At First Sight

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Chapter |18|

Amaira's pov

I woke around 6 am. I blushed when I realized that I was laying on Iyaan's chest. Lekisha's head was placed on charan's shoulder. Both of them were sleeping peacefully. I quietly walked away without waking them.

I walked into my room and went straight to the bathroom. I striped and sighed when the warm water made contact with my skin. I don't know how long we watched the movies but I slept when we were halfway through the second movie. I dried my hair, as usual, applied makeup to hide my scars. I decided on wearing a comfy dress which is black sweatpants and a dark blue shirt. I applied sindoor and tied my hair to lose ponytail.

I walked straight into the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone while I was making breakfast I saw Iyaan walking into his room. I think Lekisha and Charan are still sleeping so I decided to wake them up. I walked into the living room to see that Lekisha was completely laying on top of Charan. I gently shook Lekisha's shoulder. She groaned and snuggled closer to Charan who was lightly snoring and mumbling something. I leaned forward to hear what he is saying.

"I am hungry. I have to find my ostrich! I need a giant omelet!" He mumbled in his sleep. I put my hand on my mouth to prevent myself from laughing.

"What are you doing?" Iyaan asked from behind me. I screamed as I got startled. Everything happened so quickly. I screamed and Lekisha fell from the couch. Charan stood up suddenly with both his eyes shut tightly. His fingers were held in the form of a cross in front of my face.

"You evil spirit, in the name of God I command you to go to hell. Leave from here." He screamed. I, Iyaan and Lekisha burst out laughing which caused Charan to open his eyes. He just looked at us and blinked his eyes.

He blinked once.

He blinked twice.

He blinked thrice.

" I am hungry. "He said while blinking for the fourth time. We burst out laughing again. I wiped the tears away from my eyes that formed due to the intense laughing.

" Okay that was funny but my whole body hurts. "Lekisha said rubbing her neck.

" Yeah, it happens when four people sleep on a couch. "Charan said stretching his legs and hands.

After that Charan and Lucky walked into different guest rooms to fresh up and change clothes while I was cooking breakfast. As I was making coffee for everyone, Iyaan entered the kitchen dressed in casual clothes looking as gorgeous as always. His hair was slightly wet from his bath and a few strands of hair were fallen on his forehead.

"Coffee?" I asked him softly. He looked at me with cold and emotionless eyes.

"What makes you think that I will drink or eat what you make? Who knows what you add in them to kill me, so that you can just taken away all my money by stating that you are my wife." He said making himself a cup of coffee. I felt my eyes watering at his words. Is it always going to be like this? Is he never going to trust me?

"We are going to my parent's house today. Just do one think for me, look pretty and act as if we are in love." He said. I nodded. He took the bread and the jam from the kitchen cabinet and started spreading the jam on the bread. I wiped my tears and transferred the coffee into two mugs for Charan and Lekisha. Right on cue, they both entered the kitchen.

"Need help, Amaira?" Lekisha asked. I smiled and nodded no. Charan smiled at me and started talking to Iyaan.

"I am helping you set the table anyway." She said.

"We should give her a nickname. " Charan said.

"Good idea." Lekisha said.

"Hey, how about Mai?"Charan asked. I liked it. It sounds cute. I smiled and passed them both their coffee.

"Mai sounds great." Lekisha said taking a sip from her coffee.

"Mai it is." Charan said.

"Hold on, why you making bread and jam when Mai prepared breakfast?" Lekisha asked.

"I am on a diet." Iyaan lied. Charan looked at him weirdly and Lekisha had a unconvinced look on her face.

"Diet? Boy, have you seen yourself? You are like the 80 kgs with pure muscle and you work out everyday, why the heck do you need to diet?" Lekisha asked.

"I am not 80 kgs. I am just 75."Iyaan said. Charan and Lekisha shook their heads. Charan is fit but not as much as Iyaan. Charan had this boyish look while Iyaan looked more mature and intimidating. Soon, we all sat together and had breakfast then Charan and Lekisha decided to leave.

" Okay guys, we are leaving." Charan said hugging Iyaan who returned it. Lekisha's came forward and hugged me gently. I flinched slightly before hugging her back. We pulled away and she looked at me.

"Give me your phone." She said. Phone. I don't have a phone. I never had one. My uncle and aunt thought that I don't deserve one.

"My phone, it br-oke." I lied.

"Broke?" Lekisha asked with a raised eyebrow. I nodded.

"It fell from my hand and the display damaged about a day before the marriage." I said. I can't tell them the truth that I never had a phone because the next question will be why. I can't tell them about what my uncle and aunt did to me. Everyone will hate me and be disgusted by me.

"Oh! Let me know when you get a new phone." Lekisha said smiling at me. I nodded and returned a small smile. Soon they left, leaving me alone with my husband who thinks that I am a gold digger.

"We will be leaving in an hour." He said coldly. I nodded and walked into my room. I locked my room and stood against it.

My husband despises me.

My uncle and aunt loathes me.

My cousins hates me.

Everyone hates me. Everyone is digusted by me. Everyone hurts me.

Do I deserve this?

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