At First Sight

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Chapter |17|

Amaira's pov

It's been four days since Iyaan said all those things to me. It hurt so much. Every word he said felt like a stab in my heart. However, I was still worried about him. I prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner for him on all four days but he never came to the house. I am not a fan of food. I only eat two times a day which is lunch and dinner because it is very rare to find any leftovers after breakfast at my uncle's house.

My lunch and dinner at my uncle's house were porridge. So, it's been almost years since I ate other food. Now, I can cook myself and eat any food I want but I can't. I cannot even eat a whole slice of bread because my stomach gets full when I eat just half of it. So, I thought it is better to continue my old routine of food. That is, no breakfast and porridge for lunch and dinner.

It was about 4 pm now and I was bored out of my mind. In my uncle's house, I would be mostly doing household chores most of the day but here, I don't have much work to do. All I have to do is make food. There was a TV but I don't want to use it without the permission of Iyaan. What if he doesn't like me using his stuff without permission? Although, it's been more than 7 years since I last watched TV because as I grew my chores increased so did the abuse.

The first time they hurt me was when I was 10 about a week after my grandma's death. It was because I accidentally pushed Deliha and she fell. That was starting of the abuse. They slapped me for the first time in my life. The doorbell bought me out of my thoughts. Oh my God! Who could it be? Is it Iyaan? Is he still angry? Is he going to send me back to my uncle's house? I wiped my sweaty palms on my dress and walked towards the door. I slowly opened it and was met with two friendly yet exciting faces.

"Hi." The woman whom I have seen with Iyaan at the charity ball said with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Hi." I said shyly. I mentally patted myself for not stuttering.

"She is so cute!" The man that was behind the woman said. I blushed and they laughed.

"I am Lekisha but you can call me Lucky and this idiot is Charan. We are Iyaan's friends. " She said.

"I am Amaira." I said with a small smile. I again mentally appreciated myself for not stuttering. I suddenly realized that they were still standing outside.

"Oh! I am sor-ry, ple-ase co-me in. It w-as really bad of m-e to make you sta-nd out-side. I ju-st hope y-ou for-give me fo-r wh-at I did. I assure yo-u it won't hap-pen again.... " I rambled on as I opened the door wide for them to come in.

"Hey, hey, slow down. There is no need to apologize. We have dealt with worse than standing outside for a few minutes. One time, Iyaan has kicked me out of the house too. So, this is nothing." Charan said smiling at me. I nodded and smiled.

"You are the cutest person I have ever met. I like you already." Lekisha said. I blushed again.

"I am hungry." Charan said.

"You had lunch like two hours ago." Lekisha said. Charan looked at her in disbelief.

"Two hours. It's been two hours since I hate. That's a long time." Charan said.

"I will get you something to eat." I said. I strangely feel comfortable around them. I don't even stutter that much in front of them.

"Really? I disown you as my best friend. Amaira is my new best friend." Charan said. I smiled at his childish behavior and walked into the kitchen.

I made him a veg sandwich which he ate like he was starved for months.

"It is sooo gooood." He said and took another bite of the sandwich.

"Eat slowly idiot. You will choke on food." Lekisha said. Charan rolled his eyes and walked out of the kitchen with the plate of sandwiches in his hand.

"Hold on, where is Iyaan?" Lekisha asked. My start beat starting increasing at her question. What will I tell her?

"He went to office. It was an emergency." I lied. Lucky looked angry.

"How could he that idiot? I am going to kill him when he comes home." She said and right on the cue the door opened.

"What a perfect timing! I am going to kick his butt." Lucky said and walked out of the kitchen. I was scared to meet him. What if he hurts me physically? That thought sent shivers down my spine. I didn't have the courage to see him, so I stayed in the kitchen. I started cleaning the dishes that I used for making the sandwich and placed the packet of bread on the kitchen cabinet when I saw a packet of instant popcorn.

I made it for no reason and transferred it into a bowl. As I was ready to walk out of the kitchen, Iyaan entered. I averted my eyes quickly and looked at the floor. I heard him walk closer to me and I looked at him but when I saw the anger in his eyes, I averted my gaze.

