking at me with eyes filled with tears. I felt a tug in my heart as I saw the hurt and fear in her eyes. She was scared of me but I didn't calm down I just let my anger take over. Something in me says that she is innocent but I don't think that's true. Why would she even marry a person without seeing them? No woman would do that. She just married me for my fucking money.

"I should fucking kill you for ruining my life. You are disgusting." I said and let go of her forearm. She just started crying harder. For some reason, I hated to see her like this. I just wanted to wipe her tears and take care of her.

She just married you for money. I reminded myself.

"Just so you know, I will fucking make your life a hell for deceiving my parents and me." I said, before I walked away from me to the front door. I slammed the door shut and got in my car. I don't know what to do. Should I divorce her? Should I tell my parents? No, no, they will so heartbroken if they will know about this. What am I going to do? I can't tell my parents? Maybe after a year I can divorce and say that the marriage didn't work out?

I need a drink.

Hey guys,

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It's going to be one hell of a ride from here, so buckle up Guys. Please don't hate me for the things I am going to do next. Also I won't be able to update for the next two weeks since my exams are starting this Friday.

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