At First Sight

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Chapter |24|

Amaira's pov

"Run, bhabhi." She screamed bolting out of the room. Me, being the idiot just stood there looking in the direction she ran off, not realizing that a furious man with whipped cream all over his face was standing right in front of me.

I slowly turned my head only to be met with the familiar black eyes that had anger swirling in them. I took a step back to run but a very strong arm wrapped around my waist and threw me to the bed. I squealed and Iyaan hovered over me. This is it. I am going to die.

He had whipped cream on his nose and both his cheeks. He was staring straight into my eyes and I was hypnotized under his gaze. He leaned in and my anxiety increased. I started pushing his chest but he didn't budge. Suddenly he caught my wrists and pinned them above my head with his left hand while his right hand was on the left side of my head. His legs were on either side of my body and I was completely trapped in his hold.

He leaned closer and he was just an inch away from my face. I could feel his warm breath on my lips. My heart started beating furiously and my throat became dry with the proximity. His eyes landed on my lips and then his eyes locked with mine. His lips curled into a sexy half-smirk.

Wait, did I say sexy?

God!!! What's wrong with me?

He leaned in and his lips almost touched mine and I closed my eyes in anticipation. I shouldn't enjoy this. I should push him away. He doesn't like me. He called me a gold digger, remember? Push him away. I was internally screaming at myself to push him away but I couldn't. Neither did I feel his lips on mine nor did I open my eyes.

"Don't play with me, wife." He huskily whispered against my ear. His warm breath sent tingles across my skin.

"Because I have the power to ruin you." He whispered and pressed his cheek against mine causing the whipped cream to make contact with my skin. The coldness of the cream causes me to let out a small gasp. Iyaan did the same on my other cheek and his light stubble slightly rubbed against my smooth skin. He moved away from me and I stood up from the bed.

"Tell your partner in crime to watch her back." He said and walked into the bathroom. I sighed in relief and cleaned my cheek with some tissue papers before walking out of the room. My cheeks turned red as I thought of the things that happened a few minutes ago.

I walked into the dining room and everyone was already seated for the breakfast. I sat next to Iyla who was looking at me closely and then a smirk formed on her face.

"He kissed you, didn't he?" She asked. I choked on the water I was drinking and started coughing violently. Lekha aunty was sitting next to me and she started rubbing my back to calm me down.

"Iyla. You can't ask her that." Mom said giving her a disapproving look. I calmed down and took a small dip of water. Iyaan entered the dining room and looked at everyone and smiled.

"Good morning." He said and sat next to mom. Everyone wished him back and we continued eating.

"What were you talking about?" Iyaan asked.

"Oh, nothing! I was just asking bhabhi if you kissed her." Iyla again said it casually. Iyaan choked on his coffee and mom started rubbing his back as Lekha aunty did to me.

"Iyla." Mom called her name a bit sternly this time and she muttered a quiet sorry and resumed eating. For the rest of the breakfast, everyone was silent.

"Okay, get ready quickly, we have a long day ahead." Iyla said. I completely forget that we are having a girl's day tonight. Goodness! I have never had a girl's day before. I am mentally jumping up and down with excitement. I and Ameya nodded and we all walked into our respective rooms.

I took out a nude pink kurta and my blue ankle-length jeans and walked into the bathroom. I changed my clothes and applied some makeup. I then tied my hair into a half-crown braid. I didn't want to wear heels because I think that we are going to do a lot of walking. So, I decided to ask Iyla for a pair of comfortable sandals. Before leaving the room, I took my small black bag that had some necessary items like concealer and other products to cover my bruises, incase, I need to reapply them or something and some pain killers, etc.

I walked into Iyla's room which was right next to Iyaan's room. I knocked on her door and within seconds, she opened the door, standing in front of me in a white off-shoulder top and blue denim shorts.

"Hey, do you have any pair of sandals that I can borrow? I don't want to wear heels." I asked.

"Of course, get in." She said opening the door wider. Her room was huge and spacious like Iyaan's but instead of everything being black, her room is completely white.

"Here. Try this." Iyla said handing me a pair of flat sandals that had pretty jewels and crystals embellished on them. I wore it and it was perfectly fit for me. I also liked the fact that it matched my dress.

"Thank you." I said giving her a small smile.

"Anything for my sister in law." She said winking at me. I laughed and walked out of the room. I went to the living room and saw Ameya already sitting in the living room talking to Harsha wearing a blue shirt and a cream knee-length skirt with blue floral prints on them.

