At First Sight

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Chapter |21|

Iyaan's pov

"Roopa, why are you smiling like that?" Dad asked. Mom looked at him with the same smile that was starting to creep me off.

"Like what?" Mom asked confused.

"Like..." Dad trailed off trying to find the right word.

"Like how Tom smiles at Jerry right before he chases him." Harsha said.

"Exactly. Thanks, Harsha." Dad said smiling at him.

"Anytime." Harsha said happily smiling at him.

"So, what's on your mind?" Dad asked mom who was giving Harsha a weird look.

"You still haven't figured it out?" Mom looked at dad who shook his head.

"Your brain cells are dying, Adi." Mom said with a smirk. Dad scoffed at her.

"Yeah, it's been 24 years since you have been annoying me and it's killing my brain cells." Dad said.

"Fine, then I am not talking to you. Anyways, what I was about to say was why not appoint Amaira as your PA." Mom said.

"What?" Both I and Amaira asked at the same time.

"What? Amaira studied MBA and you need a new PA. Why not appoint her?" Mom asked. I really don't want her to work for me. The office is the only place where I won't be seeing the deceiving woman sitting beside me.

"That's a great idea! " Dad exclaimed smiling widely.

"What do you think Iyaan?" Mom asked me.

"I am okay with it." I said with a forced smile.

"What about you Peanut?" Dad asked. What's with dad calling her Peanut?

"I ha-ve never wor-ked anywhere before." She said slightly stuttering. Of course, she hasn't worked anywhere. All she probably did was use her uncle's money to buy expensive clothes and accessories.

"That's great, you can start by working with Iyaan." Mom said enthusiastically.

"Okay, we are having a girl's day and we are going to do a lot of shopping. " Iyla said excitedly.

"Why?" I asked her.

"Because we have to get her formal clothes and also I want to spend time with my sister in law. I want to get to know her more." Iyla said smiling at Amaira. I nodded.

"Okay, we will leave tomorrow, how does it sound?" Iyla asked. Amaira nodded and then we all started talking about a new topic. I and Harsha were talking about his plan to buy a new car while Ameya, Iyla and Amaira were talking about something.

"Okay. I am in." Harsha and I heard Ameya saying excitedly.

"Hey, what are you talking about?" Harsha asked smiling warmly at Ameya.

"We were talking about the girl's day tomorrow?" Ameya said excitedly.

"What about it?" Harsha asked curiously.

"We were talking about when we should leave tomorrow." She said.

"Wait, you are going?" Harsha asked.

"Of course." Ameya said.

"No Ameya. You are not going." Harsha said.

"Why not?" Ameya asked narrowing her eyes at him.

"Because you are pregnant-" Ameya cut Harsha off.

"That's right, I am pregnant and not paralyzed." She said.

"Fine. Go and then your feet will get swollen and I swear, I won't give you foot rubs. I swear." Harsha said.

"Fine. Your foot rubs were not that good anyway." Ameya said causing Harsh to look at her with disbelief. Harsha shook his head and remained quiet. I saw mom talking to Amaira with a loving smile on her face.

Everyone in my family welcomed Amaira with open arms. I started thinking about what will happen when they hear about me divorcing her after a year. Surely, everyone will be sad but I don't intend on living my life with a gold digger. My family already loves her more than me, now. Never in my life did I think that I would get trapped in an arranged marriage.

When I was in Australia, many women threw themselves at me. One reason, I got looks. Two, I am rich but I never give them a second glance and not because I was in love with someone but because I always wanted to fall in love and marry an Indian girl who will love me and not my money. Well, God had other plans and here I am married to a gold digger. It doesn't mean that I didn't have my first kiss. I did make out with some girls during parties and stuff but I have never gone all the way.

Most of my friends including Charan and Lucky asked me why I wanted to marry an Indian girl, well it is because of my parents. My mom was a typical Indian girl belonging to the middle class and my dad was a very rich man. They had an arranged marriage and even after 24 years, they are still hopelessly in love with each other. But I didn't want to marry through an arranged marriage. I wanted to fall in love and then marry that woman.

"Iyaan, what are you thinking?" Harsha asked breaking my thoughts.

"Nothing." I said and shook my head causing my hair to fall on my forehead. I ran my hand through my hair and my eyes met Amaira's. She quickly averted her gaze and looked at her lap. We all talked for hours about random things.

"The dinner is ready." One of the maids said. We all stood up and walked towards the dining room. We all sat down and much to my dislike, Amaira sat next to me. We all started eating delicious food.

"Amaira, are you only going to eat that much?" Mom asked. I looked at her plate and she only had one chapati and curry. Even at lunch, she only had a very little amount of food.

"I-I am not hungry, mom." Amaira said softly.

"You also didn't have much at lunch." Mom said. Amaira averted her gaze to her plate and remained silent.

"You are already so skinny. You have to eat more, dear." Mom said. Amaira nodded and placed one more chapati on her plate. Mom smiled at her and we all resumed eating. Once we had dinner, everyone had dessert which was chocolate brownies.

"So good." Ameya moaned. Suddenly, she smiled brightly and kept her hand in her stomach

"The baby just kicked." Ameya said excitedly.

"What? Can I touch?" Harsha asked like a 5-year-old. Ameya nodded and placed Harsha's hand on her stomach where the baby just kicked. Seconds later, an extremely wide smile made its way to Harsha's face.

"My baby girl just kicked." Harsha said.

"Wait, baby girl?" Ameya asked confused.

"Yeah, my father instincts say that it is a girl." Harsha said rubbing Ameya's stomach.

"Oh really! My mother instincts say that it is a boy." Ameya said confidently.

"I bet it is a girl."Harsha said.

" Fine. If it's a girl, I will do all the household work for a week without the help of any maids and if it's a boy, you will do the same without the help of maids. Deal? "Ameya asked.

" Deal. "Harsha said with a nod. Never in my life have I seen such a weird couple.

"Made for each other."Adithya uncle said. Eventhough, Ameya, and Harsha fight for the silliest things, the love they have for each other is unexplainable. They have fought thrice the time normal couple fight in their whole married life within two years of their marriage. But still, I have never seen them both refraining from talking to each other. They fight and they make up within five minutes.

"Okay, I am tired and sleepy. I am going to bed." Ameya said standing up. Harsha stood up with her and wished us goodnight and walked towards their room.

"Yes, let's sleep. We have a long day tomorrow." Dad said. After wishing us goodnight, Lekha aunty and Adithya uncle left for their room. It's just me, Iyla, mom, dad, and Amaira.

"Goodnight, guys." Iyla said walking towards her room.

"Goodnight, baby. Sweet dreams." Mom said.

"Iyaan, the maid's have cleaned your room. You two can sleep there tonight." Mom said. Of course, I have to share my room with this gold digger.

"Goodnight, babies." Mom said kissing both our foreheads. I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Goodnight, mom and dad." I said.

"Goodnight." Amaira said softly. I started walking towards my room with Amaira right behind me.
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