The next few things he said to me hurt me. I couldn't control my tears. When he called me a gold digger, I felt my heart break. I wanted to shout from the top of my lungs that I am not a gold digger but he would never believe me. He will think that I am acting for his money. I don't want his money. I only want a person who will love me and care for me.

When he moved closer to me and lifted my chin and looked straight into my eyes. My breath hitched. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to run my hand along his stubble that covered his defined jawline. He was breathtaking. He was tall and muscular with a broad chest and shoulder. His thick black hair neatly styled and His casual look gave him a boyish look.

He slightly raised his hand and I flinched. He looked at me confused but then he grabbed my face and wiped my tears with the pad of his thumb. His touch was gentle and comforting. The thought that he cares for me made my heart flutter but it didn't last long.

"My friends are looking at us from behind the pillar. Don't look there. Just smile and act happy in front of them." He said. I nodded as my eyes filled with tears and he moved away from me. I suddenly missed his touch. He held his hand out for me. I looked at him. He gave me a stern look and I placed my hand in his. We walked out of the kitchen with our hands intertwined.

Lekisha did interrogate us when she saw my tear-stained face but she was convinced by Iyaan's lie that I miss my uncle and aunt. I don't miss them and I definitely don't want to go back there.

" Okay, how about we watch a movie? "Lekisha suggested. I and Iyaan nodded.

" I wof lof to. "Charan said with a mouth full of popcorn.

" Don't talk with food in your mouth. "Lekisha scolded him. Charan stuck his tongue out at her and ran into the living room.

"How about we watch a horror movie? "Lekisha asked as we walked into the living room. It's been years since I last watched a film. I think the last time I watched TV was when I was 11.

"No, no horror movie, please. "Charan said with a frightened expression.

" Horror movie it is. "Lucky said switching on the TV.

" No, please. How about we watch a less scary movie like The Lion King? "Charan asked nervously laughing.

"Aww! Is my baby Chuchu scared?" Lekisha asked in a baby voice pinching Charan's cheeks. He slapped her hands away and crossed his hands across his chest.

"I am not scared. I was just being nice and protecting you from having sleepless nights by watching a horror movie. I was being a nice friend." Charan said confidently.

"Fine. Let's see who will be having sleepless nights after watching the movie. Also, we need some blankets. " Lekisha said. After getting two large fluffy blankets and some snacks. We were ready to play the movie. Lekisha sat next to Charan. I sat next to her and Iyaan sat next to me. I have never watched a horror film. Is it just a film right?

How scary can it be?

It is scary. It is so scary. Lekisha played a terrifying horror movie. Especially with the lights off. My hand was fisted around the blanket so tightly that my knuckles turned white. Iyaan and Lekisha seem to enjoy the film as they were eating the popcorn and looking at the TV without even blinking their eyes. The only reason I know that not only I was scared is by hearing the occasional screams of Charan.

"Oh! This is bad. The clock struck 12. The ghost is going to come. Switch the TV off. Switch it off, guys." Charan said. I placed my hands in my face and looked between my fingers.

"Here comes the ghost. I am not watching now." Charan said. The main female character slowly opened the door to the darkroom.


"Not watching. Not watching." Charan kept on saying. The female character entered the room and the door closed on its own. The character only has a torch in her hand which suddenly turned off. The screen turned black. Only the sound of her trying it make the torch could be heard.

Suddenly, someone started whispering something on TV. The character moved towards the direction of the sound.

"la la la la la la not even listening." Charan said. Suddenly, the ghost appeared. Charan and I screamed on the top of our lungs. Charan paused the TV and switched on the lights.

"I thought you said you are not scared of horror movies?" Iyaan asked.

"I am not scared. I just hate ghosts. They are ugly." Charan said acting cool. I was still in some kind of shock. I am never watching a horror movie again.

"Are you okay Amaira?" Lekisha asked.

"Ye-ah." I breathed out.

"Resume the movie." Lekisha said.

"No, nope, nopey dopey. Not gonna happen." Charan said. After a long fight between Charan and Lekisha for the remote Lekisha finally kicked him down there and took the remote from him. Lekisha resumed the film and we continued watching. I hid under the blanket most of the time while Charan screamed occasionally. Once the horror movie finished, Lekisha played another one. Halfway through the movie, my eyelids got heavy, and sleep welcomed me which I gladly accepted.

Unknowingly leaning against the warmth of my husband...

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