At First Sight

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Chapter |20|

Amaira's pov

The lunch was amazing. Though the food was tasty I could only eat a small portion because if I eat slightly more than my usual portion of food I will vomit. We all are now sitting in the living room talking about random things. Right now, Ameya was telling us how she told Harsha that she is pregnant.

"After I came went back home from hospital with the report that says I am pregnant, I saw Harsha watching SpongeBob." Ameya said and everyone laughed while Harsha blushed at hearing that he was watching SpongeBob.

"Wait, wait. That's not the best part. So, as he was watching SpongeBob, I went and sat next to him. He didn't even take his eyes off the TV. I tapped his shoulder and he looked at me then smiled and again looked at the TV. So, I was really angry and I think it was my pregnancy hormone, I threw the flower vase that was in front of me and then he looked at me confused. He asked what was wrong with me and I said I was pregnant and you know what he asked me next? "She asked. Everyone including me nodded no.

"He asked how. "She said. We all laughed and Iyla fell on the ground holding her stomach.

"Then I had to explain the whole topic of reproduction to him." She said looking at Harsha who had his face hidden in his hand.

"Why did I even marry you?" Harsha asked dramatically throwing his hands in the air.

"Because you love me, duh. " Ameya said. Harsha looked at her and shook his head.

"That I do." He said and smiled at her lovingly.

"Eww! Lovey-dovey crap." Iyla said gagging.

"Oh! I forgot one thing." Mom said suddenly. Adith uncle looked at her confused.

"What did you forget?" He asked.

"I forgot to show Amaira Iyaan's childhood photos." She said excitedly.

"Nooo." Iyaan yelled. I flinched at his loud noise and mom looked at me with concern. I gave her a small smile ensuring her that I am fine.

"Why not?" Mom asked frowning.

"Please, mom. You can't. It's so embarrassing. Please." He begged at her.

"She is your wife. She should know about your childhood. Roopa show Amaira his childhood photos. I don't find anything wrong with it." Adith uncle said grinning. Mom walked upstairs and Iyaan looked at Adith uncle with a look of disbelief.

"What?" Adith uncle asked him innocently. Mom came back with a big album and sat next to me.

"I am going to burn that album." Iyaan said.

"Come anywhere near this album and I will castrate you." Mom said narrowing her eyes at Iyaan.

"Anyway, leave him. Let me show you the childhood photos of Iyaan." Mom said excitedly. Mom showed me a lot of photos of baby Iyaan. He looked so cute with chubby cheeks.

"This is the picture that I took at the end of his first day at school." Mom said showing me a photo of Iyaan around the age of 4. In the photo, he was wearing a uniform and he was covered in mud.

"So, as I said this was taken on the first day of his school. I and Adi dropped him and made him promise that he will behave, however, when I went to pick him up and I was shocked to him completely covered in mud. Turns out that he fought with a boy in the mud." Mom said glaring at Iyaan.

"That's his first fight and from then on, I was continuously called to the school because he always gets into fights. "Mom said shaking her head. I laughed a little.

"Okay, I am really excited to say this story. Goodness!" Mom said showing me the picture of a very naked young Iyaan. I placed my hand over my mouth and laughed.

"No, mom. Not that, please." Iyaan groaned.

"I remember that day. Boy, you were naked in front of about 50 people." Lekha aunty said. I giggled giving back the photo to mom.

"It was on his third birthday and from the time he woke up that day he was continuously saying that he is a big boy and wanted to do everything by himself. At first, I argued with him but then Adi said to let him do whatever he wants and this little boy took his clothes went to his room and closed the door, and said that he is going to get dressed himself. After a few minutes, all the guests arrived and everyone was talking with the guests and welcoming them. Suddenly, Iyaan came running into the living room butt naked with his pants on his hands screaming, "Momma, I can't put this on." And this boy didn't even care that he is standing naked. "Mom said and everyone except Iyaan burst out laughing.

"I was just three. "Iyaan said grumpily.

"Oh! Don't be a party - pooper, brother." Iyla said smirking at Iyaan.

"Okay, mom how about we say embarrassing stories about Iyla?" Iyaan asked smirking back at Iyla.

"That's where you are wrong. I don't do anything embarrassing like you." Iyla said.

