At First Sight

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Chapter |23|

Amaira's pov

"Good morning, mom." I said smiling at her. She gave me a disapproving look causing the smile to vanish from my face.

"What are you doing here?" Mom asked sternly.

"I w-as just loo-king-" Mom cut me off before I could complete the sentence.

"Amaira, you are already too skinny and probably, underweight for your age. You don't eat food properly too and now, you are up at 6am. What's wrong with you? You have to take care of yourself." Mom said. I nodded with my eyes cast on the floor.

"Ma'am, your coffee." The maid said holding a cup of coffee. I took it from her hand.

"Thank you." I said softly.

"Come inside." Mom said and I walked into the house with mom right behind me. She sat on the dining table and took a seat in front of her. I placed my coffee on the table after taking a sip.

"Amaira, dear, you know I care for you right? I don't want my daughter to fall sick. Please, get more sleep and eat more healthy food, honey." Mom said softly. I nodded and mom smiled at me.

"So, what were you looking from there?" Mom asked taking a sip from her coffee.

"The garden. It's so beautiful." I said.

"Why don't we go to the garden?" Mom asked smiling at me.

"Can we?" I asked excitedly. Mom laughed at my excitement and nodded. After having our coffee, mom and I went to the garden. It was huge and so beautiful (garden on top). The pathway to the main garden had beautiful pink flowers on its sides and mom pushed open the small white picket fence door and walked in with me following her. As soon as I saw the main garden, I was in awe. There was a huge tree in the center that has beautiful white flowers in it which makes it look like snow flakes.

"Beautiful, right?" Mom asked looking at my awestruck face. I nodded with a happy smile. There were Peonies, Hibiscus, Irises, Delphinium, Dahlias and sunflowers. It was so colourful and it made me forget all my sadness and pain. I was happy. The tiny butterflies made the garden even more beautiful and alive. Suddenly, my eyes met the red roses.

My mama loved roses. She had a special liking towards roses. Mom used to plant different type of roses in the garden and that was her favorite spot in our house. A small bouquet of roses would make her content. She was the most loving and humble person I have ever seen. I miss you, mom.

"Amaira, honey, what's wrong? You are crying." Mom said as she gently shook me. I blinked my eyes and wiped my tears and looked at her.

"I am okay." I said with sad teary smile.

"No you are not. What's wrong, honey?" She asked softly. That's all it took for me to break down. I sobbed on mom's shoulder as she hugged me.

"I miss them, mom. I miss them so much. Why did they leave me?" I said between my sobs. Mom was gently rubbing my back as u cried.

"Amaira, dear, calm down." Mom said pulling away from the hug and wiping away my tears.

"Your parents never left you, honey. They will always be with you and it's okay to miss them. I still miss your mom too. Also, it was never their choice to leave, sweetheart. Even if they had the choice to leave you, they would've never because they can't live without their precious daughter. "Mom said wiping away my tears. I smiled and continued exploring the garden.

"Here you are. I was searching the whole house for you." Adith uncle said walking into the garden. As he saw me, he smiled at me which I returned.

"Good morning, Peanut." Adith uncle said.

"Good morning, uncle." I said. He frowned.

"I wouldn't accept being called uncle when you call her mom." Uncle said pointing to mom.

"I would prefer you call me dad, Peanut." Uncle said.

"Okay, dad." I said with a teary smile. Dad smiled brightly and engulfed me in a hug.

"Okay, I am getting a little jealous here." Iyla said walking into the garden. Dad and I pulled away from the hug and smiled seeing her pouting.

"Like father, Like daughter. " Mom muttered.

"Why would you say that?" Dad asked, looking at mom with confusion.

"She got the jealousy behaviour from you." Mom said.

"I don't get jealous." Dad said defensively.

"You got jealous of Iyaan, Adi." Mom said crossing her arms over her chest.

"That's ridiculous. I never got jealous of him." Dad said coping mom's actions. Mom raised an eyebrow at dad and he huffed in annoyance.

"Fine. I did." He said. Mom smiled victoriously.

"Stop smiling." Dad said grumpily. Mom walked towards and kissed his cheek causing him to smirk at her and wrap both of his hands around waist.

"Okay, that's our cue to leave. Let's go, before we see something that is going to traumatize our young minds." Iyla said holding my wrist and literally running out of the garden. I laughed and followed her.

When we entered the house, Harsha was sitting on the living room drinking his coffee.

" Good morning, ladies. "Harsha said smiling at us. We wished him back and saw Ameya entering the living room half asleep. Her hair was all messy and she was still in her pajamas.

" Harsha.. "She whined as she say next to him on the couch.

" Good morning, baby. How did you sleep? "He asked kissing her forehead. She nodded and snuggled closer to him causing him to chuckle. Within seconds, we could hear the light snores coming from Ameya. Iyla and I exited the living room quietly.

"Wait, Iyaan didn't wake up yet? "Iyla asked. I shook my head and a mischievous smirk formed on her face.

" Oh goody! Let's wake him up shall we? "She said and walked into the kitchen. I followed her confusedly. She opened a kitchen cabinet before taking a bottle of something with a smirk on her face and walked out of the kitchen and handed me the bottle.

Whipped cream.

It was a bottle of whipped cream. Why does she need a whipped cream? I thought she was going to wake Iyaan up.

"What is this for?" I asked her. She looked at me with disbelief in her eyes.

"Please, Dont tell me you have never pulled a prank on your cousins or friends." She said. I nodded no.

"Goodness! You are one of those girls, aren't you?" She asked.

"What girls?" I asked confusedly.

"The goody two shoes." She said. I can't argue with that because I am pretty good at following rules. I mean, I have to if I don't want to die in the hands of my uncle. I shrugged and we continued walking towards Iyaan's room. On the way, she stole a peacock feather from the glass vase that was kept in the living room for decoration. I followed her and she quietly opened the door to Iyaan's room.

She walked near his bed and he was peacefully sleeping with his lips slightly part and his hair messy with some strands falling on his forehead. His right hand was placed on his stomach while his left hand was spread out on the bed.

Iyla took the whipped cream from my hand and walked towards the left side of the bed and sprayed the whipped cream on his left hand. She closed the bottle and handed it to me before taking the peacock feather from my hand. She leaned against his face but maintained a safe distance from him and tickled his nose with the feather. He slightly stirred in his sleep but didn't wake or move his hands.

She tickled him again and this time he used his left hand to rub his nose causing the whipped cream to splat on his face.

"What the fuck?" He yelled as he woke up.

"Run, bhabhi." She screamed bolting out of the room. Me, being the idiot just stood there looking at the direction she ran off not realising that a furious man with whipped cream all over his face was standing right in front of me.

God! Save me.

What do you think? Is someone going to save Amaira? What do you think, Iyaan is going to do? He is furious, guys. Is he going to as usual yell at her or... Maybe do something else?

How is the story going so far?

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