"Hey, you look nice. Iyla is not ready yet?" She asked smiling at me.

"Thank you. You look nice as well -" Before I can complete Iyla came running towards us.

"I am ready, let's go." Iyla said excitedly.

"Tie your shoelace, Iyla." Harsha said. Iyla looked down and smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry." She said and tied the lace of her white sneakers.

"Now, let's go." She said but before we could exit the house, the familiar deep voice stopped us.

"Amaira, wait." Iyaan said. His voice sent shivers down my spine. I turned and looked at him. He has taken a bath because his hair was still wet and he was in a new pair of dress. He started walking towards me.

"You are so forgetful, darling. You didn't take my card. How are you going to get the things that you want?" He asked sweetly which I know is fake. He held out his black ATM card and my eyes widened.

"No, I don't wa-nt to buy any-thing." I stuttered out.

"No, you are taking my card. Here." He said and placed it in my hand.

"Aww! I didn't know you were this romantic." Ameya said and Iyaan smirked.

"How cute! " Iyla said. Iyaan hugged me which kind of surprised me and I flinched. He was so tall that I only reached his chest. My body melted in his embrace. I felt safe in his arms. My face was placed in his hard chest and I could hear his rhythmic heartbeats.

"Keep your gold digger behaviour in check, darling." He whispered into my ear. Of course, he has to say something like that. He pulled away and kissed my cheek. I gasped in surprise and I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks. I am sure my cheeks are as red as tomatoes. I bowed my head down to hide the blush from others.

" Okay, okay, that's enough. Let's go. "Iyla said. I nodded turned to walk out of the house.

" I will miss you, darling. Be safe. "Iyaan said.

" O-kay. "I said but it came out as a squeak.

" Wait, you guys leaving? "Dad asked coming into the living room with mom behind him.

" Yes, dad. "Iyla said. Dad crossed his hands over his chest. Iyla sighed in annoyance.

" What will you - "But Iyla cut dad off.

"I will kick the man in his family jewels if he behaves inappropriately with me and run away. If that's not possible, use the pepper or chilly spray. If any of this is not possible just dial the first person who you think will pick up."Iyla completed. Dad smiled proudly.

" You all are good to go. "He said. Iyla shook her head and we all walked out of the house excitedly.

"I call dibs on the front seat." Ameya said and waddled towards the front seat of the black Benz. Iyla started laughing.

"Can't believe she us having a kid when she behaves like a 5-year-old." Iyla said. I smiled and entered the backseat as Iyla entered the driver's seat. I looked at my hand and saw Iyaan's black card. Money is not something I gave a lot of value or importance. My uncle never spent much money on me. He only paid for my studies. All the other things that I used like bags, clothes, pencil case, lunch box, water bottle, etc were Deliha's old ones. He only paid for my education for which I am extremely thankful to him.

After I completed my MBA, I begged my uncle to let me work somewhere. I promised him that I will do all my chores while going to work but he never allowed me. I never knew why my uncle or aunt hates me so much. At first, I thought that it is because they didn't like me staying with them. I mean, I won't blame them if they hate for that reason. I am intruding in their happy life, it's normal for them to feel a dislike against me. But then I realized that is not the case. So, I thought it is because of money.

I know that my uncle was spending a lot of money on my education. They didn't give me any special tutoring like they gave to Deliha but still, I thought that my education would have cost a fortune. Also, it's not like I needed tutoring because I always found learning an escape from reality. I topped the exams in all my classes. It was one of the reasons why Deliha started hating me because even though she was rich and had many friends, teachers liked me. So, she took her anger out on me by bullying me. But one time, her jealous behavior broke my heart.

Even though Deliha bullying me, hurt me physically and emotionally, one time she completely broke the heart of a 14-year-old me. That day was when I had won a quiz competition in school and I was given a gold medal. I was so happy because that was the first medal I had ever won in my life because having social anxiety and taking part in the competitions0 was not easy.

It was the first competition that I dared to take part in. I worked day and night to win the competition and when I won the medal, it meant the world to a 14-year-old me. But Deliha was jealous. So, she told my uncle that I made fun of her in front of her friends by showing off my medal. Uncle just believed her lie and forcefully took my medal from me despite me begging and pleading to him not to. He burned the medal right in front of me. I didn't even get a chance to look at my medal properly because before I could it had turned into ashes.

That was also the last time I ever participated in a competition.

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