At First Sight

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Iyaan Malhotra had a perfect life. He was born into a millionaire family and raised as a prince. After staying away from his family for almost 5 years, Iyaan returned to his home. He is ready to take over his father's company and bring it to new heights, but something changed his plans. Amaira Madan was not a normal 21 year old girl, the scars and marks on her body proves it. She has a lot to deal with and her social anxiety doesn't help much. So let's say, marriage was not on her to-do list. A sequel to loving can hurt.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter |1|

Hey guys,

This is the first chapter of At First Sight. It's a sequel to loving can hurt. I suggest you read loving can hurt for a better understanding of the characters. I hope you like this book and show the same love and encouragement you have shown to loving can hurt. This book also contains physical and mild sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts, and social anxiety disorder. I don't suffer from any of these and all the information given in this book about these topics are either from my own imagination or from the internet. I apologize for the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. I will update on every Monday or atleast I will try to. Do like and comment.



Iyaan's pov


I missed this place. The driver was unloading all the luggage from the car while I was staring at the house that I grew up in. It's been 5 years since I left my family and went to Australia for my studies. The front door opened to reveal the face of my dear mother and behind her was my father with a smile on his face.

"Iyaan, how are you? I missed you." My mom, Roopitha said hugging me. I hugged her tightly.

"I missed you too, mom." I said and kissed her cheek.

"Hey, dad." I said hugging him.

"Hey, buddy." My dad, Adith, said pulling away and analyzing my face. My eyebrows furrowed as he continued staring at me.

"Hey, don't furrow your eyebrow, you will get wrinkles early." Mom said poking at my eyebrows.

"I was more handsome than him at this age, right Roopa?" Dad asked.

"Are you jealous of your son, Adi?"Mom asked amused at dad's behavior.

" No, of course not. But still, I was more handsome. "He said.

" You are still handsome. Now come on. "Mom said and dad smiled at her lovingly, satisfied with her answer, and kissed her cheek. I can't take this lovey-dovey stuff, I am outta here. I left the two old lovesick couples outside and entered the house and was tackled into an unexpected hug by my sister.

"Iyaan, I missed you ."Iyla said pulling away from me. Honestly, I missed her but I will never admit it.

"You are still annoying. Damn! Some things never change." I said with a smirk.

" Well, he is back. I thought I lost my arrogant and dumb brother. "Iyla said.

" Did you just call me dumb? "I asked ready to pull her hair and start a fight.

" Yes, I did brother dearest. "She said and smirked at me. Mom and dad entered the house and saw us.

" Oh my goodness! Do you guys still fight? Should I take the wooden spatula? No, never mind, how about the rolling pin? "She asked. Mom has never used the rolling pin, that's a new instrument but a wooden spatula, yes, a lot of times. That thing hurts like hell. We both nodded our head vigorously and sat on the couch like well-disciplined children.

" I see you still have the mama power on them." Dad said. Mama has power over everyone in this house. She is the base of our family. We all depend on her in one way or another. Dad basically can't leave without her. I grew up seeing the love between them. They have their arguments, fights, and disagreements but they make up miraculously within a few minutes. Dad used to tell us about their romantic stories when we were younger. They still love each other even after 25 years of marriage.

"Iyaan, go fresh up and come for dinner." Mom said. I nodded and walked towards my room. I opened the door and my room came to my view. Nothing has changed. My queen-size bed. My painting stuff that is placed in one corner of my room. I love painting. I always have since I was a kid. It helps me relax and think properly. I usually draw sceneries but I have drawn portraits as well but only of one person who holds a special place in my heart. I terribly missed my room.

I walked into my bathroom and took a long relaxing bath. I wore black sweatpants and a random blue tee and exited my room. I walked to the dining room. Dad and Iyla were sitting on the dining table while mom was serving food. I sat beside Iyla.

"Finally, see who decided to show up. You were bathing for 1 hour. " Iyla said and looked at me with one of her eyebrows raised.

"Unlike you, I take a proper bath. Wait, do you even bath?" I said pulling a single strand of her hair. She slapped my hair away.

"Iyaan, leave her alone." Mom said sternly to which I smiled sheepishly.

"Although what you said is true, it's also mean. So stop Iyaan." Dad said. I tried to stifle my laughter. Iyla stuck her tongue out at me.

"Stop being mean, you heartless men." Mom said glaring at both I and dad.

"I knew you guys loved him more than me. I don't know what you see in him. He is an idiot but really dad I didn't expect you to join him in teasing me." Iyla said and walked into the kitchen with her empty plate.

"What? I only said the truth." Dad said rubbing the nape of his neck. Something I and dad do when we are stressed or nervous. Mom continued glaring at us.

"Mom, we were just joking." I said and dad nodded. Mom shook her head and continued eating. I missed these family dinners. Five years was a long time and now I have returned back.

I am finally home.

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