"Oh really! How will you justify yourself if I say that I saw you crying while hugging your old teddy bear two months ago?" Iyaan asked raising his eyebrow.

"You traitor, you promised me to keep that a secret." Iyla said and threw herself on Iyaan. She sat on his stomach and started pulling his hair while he tried to push her off. I am sure if someone pushed me like that I would have fallen on the ground. Iyla is healthier and fleshy than me.

Iyaan and Iyla were still fighting and Iyaan somehow got hold of Iyla's hair which was neatly braided.

"Take your hands off me, you traitor." Iyla screamed.

"Stop touching my hair, monkey." Iyaan said. Everyone was talking casually as if this a common thing. Adith uncle was talking to grandpa. Lekha aunty and Adithya uncle were talking about something. Ameya was sleeping on Harsha's shoulder and Harsha was gently rubbing her stomach with his right hand and his left hand was armed around her shoulder. Aww!

Mom was sternly looking at them while I was smiling at their brother-sister bond. I wish I had a chance to experience it. Tears filled my eyes but I continuously blinked my eyes to prevent them from falling. Mom stood up from the couch and walked away before I could ask her where she was going. A minute later she returned with a wooden spoon in her hand. Iyaan and Iyla were still fighting.

Mom walked near them and then the next thing that happened is the wooden spatula making contact with Iyla's arm which caused her to scream and get off Iyaan. Mom didn't even wait for a second and the spatula made contact with Iyaan's thigh.

"Ouch! Ouch!" They both yelled as mom continuously beat them with the wooden spatula.

"Shameless fellows, fighting like babies." Mom said. Iyla hid behind Iyaan who was receiving most of the beatings.

"Mom stop. Please mom, sorry I won't do it again. Stop mom." Iyaan said. It was a shock for me to see the grown-up man begging his mother to stop beating him. I can't believe this is the same Iyaan who said those hurtful things to me.

"Mom please." Iyla said still hiding behind Iyaan. Iyaan suddenly pushed Iyla in front of him and held her in place. So now, Iyaan is hiding behind Iyla is receiving all the beatings.

"Dad help!" Iyla screamed.

"You are on your own kids." Adith uncle said looking at them before continuing his talk with grandpa. The thing that surprised me the most is that everyone else was casually sitting and chatting while I was sitting with wide eyes. Harsha's eyes met mine and he smiled.

" Don't worry about it. This is a normal thing that happens here every time they fight. Even I was dumbstruck the first time I saw it but don't worry you will get used to it." He said.

"Peanut, this is normal here. Don't worry about it, if Iyaan ever gives you some kind of trouble you can say it to Roopa she will take care of it." Adith uncle said. I laughed.

"The next time I see the both of you fighting, I will take the rolling pin." Mom said sternly before taking her seat next to me. Both Iyla and Iyaan were rubbing the places where mom beat them.

"It -" Iyaan was about to say something but got interrupted by his phone.


"Excuse me." He said and walked away with his phone.

"Okay, okay. I want to ask you this before I forget about it, give me your phone number." Iyla said.

"My phone broke the day before the marriage." I said, hoping that nobody will pick up the lie.

"Broke?" Mom said eying me suspiciously. God!

"Yes. It fell from my hand and the glass broke. Now it doesn't work." I lied. I feel bad lying to her but I don't have a choice.

"Okay." Mom said still looking partially unconvinced by my lie.

"Anyway, I want your number once you get a new phone." Iyla said and I nodded.

"Hey, whatcha talking about?" Iyaan asked as he sat on the couch.

"Iyla was asking Amaira her phone number but Amaira said her phone broke. Did you not know about it? " Mom asked.

"Yes, I did. I was planning on buying her a new phone soon." Iyaan said and his eyes met mine for a second before I quickly averted it. Mom nodded.

"So, how is everything going in office?"Adith uncle asked Iyaan.

"Everything is great, dad. It's just that I need to find a new PA." Iyaan said sighing.

"Wait, Amaira you studied MBA, right?" Mom asked. I nodded with a confused expression not knowing why she is asking about what I studied now. Mom's face lit up with a wide smile.

"Roopa, why are you smiling like that?" Adith uncle asked.

And the answer she gave played a very important part in changing my life.
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